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dating tony padilla would include...

request: dating tony would include?

ps can we just appreciate how beautiful tony is i love him so much. also this is gender neutral.

– late night drives in his mustang.

– being the only person who can touch his hair since nobody else can.

– him protecting you when you receive the tapes.

– being tony’s sun on a rainy day.

– his brothers protecting you against anybody who’s mean to you.

– cheek kisses.

so many hugs and kisses.

– tony being a jealous lil bean.

– him being extremely overprotective but you love it anyways.

– being introduced to one another through clay.

– movie nights almost every night.

– him watching you during school to make sure that you’re okay.

– arriving at your house late at night and taking you out on adventures in his car.

– he’ll bring you your favourite foods whenever you’re upset.

– cute skype calls at night.

– sleeping at his house most of the time.

– “borrowing” his sweatshirts.

– always teasing him about his height and enjoying it.

– helping clay with the tapes.

– tony loving you more than his mustang.

– you always tagging along when clay and tony hang out.

– “oh you brought y/n, again.

– pizza dates.

im sorry it’s so short i’m going through tons of requests but i’m trying i promise:)

Attention deprivation
  • Me : *didn't sleep on Skype the night before and hasn't talked to Daddy in over 24 hours*
  • Daddy : *leaves me on read*
  • Big me : what is he doing? Is this guy ignoring me? Did he really just do this to me? I DON'T THINK SO
  • Little me : oh my god Daddy doesn't want to talk to me, I'm too annoying. I can't believe I messed up this bad... I'm too needy I need to stop acting so childish... I should leave him alone
  • Me : *proceeds to spam him and whine*
  • Daddy : I'm sorry Sweetie, I was cleaning and getting food
  • Me : ...oh... Well I need attention
  • Daddy : do you not want me to eat, Baby?
  • Me : *throws a fit and whines really loud*

me: *has drafts starting to pile up ,, again*
me: i should really do drafts
me: *doesn’t do them*
someone: *posts a starter call*
also me:

There are times when I can see us growing old together. I’ll be there for you when you’re crying after downing vodka. I’ll be there to carry you to bed, even if I almost break my arms doing it. I’ll be there when you get into college. I’ll be there when you want to skype at 2am because the time difference is too hard for you. I’ll be there for you when he doesn’t call and you’re wondering why. I’ll be there for you when you can’t sleep. I’ll be there for you when you don’t know what you want to do but want to spend time together. I’ll be there forever.
—  A.L. 4.8.16 15:20

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