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Like that video that went viral, Lexa is giving a skype interview from home when Alex struts into the room with her elbows poppin. Then in rolls Jake. And then Clarke comes sliding in. But instead of taking the kids out, Lexa pulls Alex onto her lap and continues the interview, while Clarke picks Jake up and sits with him on the bed smiling. 😍 🌈🐭🐨🐨🐨 😍

What video is this tf

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Wait! What did I miss on this Cameron-in-Alex's-London-apartment history? Are there any pics? xxxx

There was an interview in Vice with Cam, where his apartment is mentioned: 

“When I play them live, I think it’s a bit of a struggle, but it’s more honest,” explains Avery in his deep baritone over Skype from Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner’s apartment in London…

…Alex Turner is an inescapable force here—not only because his “One for the Road” leather jacket can be seen hanging in the background throughout our entire Skype interview, as Avery chain smokes out Turner’s apartment window.”

Here’s the article. Sadly, there are no pictures. We’re just speculating that it might be the same one Alex had in East London when he was dating Alexa. The whole idea of Alex lending out his apartment to friends is incredibly endearing and I love them both haha xx