skyrim crossbow

Oops, my hand slipped and I did a sketchy drawing because I was too lazy to shade and do clean lines XD

This was made as a reference for one of my Skyrim characters, Emelyn, a wood elf, obviously. I used this as a picture for a Skyrim rp I was actually joining but sadly it died off before we could actually start it. 

What happened with her in-game through the glorious use of mods (Death Alternative/Live Another Life), is that she started out being enthralled by a vampire in some cave to be used for cattle, got her master killed via a Dawnguard attack, and decided to join up with the Dawnguard to prevent that from happening to anyone else. Fun stuff XD 

Despite her rough start, she still manages to be goofy and lighthearted in the midst of extremely heavy vampire attacks.

Maybe one day I’ll do a full-blown drawing of her, but I need to get off my lazy ass first.