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What was your worst experience with drugs?

Iv had plenty of bad “trips” on MDMA and stupid RC psychedelics. Though I’d take any of that again if I could go back in time and not over dose on a speedball (Coke and dilaudid) whilst skypeing with my ex bf. he called my dad who broke down my door and I came too and had absolutely no idea why he was screaming at me, I had completely forgotten I even did drugs or was skyping anyone it was like I just woke up. Anyway my dad called 911 and I only went to the hospital because the paramedics said if I didn’t then the cops would search my room, so I went but after being there a while my brother told me the cops searched my room regardless, so I signed myself out of the hospital and went home and continued to shoot Coke and my last 4mg dilaudid I had at the time -_-


2.6.17 / I’ve … finished my first teaching prac. And I’m so sad about it ending because my kids are so so wonderful and bright and funny and mischievous … I made them each a little gift bag to say thank you for having me, with a trophy in each with their name on it - because they’re all winners and should be celebrated as such!! pictured is also my card and gifts to my mentor teacher who took me under her wing, along with my bf on skype in the background lmao

my old friends used to make me feel so bad abt my laugh bc I snort sometimes but like I just did it again n I’m skyping one bf and the other is in the room and it made them both laugh n neither of them teased me for it or anything I think and I am happy like good bitches !!!! fack


He’s on a Skype call with his bf Lance

Inspired by this beautiful drawing made by one of my favorites, @m-arci-a

I couldn’t decide which one looked better (with the lights on or off) so I just decided to post both lol this was like a practice for backgrounds and other techniques.

The band posters are just a headcanon of some bands that I personally think Keith would like, and the poster in korean says “fuck you” lol (also there are a lot of Klance references in the drawing aww yisss)

alright lets talk about the samwell women’s volleyball team’s roadies.

  • first of all they’re ridiculous. a bunch of excitable (mostly) gay girls on a small(ish) bus together for several hours? chaos. terrible.
  • there’s a lot of would-you-rathers and what-if scenarios; caitlin and jessie are the Worst bc they come up with stupid scenarios and then everyone else starts fighting over it
    • caitlin: “umm- ooh! would you rather eat poison ivy or a handful of bees?”
    • kelsey: “obviously poison ivy what the fuck. why would you eat bees they’re ALIVE”
    • april: “dude if you ate bees you could like. die.”
    • amanda: “but what if you’re super allergic to poison ivy?? then you’d die anyway”
    • sara: “amanda please don’t tell me you’re team bees. we are no longer friends if you are.”
  • painting nails/ doing makeup/ changing clothes and shouting “MOTHERFUCKER” when the bus goes over a rock or a speedbump
  • the responsible ones (bailey and april and sometimes caitlin or march) trying to do homework on a bus full of rowdy and loud girls
  • march, being an incredible co-captain and a sweetheart, always brings snacks for all of them to share
  • it’s common for them to just. not be wearing shirts on the bus. they all wear sports bras anyway it’s fine
  • it usually goes like: kelsey sits with bailey, march sits with april, amanda with sara, molly with mallory, caitlin with whatever freshie they push on her (usually jessie, and she doesn’t even mind bc she’s too nice), and then the nameless members of the team scattered about
    • the seating on the bus usually follows through into hotel arrangements
  • SPEAKING OF HOTELS. that shit wild.
  • the team saves money bc kelsey & bailey get a single room & share the bed ;)))
  • so many hair straighteners/ curlers/ makeup items scattered on the bathroom counters
  • b r a s  e v e r y w h e r e
    • kelsey is one of those people who’s like “where do all my hair ties go? idk lol” and bailey’s like “i literally just found 5 of them on the ground within 30 seconds of looking ur a mess”
  • “why does my jersey feel tight?” “why is my jersey suddenly so loose?” “….gIVE ME MY JERSEY YOU JERSEY THIEF” “nO YOU”
  • 6 of them sitting on one hotel bed at 1 am eating vending machine food (naughty naughty y’all have a game tomorrow) and watching tv and braiding each other’s hair
  • getting noise complaints bc they’re giggling too loud/ 2 of their team members are having sex/ a few of them are watching the new game of thrones on a laptop and screaming
  • caitlin and march calling/skyping their bfs before bed and getting teased into oblivion for it
  • the swv team bonding and spending time with each other and watching tv together and doing each other’s makeup/hair and enjoying road trips with each other and just!!!! the swv team!!!!!!!!!!!! my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Top 5 señor bun cameos

um what an adorable top 5 

1. in “roadie” when his ear is creeping out behind bits (also ft. my fave bitty lük Fun Fact).

2. skyping with the bf in meet the falconers

3. “tadpoles” when he’s got a bow on his head

4. again!! dressed up for hazeapalooza

5. and when he’s all bundled up in shinny