Kaarina has tracked just about every type of game that you can imagine, and would tell you she’s an expert at the craft. Now she’s not so sure as this is her first attempt at sniffing out a werewolf, and boy howdy she’s having a hard time keeping up with him. She’s been running circles around Skyrim trying to stay on his tail. He’ll have to tire out at some point, right? I mean she’s just trying to return his pants to him.

Check out Spice & Wolf by @galenscylis if you have no idea what’s going on here

about the bosmer

So this is now something like the 3rd time people have added “BUT THE BOSMER ARE CANNIBALS !!1 D:” to my Elder Scrolls Races post and I would like to say

  1. i kno. im the kind of fuckin lore nerd who will collect armfuls of books and build their own little personal library in a game where you can fight dragons and singelhandedly defeat entire armies okay its kind of embarassing how much mental energy i invested in a fantasy world where screaming is a sacred martial art and demons sometimes make you wear a fancy hat or get you to drunkenly make out with big boobied lady statues for their amusement
  2. when I called them the “chillest of the elven races” I was not, as some of y’all seem to assume, declaring that cannibalism is a-okay. I was more referring to the fact that the Bosmer spend like 89% of their time hanging around in trees throwing acorns at the khajiit instead of messing with ancient artifacts to restart the universe or turning themselves into demigods or whateverthefuck the other elven races are doing
  3. it was 3AM when i wrote that post forgive me for not adding the fucking footnotes & literary references

Next with my cosplay was Aela’s arm bracers!

I took leather from a bag and just got it into a nice flat sheet to take measurements on. The “steel” parts are just foam painted with this awesome silver paint! Then I tried using velcro to put it on and off but I kind of got the measurements off? I tried making it really tight so that it wouldn’t slip down my skinny spaghetti arms… But I made it too tight! Oops! So i just took it apart and tried  gluing back together a bunch of times.

I made it work! Kind of.