skyrim:spectral assassin

“I can’t summon the Spectral Assassin anymore. Literally can’t, the spell doesn’t even equip anymore, it’s some sort of glitch. But.. the last place that he fought beside me (and was felled) was in the Falkreath Sanctuary during the raid. I like to think that Lucien is extremely upset about the situation and just.. refuses to come back.”

Dear anyone who wanted to loot Luciens remains as much as me.

It was emotionally stressful dealing with unlootable “bodies” every time he died. Take that Lucien.

Also dont ask what happened. He wouldnt appear after three days of trying to summon him and when i finally got him to come out, he was walking back and forth like a normal NPC and instead of “_______s Spectral Assassin” coming up it said “Talk Spectral Assassin”. Naturally having a useless companion pissed me off so i made him follow me by starting a fight and woops.
Lootable remains are lootable yes yes yes celebrates forever

“After Lucien died in Oblivion, I was really upset. So when I found out that you could summon him in Skyrim, I instantly went to The Dark Brotherhood and began the quests there. At first I was thrilled to have his ghost with me, but now his constant talking and murmuring during quests is starting to become annoying. I still don’t have the heart to stop summoning him, though.”