skyrim troll


[ 2 ] The next morning we slowly made our way inland. The jungle was lush and thick. Foreign birds called in the distance, bushes would occasionally rustle as wildlife went about their ways. There was a path of sorts near the dock but it was quickly consumed by folliage. We wandered hand in hand past the trees and ferns, eventually spotting a fortification in the distance.

Forsworn. We didn’t expect to see that out here. At the far side of their camp sat a large stague atop a tall carved stone. Walkways surrounded every side of it, a swinging bridge lead off one side, extending out of view behind the mountains. After securing the camp, we scaled the peak and admired the statue. It’s staff held a glowing stone of some sort. At it’s feet sat an ornate dagger. Must have been important to these people. I took it with me.

Across the rope bridge and into an ambush of Spriggan. They recoiled and fled at the sight of the dagger. We gave chase and cut them down. Further up the hill lie a ruined temple archway hidden amongst the vines and tree trunks. The door was blocked by vines. We sat up camp in front of the covered doorway to plan our next step. I stacked my gear against the vines, the ornate dagger fell and touched a vine. The vine recoiled the same as the Spriggan. I ran its tip across the blocking vines and they all gave way. Our camp looked more inviting by the second. We gave in and rested til morning.

The first chamber was a mess. The roof had collapsed and plants had overtaken it. Another of those glowing stones provided some much needed light in the darker corners. The second chamber was worse. There was once an actual temple structure in this cavern but it is long since gone. The forsworn had built ramps to make it somewhat accessible but it was still a dangerous descent. The lower parts were home to some green trolls. They maneuvered the crumbling walkways nimbly but were little more than a nuisance. At the very bottom, a crypt awaited us.

[ 1 ] Pirates asking for help from the mercenary, Snakestone…

[ 3 ] Shutting the crypt door behind us was a mistake…