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Did You Know: The bardic songs “Age of Aggression” and “Age of Oppression” are virtually the same song, just with some lyrics changed to be politically appropriate to where it’s being played? The Age of Oppression is the Stormcloak version, and The Age of Aggression is played in Imperial territory. Interestingly, it’s unclear which side produced their version first, despite how recent the conflict is.

Which do you think came first, the Stormcloak or Imperial version?

Gløgg (warm mulled wine)

Happy winter Solstice (2 days ago) to my southern hemisphere followers! Since some of you are complaining about the cold (try living in Skyrim guys!), I dedicate today’s recipe to you.
Now Evette San in Solitude is very, very secretive about her spiced wine recipe. I promised when I left the Thieves Guild that I’d put my life of crime behind me, so as tempting as it was to break into her home and steal the recipe…I did not. Instead, I spent a few days at The Winking Skeever making a mess of their kitchen to bring you my own take on San’s Spiced Wine, and they still serve it there. If getting to Solitude is too long a journey for you, you can recreate this from the comfort of your own homes. I hope you enjoy!

You will need:
1 bottle Alto wine or other red wine of choice
2 sticks cinnamon
1 vanilla bean pod, sliced open
½ tbsp whole cloves
1 tsp whole dried peppercorns
1 piece star anise
1 tsp nutmeg
1 ¼ cup honey
1 tsp allspice
Chopped walnuts or almonds (optional)

In a large pot, bring the wine to a simmer. Add the honey and stir thoroughly until it’s mixed through.

Add all the spices. Bring the wine to a boil and cover with a lid. Boil for 5 minutes, then remove the lid and reduce down to a simmer for another 10 minutes.

Remove from the heat and strain. Ladle into large mugs. Garnish with nuts if you want and enjoy!

Tea across Tamriel - Master post

So I am done with my serie of headcanons/worldcanons on various teas in Tamriel, be it actual tea, imaginary fantasy tea, herbal tea, various infusions, and habits regarding tea drinking. Here’s the list to the various parts, along with very short descriptions for each :


[Introduction] A brief overview and some gushing about tea;

[Elsweyr] Or strong sugary, spicy and fruity teas consumed like it’s water;

[Alinor] Or delicate flower teas carefully made by afficionados and snobs;

[Valenwood] Or The Biggest Waste of tea and tea necromancy;

[Cyrodiil] Simple blends of tea and lots of trading;

[Morrowind] About native tea that’s not actually tea, social privileges, and mockery of N'Wahs;

[Argonia] ?????????? Is this tea? Is this poison? We’ll never know;

[Hammerfell] Of refreshing teas and cacti juices;

[High Rock Bretons and regular tea, nobles being crazy and gross, and Orcs not giving a flying butterfly;

[Skyrim] Tea hell and old medicinal concoctions.


This was a lot of fun to come up with, and I certainly hope it was/is/will be just as fun for you to read my thoughts on the subject. =)

Now, I say my thoughts, but it would be unfair to take all the credit. I have to thank a few people here on tumblr with whom I had very pleasant conversations about fictional beverages, who have listened to my dumb ideas and contributed a lot to maturing them. Here they are, in no particular order :

Tatyana, Vonlyth, Lleran, Adelein Gardinier, BloodOfTheAncients and Astarill.

I leave you now to enjoy it all for yourself. Feel free to reblog, comment, or contact me about it if you want to discuss tea in The Elder Scrolls universe. =)
Skyrim Sachet sample Infusions Tea Infusions
You want to try a potion because you are not sure that it can taste like it, or simply make the collection? These sample bags are ideal to find out which potion is for you! Each sachet contains doses for 2-3 cups of tea (1 dose = = 1cucchiaino 1tazza) The advertisement is for 1 bag! The flavors available are: -Skooma: Black Ceylon tea, candy sugar crystals, almond pieces, strawberry, clove and pepper. -High Wine: red sorrel, rosehip, natural aromas, black currants, strawberry pieces, flavorings. -Redwater Skooma: Pieces of pear, apple pieces, fig pieces, papaya, melon cubes, ginger, red pepper, rose buds, rose petals, natural citric acid, flavorings. -Argonian Ale: Black tea, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa nib, desiccated coconut, coconut, spices. If an infusion should be particularly like, please contact me to receive a larger amount in a special envelope. Good relaxation

I found this shit on Etsy. I am soooo thinking of ordering it. I’m a big tea drinker.

u know how universal did a thing and made a huge big park for harry potter and they had the school and the wand shops and everything
what if something like that was made for skyrim

imagine a whiterun and a riften and a solitude and a riverwood and you could buy stuff from the shopkeepers who dress as the respective shopkeepers

you would sleep and eat at the different inns like the bannered mare and the bunkhouse, it would only cost $10 for a room since in game it’s only 10 septims, and they’d sell real life sweet rolls and eidar cheese and grilles leeks and charred skeever hide (which would probably be some kind of fish or beef irl)

you could buy props like fake steel swords and hide shields and fake armor or jewelry from the blacksmiths

there could be little tombs and people dressed as draugrs in there and they’d hide something in the tombs, and at different points of the day they’d give different quests where you go get one of the hidden things while avoiding the draugr actors and bring the thing back to an actor and they would give you like $5 or a free sweet roll

animatronic dragons that yell yol toor shul or fo krah diin and fire or snow from a snow machine comes out, and would speak in dovah via an actor inside with with a microphone and Very Big Speakers

plays that are about forsworn attacks, bandit raids, the civil war

people that walk around and randomly ask you about which side youre on - stormcloaks or the empire, and if you side with the one they don’t like they’ll sneer at you every time you pass them for the rest of the day

carriage rides to the different hold capitals, sometimes bandit attacks would be scheduled and if you were on the carriage at that time bandit actors would seize the carriage and you’d have to walk

khajiit caravans that sell skooma that’s actually just an energy drink shot



Why You Should Play Enderal: The Shards of Order!

Okay, so I honestly have not finished Enderal yet, but I feel like spreading the fact that this beautiful conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim exists by sharing my experiences thus far.

I have been hyped for this for so many months. As in, the kind of hype where I watched the German launch trailer and then discussed at length that I wanted to play, right then and there. I even considered playing the German version because I wanted to play so badly. I have not been this hyped since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. And Enderal delivered.


Gorgeous scenery: In Skyrim, everything was pretty much dull. There were sparse forests, unclimbable mountains, and a lot of snow. Do not even get me started on the color palette. In Enderal, there are so many environments from tropical islands to underground cities. Everything is vibrant and colorful.

Interesting companions: In this aspect, Skyrim kind of failed me. I think the real issue was the struggle to make that many unique, exciting companions. All of them were pretty much the same and had the same dialogue options. On the other hand, in Enderal, you only get a couple of possible companions: Jespar and Calia. Less than a minute after the completion of the tutorial, you end up getting your life saved by Jespar. Something about his character is perfect to me. Maybe the fact that he chooses to be a happy person, in spite of the fact that he has a pretty messed up past. Or because he laughs when you make a joke. He seems genuinely concerned about your character from the beginning. You meet Calia a bit later on but in a much less interesting way. Just like Jespar, she is unique but there was something about her I found lacking. Maybe the fact that she is kind of a religious fanatic and plays the victim, but also refuses to acknowledge all of the bad going on around you. Something about her does not sit well with me. Either way, both of them are interesting and unique. Pretty perfect, in my opinion.

Unique creatures: Okay, I liked Skyrim for a while, but I honestly got bored with all of the generic creatures, especially since a lot of them can be seen in real life. Morrowind is my favorite part of The Elder Scrolls series because of the unique creatures. And, yes, Enderal did edit a couple of Skyrim’s original creatures and change their names, but all of the edits were phenomenal. Not to mention the fact that Enderal went one step farther and created totally new, unique creatures that have never seen before. I loved them. And I have been worried about running into a wild Myrad since the beginning, which tells me Enderal’s creatures are the perfect blend of awesome and terrifying.

Great introduction: People have always hated Skyrim’s tutorial, which is why I was super iffy about Enderal’s. But, despite the fact that a lot of people complain about the length, I loved every second. From the get-go, I wanted to know more about the world and about my character. Not going to go into this, because I want anyone that potentially plays to have fun, also.

Voice acting: If I ever have to hear another one of the voice actors from Skyrim speak again, I may stab out my eardrums. Their dialogue was cheesy and delivered blandly. So many characters had the same voice actor. In Enderal, from what I can tell, every voice actor is unique to each individual character. Which is awesome to me. That makes every single one of the characters feel special, along with the unique dialogue.


Glitches: The glitches in Skyrim were pretty bad for what was supposed to be a top-notch video game. Honestly, so far, I have experienced several glitches in Enderal but there is an update like every other day and that usually fixes my issues. Most of the glitches involve Enderal crashing after entering or exiting a building, either Jespar or Calia getting stuck, and dialogue being repeated over and over.

Leveling: The leveling system in Skyrim was okay. But I absolutely loathe the fact that I have to find learning books to be able to level up my skills in Enderal. I mean, I understand the concept. I just chose to be a warrior and I can never find the kind of learning books that I need. I have wasted a lot of my gold on buying them. When I finally managed to purchase a house, I gave up on upgrades because I am too focused on leveling myself up properly.

Healing: In Skyrim, you could drink a ton of health potions with no effect. In Enderal, you eat and sleep outside of combat to replenish your health. In combat, you can only drink health potions or eat ingredients. Once you are out of combat again, your health should refill, as long as you are sated. But, if you drink a bunch of health potions, your ambrosia fever spikes and you die. I actually enjoyed this aspect, but I know there are people who are not going to, so I figured I would include this.

And that is all I really have to say about Enderal. In case you cannot tell by now, I really love this video game. Nothing about playing Enderal feels like playing Skyrim, which is exactly what I wanted. So far, I have not been bored once and I love where the main story is going. I cannot wait to see what the ending is like.

Report this asshole and their group ‘Worst artists in musical fandom’ and every single post in it for harassment please if you haven’t already.

I’m taking a break. I’m tired. I want to vomit. I want to cry. I really can’t handle this bullshit right now. I’m gonna play Skyrim and drink a bit. See you guys tomorrow maybe.