skyline of minneapolis

Minneapolis Solstice

I heard a previous year that the sunset on the summer solstice aligns with the street grid in downtown Minneapolis (and inversely that it aligns with the sunrise at the winter solstice). Rumor even goes that in St Paul, they also align, but vice-versa! So I went out to see if it does align in Minneapolis. I don’t think I’ll be up early enough to test out St Paul sunrise in the morning - it’ll be cloudy and there’s a bluff to the east so by time it peaks over it, it’ll be off by a degree or two anyway.

So the result from tonight?! It appears to be off just a little bit! This was taken about 10 min before official sunset and it’s already a slight bit north of center of the street. By the time the sun did set, it was starting to slip behind the buildings to the right.


Red Sky at Night… by Greg Lundgren
Via Flickr:
A magenta sky, reflected in the Mississippi River, surrounds the Minneapolis skyline and the Stone Arch Bridge.