Fate of Konor Week 1 Result: Imperial Victory!

The forces of Chaos fell upon Astaramis like slavering wolves, bringing ruin and terror to this once proud monument of Ultramar’s glory. Yet, as the smoke cleared and the echo of gunfire ceased, the hive world remained standing, battered but unbroken. Despite suffering horrific casualties during the early stages of the Chaos onslaught, the armies of the Imperium dug in with rugged determination, hurling back each fresh assault with blistering cascades of las and bolter fire, turning to knives, makeshift weapons and fists when the slaughter boiled over into hand-to-hand combat.

Try as they might, the Chaos invaders could not break the defenders’ spirits, nor scour them from their fortifications. Their rage and frustration was only exacerbated by a series of lightning attacks by the Aeldari of the craftworlds, who emerged from the hidden labyrinth of the webway to slice into the rear of the Chaos formations. There was no formal alliance between the Imperium and these deadly raiders, but the Aeldari ever follow their own mysterious whims. Fusillades of shuriken fire and pinpoint lances of searing energy tore through the unsuspecting ranks of the invaders, and even as they regrouped and reformed, the xenos disappeared from whence they came, leaving nothing but the smoking bodies of their victims behind.

This flanking assault badly stalled the Chaos advance, buying precious time for Primaris Space Marine reinforcements to arrive on Astaramis. Unable to force a breakthrough at the vital Praxima Skyport, the massed heretical legions could only watch with furious hatred as fresh regiments of grim-faced warriors and columns of heavy armour made planetfall, rushing to shore up gaps in the Imperial line wherever they emerged. Inch by bloody inch, the Chaos invasion force was pushed back to the outer hab-zones of the hive cities, and the flag of Ultramar was raised proudly upon the highest spire of Saviour’s Landing – a symbol of defiance and Imperial might that girded the heart of every loyalist warrior.

In the wake of this vital victory, Imperial High Command immediately ramped up the production of munitions on Astaramis, and issued a decree requiring every human of fighting age to take up arms in the defence of Ultramar. Such a vast resource of manpower will be vital in the battles to come, for the war in the Konor System is far from over…

@ultramarineblues @tw6464 Good job guys :)

@xenosgirl well it seems the Ynnari are openly helping the loyalists now beyond the resurrection of RG.

The Omega Departure Part 2

Part 2 of 2

This is for @coyambition

Request:   Could you please write an Alpha Kylo who dated the(omega)reader back when she was in training with Luke, left before Ben kills the trainees. Hears about the event, heartbroken & angry over her alpha’s betrayal(not her official alpha since they never mated)goes into hiding for years, but Kylo knows she’s alive since he can feel her emotions through the Force. Anyway,takes a bit,but he finds her,& this time, he wont let his precious Omega go. NonCon goodness ensues

Summary:  This is Pre- The Force Awakens, several years after part 1, maybe about six months pre-TFA, non-cannon  

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader

Warning:  Noncon/rape PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU. A/B/O dynamics, smut, oral, mentions of heat, mentions of breeding

Words: 4000

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Part one

               The hood of your cloak was up as you zagged through the marketplace.  This planet was too populated.  A large population meant Alphas. Your hand gripped the knife at your belt.  You’d taken out three since your traveling days began, but it was a practice you would rather avoid. A dead body brought more attention than a lowly Omega.

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critical role memelocationsemon

Emon is the capital of Tal'Dorei, and is also the home of the emperor, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III, as well as Vox Machina.

A network of tunnels exists under the city. The Clasp, a thieves’ guild, has a subterranean base beneath the city. They use the tunnels to covertly get around, and know of several hidden entrances up to the surface. At least a part of the city is built on top of the ruins of an old, forgotten civilization. 

Abadar’s Promenade is located on the east side of the city, with a very small portion of it extending beyond the city walls. Gilmore’s Glorious Goods is located within this district, and Greyskull Keep is located just outside the outer wall, a little ways away.

The Skyport district is located to the northwest right next to the Cloudtop District. This is where the city’s Skyships dock.

Shown to be within the center of the city, the Cloudtop district is surrounded by another wall due to the sovereign’s palace being here. It is also where the Tal'Dorei Council convenes to discuss various issues within Emon and all of Tal'Dorei. The Ivory Tower is also located here.

Is this a thing? Surely it’s a thing.

I feel that this is a thing that should already exist, but I can’t find it, so.

Critical Role Monopoly

Wait! Wait! Hear me out! This is just my first pass at it, following a long bus journey and too much time on the Critical Role Wikia. You can create your own monopoly boards, you know…

Sadly I have less than no artistic talent, or this would have been a sketch. As it is, here are my half-formed thoughts instead:

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A steampunk Aeronaut that I was working on a bit during stream. y viewers took a real liking to her. Her name is Amelia and she is an airship mechanic from a rough and tumble skyport :V (Thanks to the stream viewers for coming up with all of this fun story!)

(inspired by this post)

But what if all of Brandon Mull’s worlds exist together. We’ve got our world with magic preserves and the occasional bout of candy-induced superpowers. Then there’s Lyrian and the Outskirts, which is on the edge of all the other Beyonds that exist.

Imagine Maldor hiding in our world in the distant past and he meets the Sphinx. Nedwin comes to our world and goes back to Lyrian with moon rocks. Every now and then a person who’s been turned to dandelion fluff actually finds themselves floating out of the cloudwall beside Skyport. Torina Barker’s library shares space with a room in Felrook–the one in Lyrian is the one filled with water.

Guys. Imagine Rachel finding one of the preserves. Imagine Rachel finding Fablehaven, and realizing magic does exist in this world, and being friends with Kendra and Seth and everyone.

Oh and imagine one of the vents in the knapsack is in Lyrian and Ferrin somehow finds it and he ends up talking with Warren.

I don’t know what’s happening in the post but whatever.

free books as of 10/5/14 - subject to change

All Abigail Abernathy wants is a respectable job where she can put her knowledge of analytical engines to use. The Royel Trading Company of Bristol provides her with just such an opportunity, but not everyone is pleased to have her aboard. Between incompetent management, clients helpless beyond her imagination, and a disgruntled former analytical engine analyst who will stop at nothing to take back the job she unknowingly took from him, will her credulity, not to mention her sanity, be up to the task? It’s going to be a long night.

After arriving at The Pharmacologist’s Eden, a grand floating port run by the cut-throat Rhod Stein, Ruby Celeste discovers the deckhand she arranged to purchase has been sold out from under her and replaced with a man kidnapped from the world’s surface. So after dispatching his guarding henchmen, she snatches him and then flees—but not before blowing a gaping hole in the SkyPort. 

But unbeknownst to Ruby, Stein survives the blast. And along with the assassins now hot on her tail, she has other problems to contend with: the frail man she kidnapped and his newfound place on her ship, a pervasive series of dangerous electrical malfunctions—and what about the diary she finds on a derelict ship? Are its pages filled with the deranged words of a madman—or does it really hold the key to finding the mysterious Ghost Armada?

Nineteenth Century inventor Phineas Magnetron is a man on a mission in this first volume of The Magnetron Chronicles series, a faithfully executed parody of Victorian Era science fiction adventure tales, blending historical fact with improbable fiction.

Misunderstood, ostracized by his closest associates, Phineas embarks on a daring and unlikely caper to resurrect his dead mentor, the bombastic Dr. Hogalum, mustering all the Steam Age weird science at his disposal. He’ll bend the laws of man, nature, and physics, unearthing a haunting mystery and going boldly where no gentleman has gone before.

  • The War of Antiquities pt.1/pt.2 by SB Jones 

 Twenty years before The Eternal Gateway trilogy there was another war fought; a war of ancient secrets, power and new beginnings. Duke Falconcrest has survived The War of Antiquities; survived with secrets that no mage should know. Attempting to begin his new life, old responsibilities have other ideas and threaten to tear apart everything around him including the life of the woman who has captured his heart.

There is no yellow brick road here. No emerald city. No lollipop guild. This is the Australis Penal Colony, a continent sized prison referred to the world over as the Outcast Zone. Built to contain the world’s most dangerous criminals, OZ ended up the dumping ground for everything polite society deemed undesirable. 

From inside OZ a garbled message proves Dorothy’s father is still alive, trapped in a prison with only one way in and no way out. Into this place 17-year-old Dorothy must go if she wants to find her father and keep the promise she made to her dying mother.

Alton Bartleby is a social savant and the foppish toast of steampunk London’s upper crust. James Wainwright is a brilliant but socially stunted working class engineer with a flair for invention and a propensity towards violence. Together they solve the mysteries that Scotland Yard cannot.

This novel is the first in the Galvanic Century steampunk series of mysteries set in Edwardian England. Join Bartleby and James as they tackle their first four cases as consulting detectives.

In “And They Called Her Spider” they hunt an impossible assassin, trying to end her reign of terror before she can disrupt Queen Victoria’s Platinum Jubilee.

In “Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande” the detectives fight to clear James’ name aboard an airship before sabotage sends them crashing into the city below.

“On the Trail of the Scissorman” sends the pair after a monstrous serial killer turning London’s children into orphans.

Finally, “A Matter of Spirit” delves into the shadow world of séances and spiritualism as they look for a missing medium in the parlors of Knightsbridge… and beyond.

More coming soon…

anonymous asked:

Whatever you do don't think about Vex and Cassandra together trying to reign Percy back to reality when his ideas grow a little too large, "He is just not installing a skyport right next to the castle." "I know right, it'd be much too close to the mountains, a skyship could never land there." "That wasn't exactly my point Vex." "Oh right, the impracticality and the cost. Wait how many zeros does that number have?"

Whatever you do don’t think about Percy and Vex doing recon and rolling insight on Cassandra’s romantic interest. “Dear, you do realize that your dragon slaying long-sword was just casually on mantle during that entire conversation?” “Yes.” “That’s not where you normally keep it.” “Yes… But now I know that they can be intimidated.”…

…Whatever you do don’t think about Cassandra and Percy joining Vex while she goes hunting in the mountains/forest with Trinket. “So Yennen thinks lowering the taxes on wheat will actually cause an increase in overall spending?” “Yes, and I personally agree.” “Where are the figures for this? I would love to see them as soon as we get back.” “Trinket these two are so utterly useless right now, could you move beside them and roar for me. It’s not like every animal doesn’t already know we’re here.”

Oh my g o d

Cassandra and Vex complaining about their overbearing big brothers over tea and things

Cassandra teaching Vex all the customs of a Whitestone Baroness, all the dances and the manners and the history


Percy and Vex planning the entire layout of Vex’s new manor, and Percy passing the plans along to Cassandra so she can build it while they’re away - and then checking up on the house every forty seconds until Cassandra reminds him that building an entire manor will take time Percival you need to chill I swear I’m not going to build it backwards or something do you even know anything about architecture the biggest thing you’ve ever built is a broom.

I love u anon. I love u very much and now I am crying, because Vex and Percy know that you can build yourself a new family even after losing one, and so they’ll build one for Cassandra. T^T9