skylines and turnstile

ok kids we need to have a chat

my chemical romance was that “something better” in skylines and turnstiles.

the world needed it in 2001. the world needed something revolutionary. 

my chemical romance dissolved in 2013 because the world was content. there wasn’t enough angst and unrest to warrant a revolution.

it isn’t 2013 anymore. the world is not okay. why are kids so into mcr these days? because the kids are facing a shit future and we need that revolution back. 

no other band will ever be enough.


backgrounds // black & white aesthetic

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the first my chemical romance song written, recorded, and published was “skylines and turnstiles”

the first lyrics to the song were “you’re not in this alone”

the last my chemical romance song written, recorded, and published was “mastas of ravenkroft”

the last lyrics to the song were “i’m so fucking alone”



Tell me where we go from here

So long, and goodnight

We’ll carry on

Killjoys, make some noise

Hello Angel, tell me where are you
Tell me where we go from here
—  ‘Skylines And Turnstiles’
-My Chemical Romance

myrna002  asked:

Hey! I love your blog! I'm trying to get into mcr. Can u recommend me some good songs?

Cemetery Drive
Skylines And Turnstiles
Welcome To The Black Parade
I Don’t Love You
Famous Last Words
The Ghost Of You
Fake Your Death
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
I’m Not Okay
The Kids From Yesterday
Na Na Na
The Light Behind Your Eyes

imsodrtybxbe  asked:

For that playlist title thing: "The best year of my life" and "the worst year of my life" yikes sorry im bad at this but i wanted to send some haha

Best year:
Big beautiful day by pwr bttm
2YL by the front bottoms
Quesadilla by walk the moon
Friday I’m in love by The Cure
40oz on repeat by fidlar

Worst year:
Skylines and turnstiles by my chemical romance
Historic cemetery by the front bottoms
Guilt tripping by Frank iero and the patience
Maya the psychic by Gerard way
Migraine by twenty one pilots

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  1. Victorius- Panic! The disco
  2. Another Lonely Night- Adam Lambert
  3. Hometown- Twenty one pilots
  4. For Forever- Dear Evan Hansen
  5. Happy Song- Bring Me The Horizon
  6. Sandcastles- Beyonce
  7. Skylines and Turnstiles- My Chemical Romance
  8. Dead! –My Chemical Romance
  9. True Friends- Bring Me The Horizon
  10. Whore- In This Moment
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