skyrim props


My favorite photos taken at Chibichibicon- Olympia, WA- 2/14/15
Won 2nd place in the cosplay contest with this costume! There are some minor details that I will be adjusting to it before the next convention, but I was really happy with all the positive feedback I received on it :)

Materials used to make this costume:
-Craft Foam
-Hot Glue
-Silver and Black Acrylic Paint
-Pleather Fabric

Materials for the prop:
-Poster Board Foam
-Same Silver and Black Acrylic Paint
-Twine (will use a more elastic string when not at conventions for the allusion of drawing the bow)


Make the Glass Sword from Skyrim

ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE  All i have to do is spend a few minutes aging it. Its done. Holy crap i want to cry. Ive never made anything like this before and its done. Ooooh sweet baby Azura its done.  Ok im doing a short photoshoot with it over the next couple days, and then like.  A huge Skyrim photoshoot with props and set dressing at a later date.  I was originally going to do the big one right away but I NEED to get the celebratory photoshoot itch out of the way so I can plan properly.