skyrim no

Youtubers in Skyrim would include:

Mark as the Dragonborn, running around like an idiot as he tries to unlock his shouts.

Dark as Alduinn, trying his best to kill Mark as Mark continues to run around.

Amy as a character similar to Astrid, leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

Kathryn as the leader of the Thieve’s Guild, Ethan as her righthand man.

Chica as one of those wandering dogs that the Dragonborn can adopt.

Tyler as the leader of the Campanion’s Guild.

Pam as the president of Winter Hold’s College.

Jack as an acolyte of one of the Gods/Godesses or maybe a daedric prince who falls in love with a certain vampire witch

Wiishu as a vampire or witch of the daedric armies

Anti as that Dragonborn prince guy in the other land that can tame dragons.

Wilford as the Jarl of Whiterun

Add on if y’all want!