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9 with any historical (?? lmao) avelon ship except mattanna

He’s intensely pleased with himself, judging by his wide grin, and Isolde raises her eyebrows. It’s difficult not to smile at the sight of Tristan Preston thursting the crown above his head and mouthing you owe me. She does owe him - a kiss promised because she decided to place her coin on Matthias’s skill. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition, as Joanna likes to say.

She pushes forward through the crowd until they realize it’s for her, the Wolfstride girl, and then they part before her. Isolde ascends the platform, taking Tristan’s hand, thinking again and again how she must not trip.

Thankfully, she doesn’t, and Tristan settles the roses on her head. All that waving around has caused it to loosen somewhat, and it’s a miracle it hasn’t fallen apart completely. Now, it’s his turn to raise his eyebrows expectantly, waiting for the kiss a thousand maidens would kill for. Tristan lowers his head, smiling, but she evades his mouth and aims for his cheek instead.

In a bout of confusion, she lands on his jawline, a painful collision of skin and stubble and a knock of teeth-on-bone. Isolde claps her hand over her mouth in horror, but Brave Ser Preston just laughs.

He grasps her free hand and thrusts it into the air, and the crowd roars.