skyrim christmas


Pretty much the most to the least Holiday Spirited in the bunch.


Jzargo: *is an excited curious child. He did not have Christmas in his homeland. So he is excited to do everything with you*

Ralof: *steals all the goodies you bake. Spends too much on presents, and tells you many stories*
You: “did you steal my cookies?”
Ralof:……….*flips table and runs away*

Marcutio: *purposely puts a mistletoe on every door in the house* “well….would you look at that y/n? Another mistletoe. Another kiss!!!.”

Hadvar: *begrudgingly holds all the presents as you two go shopping and takes it like a man. And then secretly buys you something really sweet*

Brynjolf: “Lass….it’s nearly a month away……do we have to this this now?”…his face frowns “isn’t this a bit….much?”

Vilkas: *like the drama queen he is stops as he see’s you putting up a wreath and his face darkens..* “So it begins……” *eventually gets you a last minute gift*

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“I’ve had Skyrim since its release, and every year since 2011 during Christmas time I put that festive looking red hat in my followers inventory and make them equip it so it’s like I have my own little Santa following me around and helping me kill stuff. Every. Single. Year. I imagine Marcurio absolutely despises me for doing so.“

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8 and Farkas

For @ismiss
“She’s missing, not dead”
And i don’t know how to spell or say jorrvaskr, so i probably can’t rhyme it either
Don’t worry, it’s not sad this time, it’s funny.

It was the night before Christmas and all through Jorrvaskr

Not a creature was stirring, well, let’s change that to were.

Because suddenly came Farkas, huffing and puffing

“(y/n) is gone!” he cried, Vilkas thought he was bluffing.

But alas they looked into the girls room;

And nothing was there! Farkas pouted in gloom in gloom.

“My Love is gone, forever!” he cried in dread,

“Silence!” said a tired Aela, “She’s missing, not dead!”

“Maybe she’s at the inn!” joined Torvar quite drunk,

“Or off in the training grounds!” said Athis from his bunk.

And soon, all the companions were awake,

comforting poor Farkas in his heartache.

No one heard the doors open or the footsteps overhead.

Until a familiar voice shouted: “I’M ALIVE YOU BLOCKHEADS!”

And there she was, well and living;

In her arms were the gifts she was giving.

But nothing stopped Farkas from running past the door,

And tackling her to the floor!

“Why were you gone!” he cried head in your neck,

(y/n) rolled her eyes but gave his cheek a peck.

“I had gone to get you all a presents!”

She explained “I didn’t think you would notice my absence!”

The companions all let out a sigh of relief,

And all went back to bed with Vilkas grumbling “Good Grief!”

And soon they all went back to their beds,

With pleasant dreams going through their heads.

(y/n) and Farkas cuddled together

And thought the clatter on the roof was only the weather.

Some would think it was a wagon; but nay,

It was a renowned sleigh!

And oh for the guards it would have been quite a sight!

If they had not slacked on their nightshift that night…

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Molag Bal Month
Merry Molag Bal Month

deck the halls with chains and smooth jazz

fa la la la la la la la la!

december is Molag Bal month

fa la la la la la la la la!

tell Boethiah The Gauntlet is lame

fa la la la la la la la la!

december is Molag Bal month

fa la la la la la la la la!

I am getting into the holiday spirit

I also found a bell