skype chat!

          um  yes  ?  tumblr  people  ?  i’d  like  to  publicly  post  a  call  out  on  both  @coldpixie  &.  @astralord  for  being  incredibly  r00d  &.  making  fun  of  me  while  i’m  in  such  a  weak  state  .  i’m  !  in  !  tears  !  this  is  bulling  .  also  i’d  like  to  bring  praise  to  @brandofhercin  for  being  the  only  pure  soul  in  this  sin  bin  of  a  group  chat  .  k  thx  .

anonymous asked:

Why don't you join in the Skype Chat?

I-i’d like to join but i’m really shy, my english is terribile (Especially if I have to talk to people and/or i’m embarrassed) and i can’t talk a lot because i usually talk on discord with my Boyfriend or League of Legends team ;//-//; i would be a ghost who can only write 💔

Killua and Gon in a nutshell
  • Killua: I'll be here when that doesn't work

Gafou + Modern AU Facetime 

Whenever one of them goes on vacation or has to be away from the other for long periods of time, they FaceTime each other the minute they wake up and right before they go to bed cause Lefou can’t bear to not hear Gaston’s voice and not see his face for a day, and though he’s reluctant to admit it, the same goes for Gaston. 

Reasons to read my Noragami x Harry Potter AU

  • It’s Harry Potter everyone loves Harry Potter
  • Pureblood Slytherin Yato and Muggle Gryffindor Hiyori romance
  • Gryffindor Bishamon and Ravenclaw Kazuma romance
  • Hufflepuff Yukine and Suzuha romance
  • Slytherin Yato and Hufflepuff Yukine friendship
  • Gryffindor Hiyori/Bishamon friendship
  • Constant Yato fails
  • Daikoku and Kofuku as that Gross Teacher Couple
  • Kofuku as a potions teacher I mean what could go wrong
  • Takemika and Kiun also work at Hogwarts and the Tsundere is real
  • Hippogriff keeper Yato
  • Yato, Bishamon and Kazuma as their houses Quidditch Seekers
  • Making fun of Yukine’s height
  • Yato being a dork when teaching Hiyori stuff
  • Yato being Extra™
  • Tragic Past™ 
  • I’m not holding back on killing 17 characters 
  • So much planning, I’ve been working on this since September 
  • Lots of details like wands, patronus, houses, blood-type, teachers
  • Scenes from actual series included coughtrollscenecough 
  • It’s going to be a longass slow burn fic
  • I mean seriously I’m covering all 7 books this will be a slow burn
  • A N G S T
  • I’ve been coerced into writing fluff too so that’s nice *coughyuleballcough*
  • Multiple characters giving no fucks
  • Sass
  • P A R A L E L L S
  • I solemnly swear I will update every month (pretty much when I need to give someone a birthday present which is at least once a month)
  • Art work from my queens @eerna @paperypiper and @skyheaven1231
  • An AU of my AU by my queen @scarfblogs
  • I also try to draw stuff but that’s not important 
  • #spon