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A Good Fit

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more of “All My Friends Are Here,” featuring Jack/Tater.

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Late-October roadies are the worst. Jack is used to the cold and the darkness of oncoming winter but that doesn’t mean he likes it, and all the traveling in between hockey games makes him feel twice as worn out.

When the Falcs are on the road, Jack does his best to take care of himself. He sleeps, eats, Skypes Bitty, and checks in with himself every morning and throughout the day to find out where he is on the spectrum of stress. He knows himself by now, and although the whole point of anxiety is that it sometimes bites without warning, there are certain things he can do to reduce the chances of it rearing its ugly head.

One of those things is staying in contact with people he cares about. People who remind him that he’s not alone.

Recently, Kenny has become one of those people.

They’ve been friends (again) for almost a year, now. When they first took the plunge back into civil conversation, it was stiff and awkward. They were different people and they had to learn how to treat each other as adults with control over their lives, not underage kids thrown into a hockey-fame pressure cooker and seasoned liberally with teenage hormones. Kent’s still kind of a dick but he’s finally making a concentrated effort not to be, and Jack is trying his best not to let the hurtful history between them color his judgement of Kent’s actions now. He wants Kent to be his friend. He never really hated Kent; just how hard Kent always had to make things.

It was one of the weirdest moments of his life, finding out that Tater and Kent were dating.

Tater. Tater and Kent.

And then, a month ago, Tater and Kent and Bitty.

Jack’s almost glad they’ve started the regular season and he’s got an excuse to be fully distracted by hockey.

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There are times when I can see us growing old together. I’ll be there for you when you’re crying after downing vodka. I’ll be there to carry you to bed, even if I almost break my arms doing it. I’ll be there when you get into college. I’ll be there when you want to skype at 2am because the time difference is too hard for you. I’ll be there for you when he doesn’t call and you’re wondering why. I’ll be there for you when you can’t sleep. I’ll be there for you when you don’t know what you want to do but want to spend time together. I’ll be there forever.
—  A.L. 4.8.16 15:20
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Things to do in long distance relationships #2

21. Send a stuffed animal for your partner to cuddle with(even better with a personalized voice message)
22. Send each other a plant to take care of
23. Skype yourself to sleep
24. Create a blog together to share ideas, places to go, etc.
25. Download an app made specifically for couples(“couple” with a thumb kissing, “Avocado” with a chest hugging, etc)
26. Send matching shirts with slogans, pictures and so on
27. Classic: 50, 100 and more reasons why you love them written on the little paper hearts and sent as a “heart attack”(lots of hearts in one box)/notes in a jar/etc
28. Write something sweet on a pillow and send it to them or maybe get two matching ones to stay connected
29. Send them a care package filled with the other person’s favorite snacks, candies or make a creative reference(star wars chocolates that look like R2-D2, for example). You can also send them packages for the times when they’re sick(this idea can be used for creating “open when” letters like open when you’re sick and so on)
30. Buy a copy of “Person of the year” issue of time magazine and put a picture of them on the cover. Write an article about why they should be the person of the year and send it to them.
31. Send them a box of chocolates and under each chocolate place a short love note. Send it to them
32. Send a love letter in a bottle
33. Buy a nice picture frame and send it to them with your picture in it. Write a special note on the back of the frame.
34. Send a coloring book back and forth until it’s complete
35. Share a journal. Go back and forth and write little sweet notes, letters, respond to each other’s writing or expand to it. Send it back and forth until it’s complete
36. Make one another some homemade gifts(food/crafts/woodwork/postcards/etc)
37. Send them a box of chocolates and write a letter on each of them(using white chocolate) creating phrases like I love you, I miss you etc
38. Generate a story about you two using It can be sexy, x rated or off the wall(you can also use any other story generator)
39. Cook together (skype) or go for walk together (send videos and pictures, talk on the phone)
40. Buy each other a Pillow Talk pillow to listen to each other’s heartbeat (available in May)
41. Make plans. Not necessarily romantic ones, just rational plans. It can really help with handling the distance.

preference: dating ldr


-3 am skype calls because he can’t sleep
-making corny jokes that he writes down and sticks to his wall.
-scrolling through tumblr and making fun of him
-“oh shush” “no thanks, Howell”
- showing off your outfits for him
-falling asleep during a Skype call, and he doesn’t turn it off, just watches you sleep
- having skype sex almost daily
-“I love you”


-doing videos over Skype
- him kissing the camera
- listening to muse together
-him sending you some of his sweatshirts
-him awkwardly looking at your butt
-flying to see him
-telling him that he looks cute with his glasses
-even if he doesn’t believe it