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vilkas: I deeply regret this but I cannot go any further on this quest as the loss of kodlack has driven me mad with grief and vengeance. such emotions should not taint a holy place like this

farkas: spiders? bitch bye

Carriage Ride (Farkas x Reader)

On your way to another hold, you spend the time with your companion.

Word Count: 472

I haven’t got anything to say once again other than I hope you enjoy and have a wonderous day! Thank you <3


The wheels of the carriage thumped and creaked as it dragged against the cobblestone paths, the horse’s hooves digging against the road. 

You sat on the end of the cart, resting against Farkas, a blanket wrapped around the two of you to shield the winter’s cold. 

Your head was cradled against his chest, your breathing rhythmic and soft, staring aimlessly forward. 

Until Farkas spoke. 

“Can I ask you something?”

You peered up to face him, an odd solemn glint in his gaze as he glanced to you softening just a bit. 

“Go ahead.”

“Why do you always want me to go with you?”

You furrowed your brow, frowning. 

“Do you not like to come with me?”

“No, I really like it,” He insisted. “It’s what I look forward to but…why me?”

You thought for a moment, letting ot a deep breath. “I mean…I just like your company. I like the others don’t get me wrong it’s just…I don’t know it doesn’t feel right if you’re not there.”

“It doesn’t…?”

“I mean, you were the one that told me to join the companions in the first place, and you went with me for my first assignment. You made me feel welcomed, and you made me feel like I wasn’t as alone as I thought.” 

“The oaf…?”

“You’re not an oaf, you’re kind, protective, and earnest. I trust you, I feel like no matter what I can still believe you’ll be there.” 

He was silent for a moment, clearly stricken by your rush to his defense, eyes widening with a hint of surprise. 

“I will.”


“I will always be there for you,” He murmured. 

“I never doubted that.” 

He let out a soft breath, pulling you closer. 

“Thank you,” 

“For what?” You twisted to face him, confusion dotting your face. 

“For being you,” He hummed. “…I really like you.” 

You grinned brightly at his answer, a glow somehow blooming in the frigid winter air. 

“I really like you too.” You chuckled, grinning fondly.

And he smiled.

It was small and quiet, yet still an utter gift all the same. 

“I don’t meet too many who do,” He admitted. “but, it’s rarer I meet people I like too.” 

“What does that make me then?” You questioned, twisting to face him, perplexed.

“I don’t know,” He confessed. “something new…I guess.” 

“In a good way?”

He laughed gently, something you had never seen in his eyes before.

Something that hinted more.

But his next words only confirmed that.

“In the best way.” 

A Small Distraction (Farkas x Reader)

While passing by the stables a peculiar thing won’t leave you alone.

Word Count: 557

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a superb day!!!! Thank you and enjoy!!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪


“Solitude?” Farkas let out a heavy breath as you stepped out of Riften, the remnants of a heavy fog misting against your skin. “Pretty far from here isn’t it?” 

“Little bit,” You simpered, nudging him playfully as you made your way towards the stables where the carriages waited. “but it won’t be more than a day or two’s worth of travel I think.” 

“Better than three days.” Farkas hummed, offering a hint of a warm smile your way, getting ready to help you up into the carriage when something got in your way.

A foal.

It was a chestnut foal with long, lanky legs and hooves that haphazardly launched and kicked up in the dirt, letting out an excited whinny as it stopped you.

You couldn’t help but laugh, grabbing onto your husband as grinned from ear to ear. 

“Oh isn’t it precious!” You exclaimed, watching as it swatted its tail from side to side, hunched over as if waiting for you to run. 

“It’s in the way,” He muttered. “Do you want me to move it?” 

“No no!” You cried, moving forward, closer towards it. “Let’s just see what this little guy’s all about…” 

You raised a hand to its snout watching as it bent its muzzle down and sniffed your palm curiously, snorting before it drew back up, rushing close to you to examine you further. 

“H-Hi!” You failed to hold back your giggles, ruffling up its murky mane as it nuzzled you happily.

“Farkas come on, you have to say hello to it!” 

He held back, sighing despite his clear if quiet amusement. 

“No, I’ll just hang back here.” 

“I don’t know if you have much of a choice.” 

“What do you-” 

You released your grip on the foal, sniggering as it leaped forward after your husband, neighing eagerly as it circled him in its bewilderment.  

“I think they like you!” 

“I um…” He swallowed hard, staring blankly, unsure of how entirely how to react. “I guess they do.” 

“Well say hi to them!” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Just pet them!” 

He let out a deep breath, reaching out a hand and stroked its mane, the foal nearly bursting in exhilaration, tripping and stumbling over its own hooves. 

And oddly enough, Farkas helped them.

He set the foal back onto its hooves, ushering them off back to the stables before joining you.

“What?” He questioned, seeing the plain smirk tugging at your expression. 

“That was sweet,” You answered, pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek. “you know that right?” 

Red burst onto his face, coughing and looking away to hide his embarrassment. 

“I-It um…it wasn’t anything.” He muttered, raising you up to the carriage, joining you as he sat beside you, almost instinctively pulling you into his lap. 

“You know, I think they really liked you!” You remarked. “Maybe they sensed something about you.” 

“Like what?” 

You twisted to meet his gaze, speaking softly and truthfully in a way that made his heart melt. 

“Like how much of a wonderful person you are.”