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Oh, so, are all ES heroes mentally challenged in some way?

Nah, not mentally challenged, just… off. Anyone drawn to that profession is never going to be your typical Tamriel citizen (IE the kind of person who does the same thing every day, like meeting their friend to talk about mudcrabs or wandering a single spot for several hours)

Let’s face it, the legends might speak of the Dragonborn killing Alduin, or the Champion of Cyrodiil fighting off daedric armies, but that’s the stuff the bards tell.

The REAL stories, in the history books, the local rumors, and similar, will all talk about stuff like 

“And then the Nerevarine gulped down fifteen pounds of ebony in one bite, jumped to the moon, and talked five guys into killing themselves just so he could steal their pants.”

“The Champion was known for standing in places, hours on end, casting the same spell over and over again with a blank expression.”

“Unfortunately, much of the dragonborn’s personal life remains unknown, due to their house being stuffed so full of artifacts that nobody can open the fucking door.”

You know why we never really hear about the other characters? Because TES historians are so embarrassed by all this shit they just never write down anything but the basics.

Hello, I am Rythian.
Dunmer and fire mage, as you may see. The reason I first came to Skyrim from Morrowind was because of the famous College of Winterhold, though I have found myself caught up in what seem to be the return of the dragons as well?

After a hairy fight with a dragon outside Whiterun I learned that I am what they call “Dovahkiin”, or Dragonborn in Tamrielic. A group of monks called the Greybeards have summoned me to their monastery, but I have yet to go there.

With me on the journey I have Zoeya, a Bosmer I met in Riverwood who offered to be my guide as she has been traveling Skyrim before settling down. We have been through quite a bit this far already together, and I’d say she’s become quite a valuable friend and companion to me.