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Imagine Your OTP 2
  • Person A: Let's watch Peter Pan
  • Person B: No thanks
  • Person A: Why not?
  • Person B: Because Alice in Wonderland is better
  • Person A:
  • Person A: What about-
  • Person B: None of the live action movies either
  • Person A:
  • Person B:
  • Person A: *grabs cat and walks into bedroom*
  • Person B: Did I say something wrong?

‘Though…this wyvern keeps speaking of inborn natures. i know my nature…i am a queen, born to rule the sky and earth. Domination is the spirit of dragons! even the tiny alpha knows that.’

 *the queen snorts gruffly* 

 ‘give them a few centuries and perhaps both will turn into fine dragons’ 

Imagine your OTP #3
  • Both: *cuddling*
  • Person A: *whines*
  • Person B: Why are you whining?
  • Person A: Because your REALLY hot
  • Person B: Oh, well thank you~
  • Person A: No, I mean you're ACTUALLY hot. Are you sick?
  • Person B: ...
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that’s it Hussie is a cheating bastard

So so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Homestuck fan We all should know this

this is the Alternian alphabet

I see nothing wrong with this it’s really kind of cool…. Well I started playing Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and in the title screen I notice some familiar symbols.

this my friends is the Daedric Alphabet do we notice any thing!?!?

really Hussie..


Eridan was adamant in his decision that the two of them dress up for a “magical mornin’”, and Sollux knew that any attempt at getting out of it was futile.
Despite being utterly convinced that magic is fake, ED still had a soft spot for it, Sol had noticed.
But when ED started rummaging through his boxes Sol put his foot down - he could have accepted a cape, but he would never wear that stupid hat and wave a wand around. Not happening, ever.
After some arguing ED agreed to let Sol choose his own costume, as long as it had to do with magic. It didn’t take long for the gemini to figure out something to wear.
After all, he was a mage, dressing like one from his favourite game was a no-brainer!

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