skyrim illustration

So my Skyrim character was an elf, and then after a while I decided I wanted her to be a khajiit instead, so I used console commands to make her a cute cat. Easy. Except then, for unfathomable reasons, she went back to being an elf.

Except she was Very Wrong. She was a vampire, so she kept the vampire teeth placement in the khajiit position, jutting out in front of her face, and she kept all the khajiit face markings. But the face markings change wildly - sometimes she’s got stripes, sometimes it’s random and mottled, sometimes it’s black and white. Some combo of elf, khajiit and vampire really did a number on her and now she’s a horrible tall mess and it’s just great.

“Falmer are honestly just the worst.”

I really love the new Witcher Gwent game, but i also love me some skyrim. So i was wondering what it would look like to sort of combine the two.
So i present you with the Falmer ‘Gwent’ Card!
The details (the skyrim logo and the symbols) belong to Bethesda and Cd Projekt Red. Gwent is © CD Projekt Red, I just wanted to have a bit of fun with it.

A few years back, I stumbled across the amazing world of Skyrim and I couldn’t get my eyes off it. Now I still play it with just as much interest, listening to NPCs and exploring every cave and slaying every dragon and… ocasinally putting buckets and baskets on the heads of the shopkeepers.

This here is a Spriggan, the fascinating entities that roam the forests. I’ve done it a style that I’m very close to calling my own, in a manner that shows it more fairy-like. 

A little sunday evening watercolor/gouache painting about my newest Skyrim-character… My intention was to use illusion magic, sneak around, pick pockets, use back stabs and create as much havoc as possible without adding to my bounty. After a very successful crime spree of robbery, assassinations and general murder I got caught while stealing cheese.