skyline garden

Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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Dean and Cas bumping into each other as they get off the train…

Cas giving him a mumbled ‘sorry’ without looking up.

Dean gruffs an affirmation that it’s okay, but then he catches a glimpse of the man’s face as he turns away and the blue eyes that don’t meet his own… He stares after the dark haired man with the distinct feeling that he’s missing a very important opportunity.

Dean’s entire trip to see his brother in the city is ruined. he can’t stop thinking about the stranger on the train. Why hadn’t he just asked him to grab a drink. He quickly answers the question in his mind, because that would’ve been fucking creepy, that’s why.

Sam manages to distract Dean later that evening by taking him to a new bar in soho.

Dean is barely two drinks in when he sees someone approaching the bar… thick, dark hair… so haphazardly styled he may as well have rolled out of bed that way… And Dean had spent way too long staring after that messy sex hair on the train platform.

Before Sam can stop him, Dean is getting up and making his way through the crowd until he purposefully bumps into the guy, much harder than they had brushed on the train.

The guy looks up and Dean looks away quickly, mumbling a ‘sorry.’

Dean knows it was a stupid idea, but he can feel sex hair’s eyes on him, and he resolutely keeps his gaze focused on the rest of the room.

And then sex hair surprises him. “You’re the man from the train.”

The words are ever so slightly murmured and Dean barely manages to make meaning out of them, but he hears enough to snap his gaze back to the other man’s.

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