skyrim confessions

I despised the Thalmor with the passion, but after Delphine started bossing me around, by demanding that I kill Paarthurnax with such arrogant tone
of voice, I feel the need to aid the Thalmor by disclosing the location of the two remanding members of the blades to the Thalmor Ambassador.

The blades had forgotten their ancestral history. They are to serve the dragonborn.

Skyrim confessions
  • Well, once I went and raided a bandit camp and piled up all the bandits into one huge pile and used the ritual stone to revive them all as my own army and pretty much ran around destroying every other bandit camp... And I might or might not have saved it and tried to invade whiterun...

“One time, when Braith gave me her “There’s no one I won’t fight!” line, I unequipped my swords and punched her in the face. She ran away screaming, but she turned hostile as she fled and apparently the guards didn’t see I’d provoked her. So the entire Whiterun Guard and most of the citizens converged on Braith with swords and bows and daggers and spells. Best. Moment. Ever.”

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“I hate killing fellow Khajiit, even if I’m playing a different race. I felt so bad killing M’raaj-Dar during Purification even though he was rude I was still fond of him, and the worst part was he started liking me at the end and being so friendly and happy to see me. I hated killing Bhisha in the Shivering Isles too, he was so nice. The reward of the skinned dog was cool but it died pretty much as soon as I left Crucible. Then I found Ma’zaddha dead in his house during The Lady of Paranoia. It’s hard having a psychopath for a character sometimes.”

Oblivion confessions

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Arissa, The Wandering Rogue. My confession as one of the authors: I tried updating her look as the negative feedback regarding her attractivity bothered me. I had a character done up in race slide – new hair, cuter face poutier lips – a more “conventional” beauty.

I followed her around Whiterun one day, and when she was working on some random alchemy stuff, I started to feel pretty guilty. She didn’t need an image revamp. She didn’t need to be “hotter” or “beautiful”. Simply, the vanilla textures weren’t doing her any justice. 

So I decided to work on her textures instead. I’m glad I did. The result was precisely as I imagined her when Chesko and I started working on this mod.