Those who Galen cares for or tolerates

  1. flowergirlsura “Hello, my sweet”
  2. darthaffliction
  3. hello-desmond-go-away
  4. anakinneskywalker “Vader. The only Vader I really like.
  5. skyrimconfessionss
  6. esteljune “Who are you?”
  7. connor-is-the-captian-of-my-bed
  8. ask-starkiller “Starkiller. How are you, my brother?”
  9. martin-teague

I’ve never played any other race than Nord in Skyrim. I’ve found that the Imperials and Bretons are boring, Mer inherently evil and the Kajiit and Argonians are for furries. Am I becoming an Elder Scrolls Nazi?

So my friend used my Tumblr the other night and she sent something into that Skyrim Confessions page and whatever she did she ended up getting loads of hate mail for it and now my inbox is spammed with hate because people think “I’m” an idiot…

People…I didn’t do shit, this has taken me by surprise :/