skyline chaser


Went to Black Mark Day at Nikko Circuit at the weekend. It’s an open drifting day where drifters of varying skill levels get to hone their skills on the legendary circuit. Large groups of cars are out on track for about 10 minutes at a time, so spectators get to see a lot of drift action. 

There was a good turnout and a wide variety of drift cars; AE86s, Silvias, Skylines, Supras and Chasers along with rarer vehicles such as this red Supra JZA70 with a Soarer front. 


These are my three potatoes.

R34 in Melbourne, S14 in Melbourne and my JZX at Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

I’ve hit shit in each and every one of them, broken a lot of things including the cars, but I still seem crazy enough to keep driving with such erratic behaviour, as the po po would say.

It’s basically the only proper hobby I have, and only thing I actually enjoy doing.

1 lyk, 1 prayah 4 my carz <3 lel luff chu three x0x0