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Warped Tour has recently just started and I have decided to make a list of all the things you will need, what to wear, and do’s and dont’s.

What to Wear: Light color tank top or short sleeve shirt, comfortable shorts, and sturdy shoes. A hat if you would like and sunglasses. Sometimes stages are facing the sun, it happens, be prepared. Also, a lot of people like to wear their bikini tops underneath their shirts. 

What NOT to Wear: Long sleeves/anything with longer sleeves. Even try to avoid sleeves at all, it gets really hot and the less clothes the better. Try to avoid denim shorts or anything way too tight or uncomfortable. Nike shorts are probably the best. Sturdy shoes. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WEAR FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS/OR ANYTHING WITH A HEEL. Flip flops and sandals break easily and a thousand people are going to end up stepping on your feet, or you’re going to lose your shoes in a crowd. I prefer to wear my Vans and tie them extremely tight to ensure they don’t fall off. Also wear socks just in case. 

What to Bring:

  • A small, lightweight backpack or bag, do not bring anything too big because you don’t want to carry it around all day plus anything too big isn’t allowed inside the venue.
  • An UNOPENED plastic water bottle, or a more sturdy reusable water bottle, there is free water available all day long at their refill tents so stay hydrated. Even better if you have a Camelbak which is the little backpacks that you can fill with water, I had one last year and it was perfect. If you want you can buy one here they range from $50-$130 but they’re worth it and you can use it for many different purposes than Warped. 
  • Bring at least $5, when you first enter the gate there are people all around selling maps of where all the tents are and the times that all the bands are playing. A lot of people say not to waste your money on it because there’s a big sign with the times on it, but trust me it’s worth it and more portable and comes in handy, buy it.
  • If you do not plan on buying food at the venue bring some snacks, you don’t want to eat a very large meal during Warped because it’s so hot and you don’t want to risk getting sick. Eat before you go or plan to eat afterwards. Pack small snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, or anything like that.
  • Bring a small towel/washcloth for sweat. It sounds gross but I wish I had one last year. You can pour cold water on it and splash it on your head to keep cool and wipe away sweat from your head. 
  • There’s always a chance that it may rain, well guess what, the show goes on. Bring a small bag that’s waterproof like Ziploc bags in case it starts to rain you have a safe place to put money and your cellphone.
  • Bring a portable phone charger. They cost only $7 online and I’ve seen some as cheap as $5 so bring one if you plan on taking lots of pictures. If you dont want to take pictures on your phone bring a small digital camera, nothing too fancy or they wont let you bring it, just small and handheld and no attachable lenses.
  • Bring sunscreen. Dont be the dick that says you dont need it/can suffer the pain. I was that dick. I got sun poisoning and was in pain for a good 2 weeks. 
  • Bring cash/stop by an ATM before you go. Most tents only accept cash so be prepared for that. 
  • Bring a sharpie because you never know who you’re going to run into and you may need one or someone else might. 
  • Bring deodorant. Put it on before Warped and leave it in the car. It’s not going to matter inside the venue because everyone is going to stink, but put some on after. No one wants to ride home in a smelly car.
  • Bring some baby wipes or travel size wet ones. Also helps for sweat and you can clean up afterwards.
  • If you have long hair (for both girls and guys) bring some hair ties and pull it up. Bring extra also in case you need another one or in case someone else needs one. Bobby pins also come in handy.


  • Constantly fill up your water bottle and stay hydrated, seriously you dont want to get sick and miss your favorite band.
  • Reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Sun poisoning does exist and it sucks.
  • IF SOMEONE FALLS IN A MOSH-PIT OR CROWD SURFING HELP THEM UP. I cannot stress this enough. Even though you are not supposed to mosh or crowd surf this year, it’s going to happen, so be sure to help, we’re all here to have fun. 
  • If you want to be at the barrier (aka the front) of a set, get there while the band before them is still performing. When the crowd from that set starts leaving start making your way towards the front. 
  • Plan out your day accordingly. Make a list of the bands you want to see and which are more important. You are not going to see every band on your list, it’s just not going to happen, so make sure to plan your day out.
  • Check out all the tents when the gates open. (Or between sets.) This way you can see when signings are, get an idea of where all the tents are, and score some free stuff before the day fully starts. 
  • If you feel sick, queasy, or think you are about to pass out tell someone, even it’s a stranger. Get yourself some water and sit down and take a break. Your health should be your main priority.
  • If you see someone pass out or someone in danger, help them. Help them out of the crowd and get them to safety. There’s tons of first aid tents set up, make sure to know where they’re located.
  • Take pictures, take lots of them. Don’t let your phone interfere with your day, but make sure to take some pictures so you can relive those moments.
  • Most likely you are going with a friend(s), so set up a place to meet if you get separated or are going to see different bands. You don’t want to lose them, because they WILL be very hard to find. 
  • Do check the weather the day before to plan for rain or other weather conditions. 
  • Make sure to plan ahead and that you know the location and how to get the venue before the show. You don’t want to get lost. 
  • Be sociable, make new friends! Let go of your shyness or insecurities for one day. 


  • Do NOT push someone into a mosh pit or peer pressure them into going in one if they don’t want to. Mosh pits are dangerous and not for everyone. 
  • Do NOT stay on your phone a lot during Warped. You’re just going to miss a lot and not get the full experience of the day.
  • Do NOT shame someone because of a band they are going to see. We’re all there to enjoy ourselves so don’t be rude.
  • Do NOT wear pants. Just don’t. People are Warped do not care about how you look or if your scars show, they’re some of the nicest people. Screw your insecurities for a day. Wear shorts.
  • Do NOT go into the mosh pit if you do not think you can handle it, it’s just a safety issue. Also same goes for crowd surfing. But if you’ve never moshed or crowd surfed and you REALLY want to, go for it. Don’t be scared. You may get hurt or be dropped, but it’s fun. 
  • Do NOT get there ridiculously early. I say about 2 hours should be the earliest you get there, because you’re just going to an open field and there’s really no reason to be there way too early.
  • Do NOT forget your ticket. I did last year and my Mom had to drive 45 minutes to bring it to me. 
  • Do NOT judge others. There are going to people who smoke, weed and cigarettes, if you don’t like that stuff just stay away. There are going to be people with scars, don’t stare at them, don’t ask about them or point them out. There are going to be people with different music tastes than you there, don’t judge them we’re all here to have fun. Just don’t be a dick.
  • This is just a preference, but do NOT wear heavy makeup. If you want to, go for it! But it may end up running off and it’s gets extremely hot with makeup on. 
  • Do NOT buy tickets in the parking lot, they sell tickets at the box office. Same thing goes for backstage passes and VIP. Check the Warped Tour website for ways to earn backstage passes or VIP. 

Other info

  • Warped starts at 11am and ends usually around 9pm
  • Water is FREE, look for hydration stations
  • When you purchase your ticket for Warped, you can also purchase a voucher for a meal
  • This is Warped’s 20th anniversary, if you want to spend an extra $10 you can get a special 20th anniversary ticket
  • There is a Warped Tour app you can download for iPhone (I am not sure about Android) and it has a countdown to your date and you can plan your setlist and see the list of bands playing at your event
  • You CAN buy tickets are the gate of the show, usually Warped Tour doesn’t sell out, but I would buy my ticket early just in case
  • PARENTS GET IN FREE. Even if they are watching the show or chilling in the parents tent, ONE parent for someone under the age of 18 gets in for free, they have special tents set up, look for them the day of the show
  • There’s a reverse daycare for parents if they do not want to leave you alone at Warped Tour, it’s air conditioned and all that cool stuff
  • Check for all the bands playing on the Warped Tour website
  • There’s also custom Warped Tour shirts you can order off the website this year

Last but not least, make sure to have fun and squeeze every little bit of experience from Vans Warped Tour that you can out of it. It’s one of the best times I’ve ever had and probably going to be the most amazing thing you do all Summer, have fun.

** I am in no way affiliated with Vans Warped Tour. These are just my tips and tricks I have gathered from various websites and my own personal opinion. Also, the picture used is NOT mine.



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