Didn’t technically happen in my game, but my sister was running around Morthal for the whole vampire quest when a dead frostbite spider randomly spawned in front of one of the guards next to the Jarl’s house. The guard just looked down at the spider for a few minutes, gave my sister a quick glance, then continued staring at the spider. After a while, my sister left, but when she returned to Morthal several game-days later, the dead spider was still there, and was still being stared at by that same guard.

That dead spider stayed there for over two game-months, and the guard stared at it the whole time.


Get the shivers with this amazing rendition of Dragonborn performed by the  Swedish choir Orphei Drängar

Wow. After listening to this I’m ready to take on an army of dragons… or wrap just myself in my Skyrim hoodie and boot up the game for old times sake. Performed by the amazing Swedish choir Orphei Drängar, Dragonborn is just one of the pieces performed in the new Greatest Video Game Music III Choral Edition by X5 entertainment. It’s available now over on itunes and Spotify. That 80-piece choir performance of “Hymn of the Fayth” from Final Fantasy X is beautiful. 

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The Fo4 Companions as Skyrim chars/classes? (Bonus points if they're apart of any factions)

(I’ve done something similar before, but fuck it I love this AU idea too much)

Preston: Redguard Housecarl

Piper: Imperial Bard

Deacon: Imperial infiltrator.

Maccready: Breton spellsword mercenary

Hancock: Nord Jarl

Danse: Imperial Soldier

X6: Redguard Dark Brotherhood member.

Strong: Orc Warrior

Cait: Nord Thief

Curie: Breton Alchemist

Codsworth: Breton Steward.

Nick: Some dick who keeps trying to sell his imaginary sister to you, then betrays you and the rest of the guild and pisses of a daedric prince in the meantime.

What the fuck ESO

So I have playing Elder scrolls last night and two things happened that make me very uncomfortable.
1.) I was playing in Cyrodil and this other player that was on the same side as me kept running around me so I asked if I could help him and he started flirting with me , which made me feel uncomfortable so I just ignored him, but then he said he’s friends were coming to kill me and he started laughing. I said whatever and laughed but when I turned around he’s friends attacked me , killed me, then after I was dead they fucking tea bagged my dead character’s body. For someone who’s been raped two times I felt so sick inside. So I started a new character because looking at that character makes me feel sick inside.

2.) With my new character I went to town to get stuff out of my bank , but before I could get to the bank, two guys stopped me, they were naked, they kept harassing me and following me, trying to see if I’m into them, trying to get me to dance. Then after I said I’m lesbian they called me a bitch, and called me butch. So they only way for them to leave me alone was to turn into a fucking werewolf. After that they ran away.

Normally I would never play this game again but no I’m not going to do that. I should be able to speak to other players and not be attacked by male gamers for being a girl. So I’m going to create a guild, a safe haven for anyone that has ever had to deal with assholes like this, because NO ONE should have to be treated like this.


The Rift is the most southeasterly of the nine Holds of Skyrim. It is one of the four oldest holds in Skyrim, known collectively as Old Holds.Major settlements include Riften, Ivarstead, and Shor’s Stone. Its symbol is two crossed daggers. Its capital city, Riften, is home to the Thieves Guild.