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This is a (mostly) spoiler-free roundup of information gathered from the new Book 3 leaks. Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 were accidentally made available publicly on one of Nick’s foreign sites. Where the spoilers begin, you will see a line of asterisks as a warning.

Judging from the fact that four complete episodes were accidentally put on a foreign Nickelodeon site, Book 3 is completely done and ready to air. It’s unknown why Nick is waiting to do so, most likely for Comic-Con. However, the fact that we don’t even have a release date or any official press releases, news, stills, descriptions, cast lists, anything, and Book 3 is totally complete, is off-putting.

The first six episodes of Book Three: Change, are titled, written and directed by as follows:

  • 301: A Breath of Fresh Air, wr. ?, dir. ?
  • 302: Rebirth, wr. ?, dir. ?
  • 303: The Earth Queen, wr. Tim Hedrick, dir. Ian Graham
  • 304: In Harm’s Way, wr. Joshua Hamilton, dir. Melchior Zwyer
  • 305: The Metal Clan, wr. Mike DiMartino, dir. Colin Heck
  • 306: Old Wounds, wr. Katie Mattila, dir. Ian Graham

(Reminder: since technically Books 1 & 2 make up “Season 1” and Books 3 & 4 make up “Season 2” you may see these listed elsewhere as 201, 202, 203, etc.)

Melchior Zwyer is a newcomer to the franchise, and has previously directed episodes of Young Justice, and worked on animated movies such as Kung Fu Panda (2008) and How to Train Your Dragon (2010).

Katie Mattila has previously written for ATLA, on the episodes The Tales of Ba Sing Se (The Tale of Zuko) and The Beach. Her credit in Book 3 of Korra marks the first female writer of the sequel series.

Thank you to velocityprime for this information.

********************* spoiler warning *********************

Next up is the new cast (and characters) of Book 3. Naturally, some spoilers are here, so if you don’t want certain reveals prematurely.. revealed, stop reading here.

  • Skyler Brigmann - Kai, an airbending boy
  • Anne Heche - Su Ji, Toph’s daughter and Lin’s half-sister
  • Susan Silo - Yin, Mako and Bolin’s grandma
  • Jaybe Taini - Earth Queen Huo-Ting
  • Henry Rollins - Zaheer, an evil airbender
  • Kristy Wu - P'Li, “combustion woman”
  • Grey Griffin (DeLisle) - Ming Hua, waterbender; young Lin
  • Alyson Stoner - Opal, Su’s youngest daugher and Lin’s niece
  • Bruce Davison - Lord Zuko
  • Jessie Flower (prev. Toph in ATLA) - young Su

Also returning are John Michael Higgins are Varrick, Aaron Himelstein & Aubrey Plaza as Desna & Eska, Kate Higgins as adult Toph.

Keep in mind that this is all only from episodes 3-6, in the first half of Book 3, so it’s not a full cast, but it seems that the bulk of secondary characters has been revealed.

Hopefully, if Nick is indeed waiting for SDCC, the Book 3 premiere is not long after that.