Posting from Skype since who knows if I’ll actually write this, but I want to share the pain with everyone. =)

Madoka and Homura alone together, and things are getting a bit warm, and maybe leading up to making out, but then Madoka sees Homura’s heart surgery scar, and there’s angst.

It reminds Homura about bad times and about past weakness, and she doesn’t want anyone to know or see because what if it changes how they view her? They might see her as weak or fragile, not a full person, just someone who can’t take care of herself. Irrational, sure, but still something she might think.

soft and gentle scar touching

homu shivering at the sensation, but madoka gives her a shy smile, and homura lets out a shaky breath and lets madoka’s fingers explore her sensitive skin
maybe a gentle kiss there too

and there’s no making out, but it leads to soft cuddles and madoka holding homura in silence, just being there for her

“I’m going to use the new shitty skin because I feel bad about myself playing Syndra top.”

“Queen of Hearts…. Diamonds… Whatever the fuck it is?”