skylar whitman


The duff is the complete opposite of everything you seem to think it is. the point of the duff is that it’s absolutely ridiculous to call somebody that. The point is to tell everybody to love themselves no matter what others say, to not change for anybody else to just be yourself. In the movie the girl goes through so much to be “hotter” only in the end to realize, fuck that she can be herself and still be hot and still be awesome maybe even more awesome! The movie is about surrounding yourself with people who think you’re beautiful and amazing as you are and that you don’t have to change. 

The author wrote this book when she was 14 and to this day it still rings true in her life and everyone else’s. 

Don’t shit on something you know nothing about. 


My review of The Duff

This movie was so inspirational, lovely, and beautiful. The feeling I got at the end was it was a continuation to The Breakfast Club. I know that’s risky to say but it was adding another more amazing category to the stresses and dangers of high school. The positive message at the end of accepting yourself fits perfectly with the message at the end of The Breakfast Club’s idea that all types of people at school can get along because they have similar problems. 

The humor in the movie was amazing and it had smooth transitions, also I love the cinematographers and writers for making it so pleasent to watch and listen to.