“Hurry. This way. The zombies are coming.” *rides off on scooter*

“This is the life.” - while climbing on to a bench after finding a stick they’ve turned into a hammer and bangs it on the house.

“Nachos! Naachos! Hello?” - while knocking on a window.

“Don’t move. I give you more hats” *proceeds to put two bike helmets on my head; I’m already wearing a beanie* “Hold it. …. FORTY NINERS. FORTY NINERS!”

“Mordecai is barking. Tell him to shut up.”

Skyley turns 3 tomorrow and is by far the most articulate, smart, expressive, and funny nibling for their age.

Why do I use gender neutral pronouns and the word nibling? I’ve mentioned before how Skyley has previously called themself a boy though assigned female at birth. There has been some problematic situations where their mother has tried reinforcing that they are a girl, but QueLola and I have talked to her about it. Nibling is a gender neutral way of saying niece or nephew, as well as referring to the whole group. It originated from the word sibling and combining it with niece and nephew. I can’t wait to celebrate their birthday tomorrow and to see what kind of awesome person Skyley grows up to be.

They just took out the velcro from the helmets and handed it to me saying to put on my mustache. See, AWESOME!