skyrim:spectral assassin

“Perhaps we should find a random stranger to murder. Practice does make perfect.” Oh, Lucien, you lil’ charmer!

Also, got attacked by two dragons at the same time, finally! Took ‘em out with the help of this fine fellow and our faithful steed Shadowmere (and also like half of the Falkreath City Guard… but still). 

This Couldn't Have Been Timed More Perfectly

I’m sue you’re probably sick of my many Skyrim posts, but something happened that was too funny not to post.
So I was leaving the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth after doing the Silver Linings quest. I also have the Spectral Assassin/Lucien Lachance following me during this event.
So Frabbi tells me something along the lines of “Unlike my husband Kleppr, I actually take care of my guests,” to which Kleppr responds with something like, “What did you say, oh venomous wife of mine?”
But before Kleppr could finish his sentence, my Spectral Assassin decides to say, at that moment, “There is murder in the air. I can taste it.”
It was funny as heck.

Dear anyone who wanted to loot Luciens remains as much as me.

It was emotionally stressful dealing with unlootable “bodies” every time he died. Take that Lucien.

Also dont ask what happened. He wouldnt appear after three days of trying to summon him and when i finally got him to come out, he was walking back and forth like a normal NPC and instead of “_______s Spectral Assassin” coming up it said “Talk Spectral Assassin”. Naturally having a useless companion pissed me off so i made him follow me by starting a fight and woops.
Lootable remains are lootable yes yes yes celebrates forever