I am so upset right now, legit balling my eyes out. @skyleridk committed suicide because of the hate she was getting. Nobody, NOBODY deserves hate. It disgusts me that people sent her so much hate that she decided that she didn’t belong on earth anymore. No one should have to feel that way, it hurts. How many people have to die before people start to realize that bullying is not ok? I’m a truly upset that she was drove to end her life. When will people stop, when will people see that bullying is never the answer. And if it was people in this fandom that sent her hate, I am disgusted. Since when did we send hate to each other?! Having someone in this fandom die, is like loosing a close family member. Like what could I have done to help her so she didn’t think suicide is the only answer. I wish I could have helped her. I don’t like when people are in pain and it hurts me to know that we lost yet another family member, I just can’t deal with it. So Rest in Peace dear angel. God bless

Ok so according to some anons she didn’t commit suicide. That’s what I heard off of twitter, that just goes it show that I shouldn’t trust everything on twitter. BUT IT WAS A GOOD SPEECH RIGHT?! 

Rant (Not tagging Eleanor or Elounor cause I'm a stable shipper who knows what the fuck shes doing)

This is fucking pathetic. How this girl is practically having a laugh and taking Louis side. She doesn’t even know whats going on, and just because she ships Elounor, she automatically thinks this is funny. This isn’t even about Eleanor or Elounor anymore. It’s fucking serious. How would you feel knowing you were the reason for someones death? Youd feel horrible. There are just so many things that are wrong about this tweet. She makes me wanna throw up. Seriously. Im just so angry with what has happened lately. We take it too far? Seriously? At least were not monsters to send anonymous hate to the opposite ship. Okay, maybe once or twice, but how many Elounor shippers have committed suicide since? None. Exactly. This girl is fucking ignorant in so many ways. 

Doesn’t management ever take a step back and realize it’s not all about the profit/money/fame? Keeping your fans and supporters ALIVE is to me, far more important. Do they ever stop to think about the outcomes that could happen when they tweet something like that? Do they ever take a fucking step back and realize how stupid they’re being? Were getting blamed and hated for absolutely nothing at all. And how is it that management never does anything? Right. Cause they only care about the money. It’s sickening to think that they don’t give 2 fucks about their fans dying and jumping off buildings, but unfortunately, thats what I think, how it is (correct me if I’m wrong); money and fame is all that matters to them at this very moment, and it’s fucking disgusting. 

And I’m just angry at how were getting all the hate and then we get even MORE hate for trying to defend something that’s always been ours. It’s called SHIPPING, airheads. Not war. Can people just ship Elounor and Larry and just shut the fucking apeshit up? Please? It would make a huge difference, to be honest. It saves our time, and theirs. 

Besides, why do we get hate? For believing that two people are in a relationship? So if I go up to 2 random guys on the street and start shipping them together, does that make me a disgrace to humanity? 

Sending anon hate is NOT gonna help anything. It’s just making you look desperate and stupid. 

I’m tired of having to repeat myself ALL THE DAMN TIME. GAY. IS. NOT. AN. INSULT. If you think so, please get your head our of your ass and use your brain. “Lesbian” and “Gay” aren’t insults and will never be. So in other words, saying “Calling them gay hurts them! Stawp it!” is kinda 1995, don’t you agree? By the way, you won’t ever marry them or anything, sorry to burst your bubble.

When I say “OK” to you telling me that youre gonna start shipping Elounor or whatever, it means “okay, that’s great, have fun”, NOT “start shoving Elounor down my throat every 5 seconds and constantly telling me Louis isn’t gay and that Elounor is real”. Get it through your heads. 

I know Larry shippers can be brutal as well, but have you thought of something? We send you Elounor shippers hate and then we tell each other to stop cause it isn’t doing any good? When you send us hate, all of you just sit back and laugh. 

Im not taking anyone’s side, in fact, I’m thinking of leaving this fucking fandom for good. Everything used to be fun and rainbows, up until some fuckwit had to come up with the idea of “Hey, let’s play a game! It’s called send the opposite ship hate until they’re pushed over the edge and commit suicide!” and from then, everything just blew the fuck up. And I hate it.

I fucking hate it.

Were all teenage girls with different shipping tastes. That isn’t weird in any way. 

Were all the same.

Were supposed to get along in every way possible, just like any other fandom in this world.

So why can’t we?

Rest In Peace Skyler. 
And to all of the Elounor shippers, it would be highly appreciated if you’d shut the fuck up and apologize. Quit defending yourselves for the hate you sent her. 
“Oh, it’s not Lou’s fault.”
“Oh, she had family and friend issues.”
“Oh, she was bullied.”
By you. She was bullied for shipping Larry Stylinson by you.
Apologize. Don’t make excuses. 
It’s never too late. 
Oh wait, it is.


WTF?! Do you know that tweet that ‘Louis’ tweeted, but we all knew it was MODEST! THIS ONE 

External image

YES THIS ONE! You see skyleridk? I honestly didn’t even think about the person who said they never denied it. I was just thinking that 'Modest are assholes’ thats all. 

I took further investigation and the tweet is still their *ugh* but when I clicked on her name her tweets were only for followers and idk why. She had almost 2,000 followers.

I searched her twitter on google and I saw alot of post that said she killed herself and I saw like, um, no? I found out that she did and I was a mess. I was crying and I was mad as hell. You know, Elounour shippers or Calderacs or whatever, send me hate I won’t give a fuck. I don’t care if Lou himself tweeted that, it was not shocking that she WOULD get hate from 'het girls’ that usernames are LOUIS PLEASE FOLLOW ME or some shit. 

They send her hate and some continue to. Now I don’t THINK that Lou would directly tweet that to her. What, fucking. ever. Whoever did were assholes. She later apologized for being a 'fake fan’ and believing the bullshit. But to be rather honest if Lou himself tweeted me something like that I would crawl in a hole and cry my eyes out. Because WHO would want their first encounter with their idol to be mad at them.

But let’s just talk about how MANAGEMENT OR ONE DIRECTION DIDN’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THE DEATH. Management that is just SICK. It’s like they want money so well that they’ll kill someone. This is just too much.

I doubt that Lou wants someone to kill their selves because of a suspicion. But if I’m wrong I regret listening to 1D. I regret long hours defending him. And I know people are going to send me hate but fuck them.

And to people who ever sent skyler hate. FUCK YOU. How does it feel to be the cause of someone’s death. A horrible feeling of you ask me. You know what? I don’t know if this is true or not (The rumor about her death) But if it is, I honestly don’t know what to do with life. Whoever sent that hate deserves to go to jail for 35 years. No one deserves to die. I don’t give a fuck if it’s a fucking robber or some shit. That hate basically killed her and if you didn’t make the life then you don’t deserve to fucking take it. I’M DONE.

Until I can consume this (Which is probably gonna be a long time) I’m going on break and not even looking at internet for a good amount of 7 months. This is horrible. Such sick people. What has this 1D fandom turn in to?

~Ares x

She unfollowed everyone but two people Louis and Harry :’) xx

Just what I think about the whole 'Larry' fiasco...

I swear this is the only thing you’ll see on your dash, after I’m finished. I just need to let off some steam. 

Okay, so by now, thousands and thousands of people have seen the tweet that Louis Tomlinson tweeted to a fan, a couple hours ago. 

Yeah. That one. 

Okay, where to begin. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m am not a real Larry shipper. I like to make jokes about it and everything, but there is no real hope in my mind that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson will be a true couple. 

Second, yes, I know Louis is human. He’s a 21 year old guy - he’s not perfect. I am disappointed that he would lash out like that at a fan, though, and for multiple reasons. 

1) skyleridk did not send the tweet directly to him. He searched ‘larry’ and the tweet is what he found. She most likely didn’t have any intentions for him or Harry to read it. And for him to snap at her like that is wrong. 

2) One Direction has a fan base primarily made up of teenage girls. It can be assumed that this girl is only 12-14 years old. For him to curse at her like that is inappropriate. I mean, how would you feel if you made a random post about Larry Stylinson and one of your biggest idols dissed you like that? 

3) He should have never replied to her like that because guess who gets all of the hate? Not him, but her. The girl, who’s most likely young, is now receiving hundreds and hundreds of death threats. 

Now, I’m not saying that this skyler girl is 100% innocent. I looked through her tweets and she did say a few mildly insulting things. But, like I said, we can assume she’s young, and just like any other One Direction fan. 

I do feel bad for Louis, but I feel even more bad for the girl. She’s been publicly insulted by 1/5 of One Direction, and then blocked by him. She was acting immaturely, but so was he. And he’s, what, twenty one years old? 

Really, what I think Louis should do is apologize to the girl and move on with his stinkin’ life. 

There. My opinion. thank you.  

Soo according to an anon she didn’t commit suicide… now I feel bad. Damn twitter rumors. But I thought that it was a good speech anyways! Right?! Even if she is gone or not. I was getting fed up with this fandom anyways, with people bullying left and right. Soo yehh…