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I likie it like it like it :3 Will you carry on?

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in short: yes :D;;;

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((Ooooh! First Orca Shiro, and now Snek Shiro! What does Snek Shiro look like? What kind of snake?))

((Yeah, I think my weakness for monsterboys/girls is becoming more apparent lately… but funnily enough I’m halfway through drawing him… Still deciding on the type and markings but hes about 8ft since hes a deity in this thread. Here’s the preview, I’ll try finish it tonight xD I might make the bara tidds smaller in a second lol and add the nip nips ))

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(Since you said something about this before) A little toddler was sitting outside the castle. Crying. Clearly very frightened. A lot had happened all at once. One minute she was near home. The next she was on a big scary ship-thing. And now she was here. She wanted her mommy and daddy! Fat tears were rolling down her little chubby cheeks as she wailed and wailed. Clutching a favorite toy to her tiny chest.

They had infiltrated one of their prisoner ships, freed a bunch of prisoners, and fought to protect them as they made a dash for freedom.

Now they were on a safe planet, and there the prisoners began to exit the castle-ship. Even then it was chaotic, but everyone got off safe and sound.

Lance turned around to go back inside when he heard heart-wrenching cries. He froze, and his eyes scanned the exterior of the ship to find where they were coming from. In seconds his eyes locked onto a sight that shattered his heart.

A little girl, sitting on the ground right next to the entrance of the castle, clutching a toy to her chest and wailing at the top of her lungs. And she was HUMAN. Her snow-white hair was an unruly mess, and dirt covered translucent skin. The worst part of all was her big, ruby eyes full of tears that were rolling down chubby cheeks.

Lance closed the gap between them in less than two seconds, and scooped her up into his arms. “Shhh, it’s okay. I’ve got you, it’s okay baby. I’ve got you.” He carried her back inside, gently rocking her in his arms as if she was his own.

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The tiny girl had never seen a being quite like this before. Humanoid with purple fur. And bright yellow eyes. It was a tad unsettling for the little borrower. Were they as dangerous as humans? They looked like, well, predators. Very cat-like. And she was very small. A mouse to the cat so to speak. She hid under the bed, watching.

Ritzell flopped to the floor and gazed beneath the bed she’d been borrowing with a lopsided grin. What a tiny little creature! How neat! Just like she had never seen anyone like Ritzell, so had Ritzell never seen anyone so tiny.
“Whatcha doin’ under there? Wait, I can answer that. You’re hidin’ from me, ain’tcha? Sorry, I know it’s not polite t’ ask questions y’know the answer to.. Um. I’m Ritzell, you’re Skylie, yeah? I can see the future, so… Um. Yeah,”she said, grimacing finally when she realized how abrupt and silly the conversation must seem… But Ritzell had already seen the entire scenario play out before it happened, and she’d already had this conversation… But at the same time, hadn’t.

It was confusing.

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Skylie was lost, hurt, and very much afraid. The albino child had been injured attempting to escape her would-be kidnappers. Taking her animal form had helped, but it also left her weakened. The child hunkered down under an old tree, sniffling as she tried to sleep it off.

{ ♛ } Thunderous footsteps rang through the air, the rumbling vibrations set the whole forest quaking. As the sound drew closer, some of the nearby trees began to topple over, making very loud snapping and groaning sounds as they fell. Something was coming. Something big.

Emerging from the woods, the tyrannosaurs walked out into the open. She’d had just finished her hunt was returning to her territory. However, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A small, white object hunched up against a large oak tree. It looked like a creature of some sort and looked very tired and helpless. Maybe this was a chance to grab a quick snack before she headed home.

With a ferocious growl, the tyrannosaur brought her snout down to the creature, sniffing it to see if it would be worth eating.

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There is a tiny lump moving around under his jacket. While he was out training, Skylie had decided to play with his jacket! The borrower was more than happy to tote it around (or try to anyway). This was achieved by crawling under it, standing up, grabbing as much as her hands could hold and start walking. Sadly she had zero visibility, and kept running into walls.

Keith returned from training and reached for his jacket, only to find it not on the hook where it usually was. It was not directly underneath it either, where it would have been if it had fallen.
Fortunately, being made of red fabric made the jacket easy to spot, and when he saw it move only to bonk into the wall, he let out a chuckle, understanding exactly why it was in such a weird spot.
“Skylie, can I have my coat back?” he asked, sitting down next to her. 

Fear of Water


Skylie had exited the castle-ship with Keith to hang around outside. They were close to a lake, and some of the Paladins had taken to the water. Even Tucker was in the water with them. Playing little jokes on the Paladins (i.e, sitting atop their heads, splashing them).

Skylie was the only one who was not in the water. In fact she looked incredibly nervous of the whole thing. She watched from a tree branch overhanging the water.

I really hate to do this guys...

But for my sanity, I think I am going to need to make Miles semi-selective. Canon Tuck characters(including OCs), Miles’ ships, Clary, Skylie… I love you all, this is not to get rid of anyone that I currently have interacted with. Even though some activity has dropped lately, I love you all and your characters SO much! Anyone I just mentioned above, I’m still super cool all of you. I WANT to interact with everyone but, simply put, I have so many things going on lately with Miles, and lately Miles has felt more like a job than enjoyment.

Due to this, I will start to be more selective about the threads/characters Miles interacts with. Mainly new people. This is just for Miles, because he is the most popular muse I have, my other muses are still all nonselective. I really hope that nobody is upset or offended by this, but this is for Mun’s sanity and to get me back over here.

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Skylie was deeply asleep. Which was all fine and dandy. Except for one thing.

She was sleeping in the strangest place imaginable. And in the most bizarre position. Skylie had chosen to pass out in the kitchen, on the handle for the oven! Her arms and legs hung over the sides of the handle while her chin rested on it. And she was OUT. She was not going to wake up unless it was for good reason. 

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It had been a few days since their first meeting, and the two borrowers were getting along well with Keith. Still a tad wary of Ajax (Skylie learned it was best to leave the ball throwing to Keith), but knew the furry beast meant well. At this particular time, Skylie was missing her old home, and decided to snuggle it out with Keith. She clambered up into his lap like a kitten, and curled up against his belly. Again, just like a kitten would.

Keith was laid on the sofa with Ajax across his legs as he contently read one of his sci-fi novels. However, his focus was pulled away from the book as he felt Skylie crawl up to lie on him, “Oh, hey. You okay?”

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Skylie had tried to help Keith fight off an alien creature. The tiny girl had managed to plunge a sharp stone into the big reptile’s eye, distracting it. It had swiped her off, sending her rolling across the ground. The creature’s claw had snagged her side, leaving a terrible wound. Reeling from the pain she had crawled under a little overhang to hide. A trail of blood could be seen leading up to it. Frightened pink eyes looked back out.