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Tea across Tamriel - Master post

So I am done with my serie of headcanons/worldcanons on various teas in Tamriel, be it actual tea, imaginary fantasy tea, herbal tea, various infusions, and habits regarding tea drinking. Here’s the list to the various parts, along with very short descriptions for each :


[Introduction] A brief overview and some gushing about tea;

[Elsweyr] Or strong sugary, spicy and fruity teas consumed like it’s water;

[Alinor] Or delicate flower teas carefully made by afficionados and snobs;

[Valenwood] Or The Biggest Waste of tea and tea necromancy;

[Cyrodiil] Simple blends of tea and lots of trading;

[Morrowind] About native tea that’s not actually tea, social privileges, and mockery of N'Wahs;

[Argonia] ?????????? Is this tea? Is this poison? We’ll never know;

[Hammerfell] Of refreshing teas and cacti juices;

[High Rock Bretons and regular tea, nobles being crazy and gross, and Orcs not giving a flying butterfly;

[Skyrim] Tea hell and old medicinal concoctions.


This was a lot of fun to come up with, and I certainly hope it was/is/will be just as fun for you to read my thoughts on the subject. =)

Now, I say my thoughts, but it would be unfair to take all the credit. I have to thank a few people here on tumblr with whom I had very pleasant conversations about fictional beverages, who have listened to my dumb ideas and contributed a lot to maturing them. Here they are, in no particular order :

Tatyana, Vonlyth, Lleran, Adelein Gardinier, BloodOfTheAncients and Astarill.

I leave you now to enjoy it all for yourself. Feel free to reblog, comment, or contact me about it if you want to discuss tea in The Elder Scrolls universe. =)
Skyrim Sachet sample Infusions Tea Infusions
You want to try a potion because you are not sure that it can taste like it, or simply make the collection? These sample bags are ideal to find out which potion is for you! Each sachet contains doses for 2-3 cups of tea (1 dose = = 1cucchiaino 1tazza) The advertisement is for 1 bag! The flavors available are: -Skooma: Black Ceylon tea, candy sugar crystals, almond pieces, strawberry, clove and pepper. -High Wine: red sorrel, rosehip, natural aromas, black currants, strawberry pieces, flavorings. -Redwater Skooma: Pieces of pear, apple pieces, fig pieces, papaya, melon cubes, ginger, red pepper, rose buds, rose petals, natural citric acid, flavorings. -Argonian Ale: Black tea, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa nib, desiccated coconut, coconut, spices. If an infusion should be particularly like, please contact me to receive a larger amount in a special envelope. Good relaxation

I found this shit on Etsy. I am soooo thinking of ordering it. I’m a big tea drinker.

~~”She was drinking his blood. He could still taste it on his tongue. He choked, horrified, and shoved her off, drawing his sword on instinct, tip pointed at her chest.

   She stood, breathing heavily, her mouth smeared sanguine, almost laughing. ‘This is what I am, Hadvar. Immortal killer of men.’

   Hadvar lowered his sword with a shaking hand. He wiped the blood from his mouth, regretting this entire conversation.”~~

Corva Secundus, previously known as Leocadia Domiticus. Eternally faithful servant of the Empire, she changes aliases every 10 years to avoid detection as a vampire, traveling Tamriel to join the Legion in different regions of the Empire.

She doesn’t remember a time before being a vampire - time can do funny things to one’s memories. She left her previous life 5 years ago, leaving her comrades behind to think she had been killed. As luck would have it, she was caught attempting to feed on a group of sleeping Stormclock rebels - caught by one of her former comrades.She escaped execution only by chance when Alduin, the World-Eater out of ancient legend, attacked…

u know how universal did a thing and made a huge big park for harry potter and they had the school and the wand shops and everything
what if something like that was made for skyrim

imagine a whiterun and a riften and a solitude and a riverwood and you could buy stuff from the shopkeepers who dress as the respective shopkeepers

you would sleep and eat at the different inns like the bannered mare and the bunkhouse, it would only cost $10 for a room since in game it’s only 10 septims, and they’d sell real life sweet rolls and eidar cheese and grilles leeks and charred skeever hide (which would probably be some kind of fish or beef irl)

you could buy props like fake steel swords and hide shields and fake armor or jewelry from the blacksmiths

there could be little tombs and people dressed as draugrs in there and they’d hide something in the tombs, and at different points of the day they’d give different quests where you go get one of the hidden things while avoiding the draugr actors and bring the thing back to an actor and they would give you like $5 or a free sweet roll

animatronic dragons that yell yol toor shul or fo krah diin and fire or snow from a snow machine comes out, and would speak in dovah via an actor inside with with a microphone and Very Big Speakers

plays that are about forsworn attacks, bandit raids, the civil war

people that walk around and randomly ask you about which side youre on - stormcloaks or the empire, and if you side with the one they don’t like they’ll sneer at you every time you pass them for the rest of the day

carriage rides to the different hold capitals, sometimes bandit attacks would be scheduled and if you were on the carriage at that time bandit actors would seize the carriage and you’d have to walk

khajiit caravans that sell skooma that’s actually just an energy drink shot



The Elder Scrolls: Bostonian Winters

Coffee is as essential to braving a bitter winter in Boston as potions and dragon’s bone in great mountains of Skyrim.

“I used to drink as much caffeine as you…”