Throwback to when I was fucked over, high like the sky on some medication (was actually nice i won’t lie), talking to my 👸🏾 minutes before my surgery. I was barely able to keep my eyes open at that time lol. My Unique texted and talked to me until I fell asleep. Things like that matter. Not only the good moments when everything goes well and as planned. After that day she built me up, talked to me through the days and nights until I was fine again. I am now almost fully recovered, my hand works just fine and the last week was amazing as I was working some nice modeling jobs. Knowing that she is always there is such a nice, warm feeling.

On skype with my Fabian. Thank God for the creator of this, I mean imagine if it was back in the day and all that would be available were letters by mail. I mean I’m sure we would have done it, but I’m grateful for video chat. He’s about to get ready and head out to a party, and I am going to join my step mother on a trip to the bridal shop to help her pick out her wedding dress. Just 17 more days until Fabian is in America. @fabianpodu @auniquelifee ♡♡♡

I hate that you’ve been thinking about this all day. A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be feeling how you are. I just wish I could hold you right now and tell you that it will all be okay. He’s a homie, but damn, he fucked up. You deserve better than that, you deserve to smile. Stop putting yourself through all their bullshit and just let go; you’ll feel better once you do.

Got on Skype for what I supposed would be a couple minutes so Trent could say goodnight before I went to bed…nearly two hours later and I was still smiling like a lovestruck fool, lost in the depths of the oceans in his eyes. His smile leaves my whole world torn asunder. 

#WCW to this beautiful girl right here
To my stunning girlfriend @queenxjo

She is so freaking adorable! She was the first person to wish me a happy birthday and we are currently having a skype date to close out the day. She seriously makes me so happy and it’s an honor and privilege to call her mine.

Speaking directly to you now babe I just want to say thank you for making a special day even more amazing. You mean the world to me and I love you dearly!

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Soo… bei mir sind es jetzt noch 2 Stunden, in Deutschland nur noch 1 Stunde und dann hat unsere Hannahmaus Geburtstag und ist dann einfach erwachsen….. das wird was. 

Um ihr die Zeit bisschen zu vertreiben und sie das letzte mal mit 17 zu sehen und einfach um uns mal wieder alle zu sehen und zu gucken ob die Damen die Kirmes gut überstanden haben, hatte ich die letzten 2 Stunden ein Skypedate :) Es war so schön, mal wieder von ihnen zu hören und vor allem sie zu sehen - wenn auch leider nicht in echt, aber immerhin! Ihr fehlt mir sehr!
♥♥♥ tausend Küsse nach Deutschland!