skylar's art

[ 誰かのために生きる喜び    

                                             初めて君が教えてくれた ]

                                                         The joy of being alive because of somebody

                                              I learned about it with you…

Goes together with this song, Blue, courtesy of Skye’s sis of another miss Lara.

My angsty championdaughter revenge against @kasuria​ and @toasty-coconut.

Each of them know why.


@victuuri-week Day 2: Travel(Historical AU)

“Emperor Katsuki, the Crown Jewel of Japan, a great pleasure to finally meet you.” 

“And you, Ambassador Nikiforov.”

Russian Ambassador!Viktor and Japanese Emperor!Yuuri AU. My friend helped me think of this one. 

(Sorry for the really quick sketch and bad camera quality aaah)

Law is frightening to children...

so anyway that’s my fan fiction