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"Hello there! Welcome to the community! I'm Jolokia, or, as I'm more commonly known now, Loki! It's nice to meet you both! Well, I mean, you both look awfully familiar, but... that could just be me. Not sure."

Rueben: “Wh-wh… HOLY CRAP!” the Eevee exclaimed in surprise and awe and the strange creature standing before him. “I’ve never seen anything - or heard of anything - like you before! It’s nice to meet you too…! Um, but, familiar…?” he tilted his head quizzically, unable to recall anything having to do with the unique-looking Skymin. “I don’t remember meeting you before. Maybe Olin might…” Rueben glanced over at the Poochyena, only to see him snoring away peacefully, blissfully unaware of the presence of a newcomer - how typical. “Uh… I think I’ll just let him sleep for now, and tell him about you when he wakes up. Hehehe…”