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FINALLY A JOOHEON REQUEST! I was waiting for someone to leave a request for the Monsta X boyfriend post, but I haven’t gotten any UNTIL YOU! I wasn’t sure if I should continue it because no one was requesting it, but I’ll finish the rest of the members now so every Monbebe is happy :)


  • The boyfriend who doesn’t share the same mutuals as you
  • What I mean is Jooheon isn’t the typical met in high school/college buddy that turned into a boyfriend but a guy you met on a night with some girls while he was out with his bros
  • You’d have exchanged numbers and had been talking and going out on small dates until he started coming over to your place more and sort of became your boo after a couple of months
  • You haven’t told anyone about him quite yet because it’s still new
  • So new that you still get butterflies in your stomach when he calls you late at night asking about your day while he’s elsewhere working on a collab or creating music
  • His deep voice makes you blush even on the other end of the line, the same way it does when he picks you up for a low key dinner date at Bonchon (a Korean fried chicken place; they sell a # of other dishes, but they are known for their amazing fried chicken) or to grab some boba
  • He’s the boyfriend that appears really tough to others, but they don’t know how every time he sees you he brings flowers or a written letter expressing how infatuated he is with you
  • If you guys aren’t going on dates, you have fun at home watching old movies and Chinese take out, 
  • Or having your own private karaoke session that turns into Jooheon bouncing on your couches and you singing “Oi” as loud as you can with a wooden spoon from the kitchen
  • Whenever you can’t sleep, he’ll Skype you and talk to you about his day and what he’s been up to,
  • And if you can’t Skype he’ll make you a playlist of Korean r&b music OR softly freestyle about you and what he loves about you and send it as an audio message
  • Boyfriend Jooheon is basically the human version of Soulja Boy’s song “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” (a bop. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look the song up on youtube and you’ll fall in love!!!!)
  • He can’t get enough of you
  • He can’t stop kissing you, hugging you, touching you when you’re with him
  • Jooheon can’t help but call you jagi even though he’s all about creativity and what not, and because he’s such a sucker for you, sometimes “sweetie” will slip (as cringy as it sounds coming from him sometimes you get all giddy)
  • Holding your hands and swinging them as you’re walking around town
  • Hands on the waist
  • Arm around your side pulling you into a half hug as you walk and talk, sipping on milk tea as he shows off his rapping for you even though you’ve seen it enough
  • You guys are the couple that matches outfits, but it’s subtle and not cliche
  • Shoe game is out of this world,
  • He’ll buy you a pair of Nike Air Huaraches in red to match with his You guys become a very fluffy couple after you’ve been together for awhile,
  • However, you can still get freaky deaky (lolololol I’m sorry)
  • A cute, simple peck on the lips from you as you guys are re-watching Goblin turns into Jooheon leaving pecks on the back of your neck that turn into long, concentrated kisses
  • Then you’re like “You know what we’ve watched enough episodes for tonight.”
  • And the episode is paused as you spin around and kiss Jooheon
  • The two of you have sex whenever you’re in the mood which could mean very often or not often at all
  • Jooheon would make an effort to not only please you to the max, but make you laugh He’ll crack a joke or make a point to say “ow” really loud when you’re kissing his neck
  • He’s so goofy most of the time because you make him so giddy and happy
  • But if it isn’t sex, soft and almost sleepy kisses in each other’s arms are a thing when you’re dating Jooheon
  • Sometimes he’ll pull away just to look you in the eyes, and then he lets out a loud sigh and starts telling you how much he appreciates you and your hard work and how much you care for/about him
  • Jooheon is such a supportive boyfriend and loving one, and ANY MONBEBE WOULD BE LUCKY TO CALL HONEY THEIR BF!!!!1!11!!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!11!!!1!

None of my posts are intended to offend anyone. all of my posts are fiction, meaning from my imagination. the Monsta X members are their own people and may act differently in scenarios I write about compared to their authentic actions. My posts are solely for entertainment and to fulfill the fantasies of Monbebes and other K-pop fans. In no way am I portraying the boys based on “accurate information” but from ideas and thoughts of them and their personalities fabricated when viewing their content -Ambebe

Swallow ya mans nut and steal his lingo. Dress just like him on accident. Also take baths with him and wash his hair and let him wash yours and go on dates to see scary movies to raise your anxiety sky high because of infrasound and then get drunk and comfort each other when you get home. Make dinner together and take pics with pets. Cry to him when you sad even if it’s uncomfortable. and when he’s away go to sleep on skype together. Cause das love ya know. (But also only if he’s that nigga and he deserves it. If he don’t. Drop homie and find somebody who’s gonna love you and celebrate you all the time. Even when you feeling low and not feeling yourself. Somebody who’ll gas you with you. Somebody who makes all of the above come out of you organically. Love shouldn’t feel like a burden or a chore ). ALSO listen to my music. I’m cold af.

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Daddy Putting Me to Sleep 💤


Me: Daddy…I can’t settle down. I think it was a bad idea to drink coffee this late, and I need you to go sleepy

Daddy: Okay, Daddy will put you to sleep.


Daddy: Okay Princess, it’s time to settle down. Good girls go to bed on time because they need to sleep. That’s how they get big and strong! You do want to be a good girl, right baby?

Me: Mhm!!

Daddy: *Lowers voice to a hush* okay munchkin, relax…try not to say anything else baby…cuddle your pillow and keep your eyes closed…you’re such a good girl.

Me: *Yawns* Dada I think it’s working..

Daddy: Good girl Princess. Shhh…close your eyes and go nini.

Me: *Nodding off* Yes daddy..

Daddy: Good night Munchkin.


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Attention deprivation
  • <p> <b>Me :</b> *didn't sleep on Skype the night before and hasn't talked to Daddy in over 24 hours*<p/><b>Daddy :</b> *leaves me on read*<p/><b>Big me :</b> what is he doing? Is this guy ignoring me? Did he really just do this to me? I DON'T THINK SO<p/><b>Little me :</b> oh my god Daddy doesn't want to talk to me, I'm too annoying. I can't believe I messed up this bad... I'm too needy I need to stop acting so childish... I should leave him alone<p/><b>Me :</b> *proceeds to spam him and whine*<p/><b>Daddy :</b> I'm sorry Sweetie, I was cleaning and getting food<p/><b>Me :</b> ...oh... Well I need attention<p/><b>Daddy :</b> do you not want me to eat, Baby?<p/><b>Me :</b> *throws a fit and whines really loud*<p/></p>
  • ~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction! ~

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Could you do a headcon of the batboys dating Oliver Queens and Dinah Lance daughter??

Dating Oliver and Dinah’s daughter would mean that Y/N is absolutely and completely brought up with not just love and care but with money as well as power too. I also like to think that you could either inherit Dinah’s power (or not) and is extremely proficient at bows and arrows. Also trained in material arts and fighting style is a little mixed between both of your parents. 

Now onward with the headcanon~ hope you enjoy!


  • Could totally see Dick calling ‘dibs’ on you during the young justice time (perhaps when he was still Robin) though those feelings grew during the five years gap he spent making a name for himself. Most likely started going out for real – after a game of tug-and-war for the longest time – during the time after Jason’s death. (You most likely acted as his closest rock, shoulders to lean and cry on).
  • Your first date consisted of going on a picnic at the beach and watching the sunset. Dick would then tell you he had attempted to cook up a few things that you loved to eat but unfortunately due to being called on an unexpected mission, that didn’t really turn out too well. You ate whatever he cooked for you anyways regardless of their slightly burnt state because the thoughts count and you are a bad cook yourself.
  • The moment he fell for you is not when Oliver and Dinah brought you over for the first time to the mountain. It was during one of those sparring sessions where it started off normally but Dick’s crush on you started when you bested him in sparring, landing a hit on his nose, almost breaking it.
  • Your parents approve of Dick. (Who wouldn’t???) Though sometimes you can still see your dad trying his hardest not to let out a biting comment because he still thinks you’re a baby and not fit to date anymore. 
  • Dinah on the other hand simply tells you to be absolutely careful and if Dick, God forbids, ever force you in to doing something, you are allowed to use your powers on the boy. 
  • If by chance, Dick has to go away for some training to be a policeman for Bludhaven, he would make sure to call you in the morning so that the two of you can have breakfast together (via skype) and before he sleeps at night, he’d call you just to listen to your voice. 


  • The relationship would be far from perfect but the two of you manage somehow. I can see you being very opinionated and hard-headed too. Jason’s stubborn so the two of you have different opinions for a lot of things but like the saying goes, the both of you are like two peas in a pod.
  • Dates mostly just consist of chilling at either of your apartments, mostly yours though because Jason is still sharing his with Roy and Kori. He likes you all to himself. 
  • After a while of dating, I see the both of you either getting an apartment together or Jason moves in to your apartment. It can go both ways.
  • The two of you are very passionate and powerful in everything you do including when you fight. Sometimes the reasons why you fight could also be very silly like who finished the last box of cereal and why is there no milk in the fridge??? Did you finish the milk, Y/N??
  • The both of you are probably already in that stage of your relationship where you don’t have to say I love you to know that both of you extremely love each other. Occasionally both of you would just say it at random times: like when taking out the trash or when you’re putting make up on. Sometimes you could just be sneezing and Jason would say ‘I love you, you know that right?’
  • Sometimes things just get really bad but the two of you would always talk it out once initial anger goes away and even if it doesn’t, Jason is always reminded just how much happier he is with you in his life and you couldn’t agree more.  


  • Tim can be a romantic from time to time. So you’d tease him and say who are you and what happened to my Tim Drake? Tim gets flustered around you easily because of your very bold personality and/or how you are not afraid to go after what you want, aka, your boyfriend, Tim.
  • Your relationship is really nice and both of you are very comfortable with each other. You love taking care of Tim and he loves the attention you shower him. It’s not too overbearing and suffocating. 
  • “Did you get something to eat? if not I can bring you something if you’re stuck.” This would usually come from you because you know how obsessed he is with his works/ how he rarely ever sleeps for fear of not getting his data checked correctly or whatever or you may text something like: “Did you eat dinner already?” When you don’t get a response you automatically know that means no. “I’m coming to get you.” 
  • Tim feels a little bad sometimes but he will always tell you just how much he loves and appreciates you so expect bouquet of flowers randomly or a bottle of your favourite wine or favourite chocolate. 
  • You always tell Tim he is your hero to boost his confidence. Sometimes you would even spar with him. Even though you may or may not be a hero like your parents, you also keep up with training. Tim loves you for always being there for him, helping him out with whatever he can’t handle. You’re his support.


  • Headcanon that Damian will work as a lawyer and a damn good one at that too. If you aren’t running your own share of family business, you would take your time off to watch Damian in court. There’s just something about Damian in finely tailor made suit and defending his clients that makes you sigh in appreciation.
  • Damian is very affectionate with you when not in public and also possessive of you too. He doesn’t like it if people stare at you especially if they are guys. He’d wrap an arm around you or would even give you a big smooch just to assert his dominance. The most he would do out in public is hold your hand – you could tell how nervous he is because his hand often end up being sweaty.
  • Although your childhood differs, you can relate to him too. There are times when Damian feels like he still needs to prove his worth to Bruce, to prove his worth to carrying the name ‘Wayne’ but you have always got his back and will always tell him he would do well before all of his cases. “You’re right, just like always, y/n. I guess I need to start believing you more often.” 
  • But more often than not, you would just tell him: “No, Damian, you need to believe in yourself more.” 
  • Damian is also very observant, so he’ll probably surprise you with something you’ve been wanting but haven’t mentioned to him. Like that puppy you saved? Alfred The Cat is going to have a new friend to play around with!
  • Your bonding time consists of not only cuddling sessions but also sparring sessions. To be honest, sparring sessions were what you’re always looking forward to. The two of you have these competitions where you try to land the first hit on each other and so far, Damian’s in the lead with 2 points ahead of you!
  • It also helps that you always end up having really mind blowing sex with Damian afterwards too. 

Audience member gets stripped on stage.

But I would have hypnotized the volunteer from the audience too…

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Dating leafy would include

- your first kiss being interrupted by you hitting your head on his snapback
- asking for your input on his videos
- taking bad pictures of each other
- roasting you every chance he gets
- always ordering takeout
- him being the big spoon and putting his hands under your shirt
-spoils every show you watch
- always tries and succeeds at grabbing your ass
- staying up with him when he can’t sleep
- skyping him while he travels
- calvin always trying to scare you
- finding his doodles all over the apartment
- every time you kiss you feel his chapped lips

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