"It's great... Let's fuck it up!" —Tumblr HQ

Whenever Tumblr makes a change and everyone invariably complains, I’ve always supported David Karp and his team. Tumblr changed my life in many wonderful ways and, for that, I trusted their vision.

However, I simply can’t get behind the firing of Tumblr's editorial staff — a group of people who captured the best parts of the community and were re-inventing online journalism with Storyboard.

I admit I don’t know what went on at Tumblr HQ (I’m just going to assume somebody slept with somebody they shouldn’t have… damn writers!), but exorcising the best and most public-facing facet of your service seems like a terrible move and a huge loss to online media.

Thanks Chris, Jess, Sky and Topher… Wait… Did topherchris get fired, too?

Anyway, I loved what you did. I hope to see more of it with you at the helm at another site very soon.