Hey everyone! My 50 follower giveaway is now CLOSED and I have the winners! In no particular order the winners are: 




YAAAAAY CONGRATULATIONS! These people have until 12pm (PST) tomorrow (June 28) to respond to the asks I send them with a request of the villager they want me to needle felt. We will also have to set up a time for me to visit your town and drop off your bells! 

To all my lovely followers: THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this giveaway a huge success. Honestly I had no idea this many people would be interested in my art. I wish I had the means to give more of these guys away but if you didn’t win and you still really want one check out my Etsy! The support means I get to hold more giveaways! 



skylorde asked:

Yo I'm one of the people from the peacat/pussycock post (the somewhat angry one) first of all, your art is adorable and amazing secondly, I have gained a ton of followers because I guess they think i have a sense of humour or something idk but hey, good job with that post and have a great day

hahah oh man thanks and congrats with your followers! x) I never expected my addition to that post would take off like that.

Tag game!

I was tagged by the awesome deansdemonhair!!

1. What’s your name? Laney

2. What’s your URL? loki-silver-tongued-god

3. What’s your blog’s name? I don’t know.

4. Have a crush? just celebrity crushes at the moment

5. What’s your favorite color? blue


7. Got a favorite band/singer? At the moment, it is Paramore

8. Favorite number? 13

9. Favorite drink? Total Green smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe

10. Tag 10 other people: #thenormalstate, #skylorde, #michaelfassyfastbender, #thetrickster-loki, #snowfluffle, #marvelousmindloki, #an-upside-down-universe, #fandral-the-grey, #hiddlesdance, #i-am-funnier-in-enochian

Rules: answer and tag 10 people you want to know better.

I was tagged by @ymke1000

Favourite anime: Digimon Tri, FTW!!!
Favourite manga: Does Steven Universe count?
Favourite game: No doubt, it’s UNDERTALE!
Last song you listened to: Hopes and Dreams by Natewantstobattle
First language: English

I tag @trans-pacifica, @lapisofficial, @kimleturtle, @bio-labs, @askfriskandcompany, @dreemurr-reborn, @graphrofberk, @luximus, @rosedosed, and @skylordunknown

(Note: Not in that particular order.)

skylorde asked:

have u ever played mario party 9 because that was the most garbage mario party ever created it shouldnt even exist because of how horrible it was

I have not because MP8 ruined the series for me.

But I feel as though I’m being dared to play it and now it’s on my list of “shitty games to play while drinking”

One time while writing a response in my english class, I decided to quote the first sentence of the article I was reading. I was not, however, prepared for how ungodly long this sentence was. This was basically a huge run-on sentence that extended into what seemed to be like a paragraph long. I, however, did not back down from this challenge as when I was copying this sentence down, I was already 5 words in. 

This sentence took up about half of a sheet of college ruled paper. I didn’t care. I turned that paper in.

The next day, I was handed back my response and to my surprise, I spotted an A at the top. Not only that, but next to my quoted sentence, I saw the word good.

Now, I have no boundaries when it comes to writing and I simply do not care.