I think the saddest part of The Lion King 2 is this scene right here.

Zira is presenting her son to be used as meat. And, yes, it’s a mind game- she knows he won’t do it- but Kovu doesn’t. You can see it in his eyes; he honestly thinks he’s going to die. 

He truly believes his mother is going to let him perish at the claws of the king. He truly believes Simba is capable of killing a cub. And no one will stop him.

Simba examines Zira, trying to figure if she’s serious or not. She’s just spouted off how Kovu is the prince, the heir to King Scar, and now she’s offering him as food.

Zira smiles, because she knows he’s too “weak” to end Kovu’s life. And, even if he accepts, what’s there to lose? She and her lionesses will have access to the Pridelands, and she can rule in Scar’s place, once they destroy Simba. She’ll even have just cause; the killing of her adopted cub.

Simba’s disgust is palatable. He has a daughter; he can’t understand how callous Zira is to the death of her son.

It’s all he can do to turn away and let this go on, because Zira is not part of his pride, and he can’t intervene.

I just realized....

I just realized that Kovu from The Lion King 2….

And Kade from Transformers Rescue Bots share the same voice actor!

That’s not all though!

Young Vitani, Kovu’s sister in Lion King 2…..

And Dani, Kade’s sister in Transformers Rescue Bots, also share the same voice actress!

How cool is that!?