skype calls at 3am

I remember the first time you said you loved me. You got home, drunk, called me on Skype at 3am, looked at me, called my name and said “I love you”
I said “you’re so drunk”
I loved you more than you could imagine

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Couldn’t find the gif that I wanted to but oh well this is cute too hehe here’s some silly Jiwon for you guys :-)

“Aren’t you gonna get out of there?” Bobby asked, amused as he saw how you’ve been sitting in his luggage hugging your knees for the past half an hour while he walked up and down the room gathering his belongings.

“Anything to stop you from leaving me actually,” You frowned.

As much as you looked forward to the little breaks he had once every few months, it also meant having to deal with parting ways and you absolutely hated it whenever it was time for him to leave. You weren’t looking forward to the part about last goodnights, sending him off to the airport, teary hugs, 3am skype calls but being in a long distance relationship meant exactly that and sometimes more.

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Bambam Imagine - Complaining

A/N - Since my masterlist for Bambam is a little on the shorter side, I decided to write this based on a prompt I found last week that I loved! Hope you all enjoy and continue sending in your requests~

You wandered sleepily into the kitchen having only just woken up after a long night with Bambam. You were wearing one of his shirts with just your underwear underneath as you moved to put your arms around your boyfriend, who seemed much more cheerful than you.
“Morning, babe. Sleep well?” He greeted, wrapping his arms around your body. 
“I would have if you had been able to keep your hands off me last night.”
“What can I say, you’re just too irresistible.”
“But aside from that, all okay?”
“No. Because your thirsty ass couldn’t control yourself, I’m now sore.”
“Well maybe if you had higher standards, you wouldn’t have to complain about spreading your legs for me.”
“What? It’s true babe,” he said as he bit his lip and winked at you, his hands sliding lower to squeeze your butt. The action made you gasp and Bambam took the opportunity to kiss you fiercely, his tongue exploring your mouth. Your hands traveled up to tangle in his hair and deepen the kiss.

The tension was rising between you two as you shared the passionate kiss. But you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle another round in bed with Bambam, especially not after the ‘special treatment’ he had given you the night before. You pulled away from his lips reluctantly, desperately wanting to let the moment continue. Bambam whined a little at the loss of contact, but didn’t push for you to kiss him again. Instead, he slid his arms up from your hips to your cheeks, his fingers gently tracing over the soft skin. He smiled to himself as he looked into your eyes. You were amazed at how quickly Bambam had switched from bedroom mode to soft boyfriend mode. You returned his smile and leaned up to kiss him gently on the lips, making sure not to let yourself get carried away. Mornings like this were amazing with Bambam, even with the soreness still vaguely present between your legs. It was all worth the late nights alone and the skype calls at 3am while he was away. Moments like this were little pockets of perfection within an already beautiful relationship.

Dating Chanyeol

-waking up with his long gangly limbs around you
-having your own heater with you 24/7
-lots of cute kisses in general
-constant teasing of how cute and short you are
- “well im sorry not everyones a gIAnT like you”
-jumping into his arms to kiss him
-a constant show of affection
-baekhyun interrupting and three wheeling ALL THE DAMN TIME
-imitating his raps (badly)
-sleepy skype calls at 3am bc timezones
-him getting sad and tearing up bc he misses you so much
- “jagiyaaa i just want to hug you again”
-cutest selcas ever
- “do you have to do the peace sign eVerYtiMe?”
-him singing you to sleep with his deep soothing voice
-having to listen and critique every composition bc “my jagiya knows best”
-him bragging about you to the boys (always)
-whisper of i love you as you both fall asleep in each others arms
-late night conversations after he comes back from tour catching up on every little detail you missed
-him buying you cute little stuffed animals
-notes left around the house to remind you how much he loves you
-him cooking for you because you cant
-constant cuddle sessions
-him falling asleep with his head resting in your lap
-just a constant shower of love and affection

Calum Song Preference: If I’m Lucky by State Champs 

Author: Julie


Hello sunshine, or what’s your name today?

You weren’t sure how it all started – how you managed to run into him at a party your friends dragged you to, how he asked you to dance with him, how he got your number. In fact, you thought you were dreaming, because how does someone just meet Calum Hood by chance like that?

You didn’t think much of that night, until you woke up the next morning, and a message from him was on your phone, asking if he could see you again because he couldn’t stop thinking about your beautiful eyes the entire night.

Well you look so graceful, but I’m not faithful

There were rumors – there always would be. He’d just be in the same room as another celebrity and there’d be a front cover article claiming the two of them were dating.

You knew not to believe them, that magazines would write whatever they could to get people to read their stories. Yet, when you saw pictures of him online with his arms around a girl at a party, you couldn’t help the doubtful thoughts that crept into your mind.

Do you really want to be with me?

He asked you that question all the time – on Skype calls at 3am, in text messages you got when it was midnight his time – because the truth is, he knows you could find someone better for you.

Someone who would be there for you every day, who could hold you in their arms every night. Someone who didn’t have a band to go on tour with, or a job that caused you to get hurtful comments on any social media account you had.

But, he loved you more than anybody else could, and you knew that. You always knew that.

But if you stay or if you go I’m right here with you,

He just wants you to be happy – and in those moments at 3am when he’s doubting himself and telling you that you deserve so much more with tears in his eyes, you tell him that you’ll stay, that nothing could take you away from him because you love him.

But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile

He’s always wanted to fall in love with that special someone, but when there’s people who only want to talk to you because of your fame, it’s hard to know who’s genuine and who isn’t.

That’s why he loves you so much, because he knows what the two of you have is real, that you’re not just going to walk out on everything you two share because you found something better. He knows because you always tell him.

And if I’m lucky you can stay for a while, but

He’s secretly scared you’ll leave him. He knows how lucky he is to finally have someone who loves him the way he loves them, and he’s scared he’ll lose it all.

He doesn’t want to lose you, not you, not the person who’s been so patient and kind and loving toward him. You’ve made his hectic life sane again, you’ve made him love again, and he can’t bear the thought of losing you.

If you stay or if you go I’m just hanging on again

He’s hooked on you, on anything you do. It’s crazy – and you make sure to tell him – how he still thinks he could lose you, that you’re going to leave him one day because it’s too much, when the two of you have been dating for months and you’ve already been through so much together.

I love to say, I love to say

Some days he wants to scream it out to the world. He wants to yell and go on and on about how goddamn lucky he is to have you, to have someone he loves, because he knows how rare it is to find something like what you two have.

That I’m so glad I found my place in this world

It took him some time, but he found you, and he’s glad he waited, because you’re all he needs. You’re all he’ll ever need.

And it’s alright to feel this way about a girl

Calum Hood fell in love fast, but you were there to catch him, and you always would be.


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docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

tim would actually fit in really well on a college campus. stuff like not sleeping, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, and generally being a human mess are considered totally normal

omg yes okay i need some college tim hcs now okay here’s a few:

  • he lives on campus because then he doesn’t have to get up at stupid o’clock to drive to his classes
  • but this has repercussions 
  • do you know how many times he’s tried to get into a dorm that is not his oh my gosh im so sorry go back to sleep pretend this never happened
  • he tries to make his own coffee usually bc cost efficiency but sometimes you just gotta pay for that hella overpriced frappicino at Starbucks 
  • all the baristas know him by name and there’s this one really sweet guy who puts extra caffeine shots in his drink when he looks like he really needs it and Tim loves him for it
  • dealing with The Party Kids™ that blast music way too loud at 5am he’s just trying to study please let him live this is due tomorrow please
  • tbh i bet he’s the one to deal with the Party Kids™ every time. no one knows how he does it but one minute he’s storming over there with the scariest expression ever and then there’s silence and he’s smiling when he comes back. it’s really creepy but the other students love him for it
  • at the beginning of the semester he was ready to take on anything but now he is Tired and Dead Inside and somehow manages to keep up good grades tho he feels like all he does is sleep and suffer
  • lots of skype calls with his family 
  • “hey i know it’s like 3am but i made way too much coffee and i don’t wanna waste it would you like some?”
Preference #2 Reunited

Requested: No

AN: lol RIP to my feelings hope you enjoy

Warnings: Fluffy af

Word Count: 1.1k

By: -P

Ashton: It has been six months since you have last seen your boyfriend of two years and you could not be more excited to see him. Ashton wanted to meet you somewhere special so he had surprised you with a trip to Paris. You had butterflies in your stomach, a nauseous feeling coming over you. You loved Ashton with all of your heart, but there was always this feeling of terror that you would get that he didn’t feel the same anymore.

Once the plane finally landed you grabbed your carry on bags and made the long trek down the jet bridge to your gate. Your heart began to beat faster as you approached the end. You were beyond excited to see the smile on his face that could always make your day better at an instant.

The instant that you walked into your gate you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. “I missed you so much princess.” He whispers in your ear, tightening his grip around your waist.

“I missed you too.” You smile, trying to contain the tears in your eyes. You slowly separated from his grasp to see the face you’ve been missing for six months.

“You look beautiful as always babe.” Ashton grins, placing a kiss on your cheek. “I got you something!” He exclaims, grabbing your hand and moving you to one of the open seats at the gate. He hands you a bouquet of flowers with a subtle aroma arising from them.

“Ash, you didn’t have to get me these.” You gasp, giving them a smell.

“I wanted to, I missed you so much Y/N I’m so happy to finally see you again.” he replies, the smile never leaving his face. You we’re so happy to finally see your prince charming once again, nothing could be better.

Luke: It’s been four months of constant touring, interviews, radio bookings, and 3am skype calls since there was no other time. Luke always took time out of his hectic schedule to call you in your correct time zone. You saw the dozens of excited fans waiting outside of his gate hoping to see a glimpse of the Luke Hemmings.

You saw a pair of extremely long legs walk out of the jet gate. You felt yourself slowly speeding up, up to the point where you were almost running until you jumped into his arms. You felt his arms wrap around you with his face in the crook of your neck.

He spins you around while still in a loving hug, remaining silent. There was no need to speak, you both already knew how much you loved each other and how much you both had missed each other.

He sets you down and places a kiss on the top of your head. “Did you miss me baby?” He smiles.

“Not at all.” You giggle, standing on your tip toes to kiss his nose.

“Let’s get you out of here safely, yeah?”

“Alright babe.” You smile with never ending excitement.

“I missed you by the way.” He kisses your hand and entangles it with his.

“I missed you too, loser.”

Michael: You’ve been anticipating Michaels arrival since the day the tour dates came out. You didn’t want to sound clingy, but you just missed your boyfriend so much, it was hard without him being home. The past 8 months had been filled with skype calls, texts sent at the complete wrong time, and constant longing sighs while saying ‘I miss you’.

You stood outside of the airport knowing that his gate would be full of dozens upon dozens of screaming girls. You had a little goody bag full of snacks and a new PS4 game that he had been raving about during a phone call a couple weeks back. A smile seemed to be permanently etched onto your face, the excitement of seeing your boyfriend of 3 years overpowering any other emotion.

You heard several screams and saw the sliding doors open. Four ridiculously tall boys in sweaters emerged out of the airport and your heart immediately began beating. Calum pointed to you and Michael started running towards you in an instant. “Y/N!! I missed you so much!” He screams throughout the airport parking lot.

“I missed you more!” You exclaim, engulfing him into a hug. He slowly picked you up, setting you down less than a second later. He snuggles his face into the crook of your neck and smiles. “I got you something.” You grin.

“Babe, you’re not supposed to do that, I am.”

“But you’ll love this!” You whine.

“Okay, okay. Lemme see.” He chuckles, taking a step back.

You hand him the bag and his face immediately lights up. “You got me this? Oh my God! Best fucking girlfriend ever!” You automatically knew that the 8 months had not affected your relationship in the slightest, your love for each other showing through any hardship that had come your way.

Calum: Your stomach as well as your heart dropped while waiting for the love of your life, Calum. You said you couldn’t make it to the airport due to work, but of course that was a complete lie. You would miss almost anything just to see your boyfriend again.

However, due to the horrible backup of airport traffic you were running slightly late. You sprinted through the gates trying to look for his, that is until you ran straight past him. You did a double take and stopped right in your tracks. “Calum?!” You slightly yell, overwhelmed with joy.

“Wait wh- Y/N?” His smile grows on his face the second he realized it was you who got his attention. “Oh my god.” He drops all of his belongings and sprints towards you. He engulfs you into a hug, his strong arms wrapping tightly around your lower back, as yours reached around his neck. his face pressing into the crook of your neck and yours resting on his hoodie covered chest. You felt several warm tears gently press onto your skin. 

“I missed you so much baby.” He whispers, giggling half way through it. He was crying tears of joy and that only resulted in your own tears as well.

“I missed you too Cal.” You sniffle, hugging him tighter.

“Alright, c'mon no more tears,” He chuckles, whipping his cheeks with his sweater paws. “Let’s go home and cuddle, yeah?”

“That sounds lovely.” You grin, his gentle fingers soon whipping the tears away from your face.

“I love you baby doll.”

“I love you too muffin.”