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This shot of Izaya makes me irrationally frustrated with him because look. He starts off all cute in this one second. All cute and he even looks concerned with what Shiki’s telling him. Then his expression goes from concerned to smug because he knows everything’s working like he was planning. He knows people are at wit’s end and he loves it. It’s like his whole personality in a few seconds. He looks harmless but the second you look away he’s your worst enemy.

I love him so much.


Since @babyseguin and I are the worst™, we saw Papa Benn was at the game last night again. Skylar really wanted to talk to him about her jersey and tell him how proud she is of Jordie. I finally dragged her down to him and waited for the game to be over and start clearing out around him. I said “Excuse me sir, we recognized you from the dads trip” and he turned around and immediately started smiling. He had a hard time hearing but he was super nice about it. We introduced ourselves and skylar told him how she’s worn the habs jersey to every game and how many compliments and support she gets. He said “Oh I saw you the other day. I sent it Jordie and Jamie saw it in warm ups. It’s too cool!” (After she came back to life) Skylar said she had hard time with the trade but she’s super happy that he’s in a place he can contend and hopefully win a cup. He said “Oh yeah! That could be something over his brother”. Again we told him we’re happy he’s getting the recognition and appreciation he deserves. Skylar complimented Jordies attitude and work ethic and thanked him for raising two great guys. He thanked us and thought it was too cool that people were complimenting Skylar on the jersey.


#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.


“Would you stop messing around?” You laughed as you pushed him playfully, going back to your stack of records and continued placing them on the shelves. Jesse smiled and shook his head.

“But I like seeing you smile more than work,” He answered with a happy grin, placing a few more records on the shelves. You rolled your eyes, a soft blush rising in your cheeks at his comment.

“Well you’re here to work, not to make me smile,” You giggled and looked at the silly boy you had come to like quite a bit.

“Well then we’ll have to go out some time, so I can make you smile when I’m not supposed to be working,” He chuckled although he was serious. You blushed again but couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“Yeah,” You answered with a smile, “Yeah, we will.”

The sound of the rain runs through my window and I find it beautiful….so identical to my mind and heart. Sometimes it drizzles with feeling; while other times it’s a complete thunder storm…. And it makes me feel part of something.
—  Skylar Rose 

I never felt like a “man” and I never felt like a “woman”. I’ve always just felt like me. I was born very small chested and this photo I’m not bound. I have contemplated top surgery but I’m not there yet. I’ve found comfort in the term androgynous but at the end of the day I lean to a strong masculine outer / social identity. Now I find the term non binary trans masculine to suite me best. I recently began my social transition with my close friends and family. I prefer the pronouns they, them, theirs and I also went through a name change transition the year before. My social transition has felt so so good! I finally feel more at ease knowing that the people closest to me are supporting my identity. Everyday that I embrace who I truly am, the happier I feel. I still have a lot ahead of me to navigate but day by day it’s getting easier and easier. For some of you who don’t know what non binary trans masculine means here is a definition I found on a great Trans* website:

Trans masculine: “Trans masculine is a term used to describe transgender people who were assigned female at birth, but identify with masculinity to a greater extent than with femininity. This includes trans men, but transmasculine can also describe someone with a non-binary gender who views themselves as significantly masculine, such as demiguys. Transmasculine can also be used as a gender identity in its own right. Although they have masculine gender identities, transmasculine people may prefer not to conform to stereotypical masculine gender expression or gender roles.

Jordie Benn #4

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write an imagine where Jordie Benn is being an ass and hurt his close friend’s feelings/ treated her like crap and nearly injured his brother during practice because he thought she and Jamie were secretly dating based on something he saw when he came home one afternoon. Turns out Jamie was trying to convince the girl to tell Jordie how she feels because he knew Jordie felt the same way.

*I honestly have nothing to say because I love Jordie and I am so happy and excited for him but damn if I don’t want to sucker punch the whole Stars management and coaching staff right now. Anyway, enjoy! I really love this one. :) I also might have gotten carried away.*

Word count: 1, 270

@babyseguin love you Skylar!!! 

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You walked into the house like hell on wheels, banging and clanking things as you go. You only ever stopped by the door to the kitchen because Juice looked at you like he thought you were going to eat him.

You bent so you can reach for his chin and rub his neck, “hi boy,” you cooed, calming yourself enough so he won’t get stressed, “love you Juicers,” you teased before rolling your eyes, “now where is that stupid ass human of yours?”

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Rose’s Playlist (on Spotify: @erika.pulido169)

I saw someone post songs that remind them of Romitri. So I got inspired and made a playlist of songs that remind me of Rose, Romitri, the books, etc.

1. Heavy In Your Arms-  Florence and The Machine

2. Alive-  Sia

3. Spark the Fire-  Gwen Stefani

4. Castle-  Halsey

5. Song 5- Haim 

6. I’m So Sorry-  Imagine Dragons

7. Power-  Little Mix

8. Bad Reputation-  Joan Jett & Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore

9. In the Night- The Weekend

10. Island in The Sun- Weezer

11. Breath of Life & Seven Devils- Florence and The Machine

12. This Is How You Remind Me- Avril Lavigne (cover)

13. Unconditionally-  Katy Perry

14. A Little Taste-  Skylar Stonestreet

15. Secret Love Song- Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

16.Can’t Pretend-  Tom Odell

17. All Too Well- Taylor Swift

(Bonus Tracks: Love Me or Leave me- Little Mix & It’s You- Zayn Malik)



1. {Heavy In Your Arms} When Rose realizes Dimitri has been turned. Devastated, she decides to hunt him down in Blood Promise. Only to realize he has become the exact opposite of the man she fell in love with.

2. {Alive} This is how I picture Rose must be feeling after Mason’s death and she is getting the marks ( im blanking on what they are called lol) on her neck. Everyone is congratulating her, and she realizes being a guardian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (But post Last Sacrifice, despite all that happened to her, she is still here living and breathing.)

3. {Spark the Fire} A sort of up beat tune I can picture Rose kicking ass too. At the Equinox dance, and Dimitri sees her in the dress, and when she and Christian rescue Lissa.

4. {Castle} When Rose and Lissa return to the acadmey. Both Rose and Lissa  are highly criticized and judged for leaving, especially Rose. The rumors and the backstabbing that occurs between these two in the first book.

5. {Song 5} Frostbite is my favorite book, but I’m just gonna say it: Rose was very irritable and fedup with everyone and everything in this book lol. I feel her frustration in this book when people assume she is hooking up with Adrian, getting ‘beat up by her Mom/her return, and Dimitri getting cozy with Tasha.

6. {Im So Sorry} The song when Rose has her ‘fuck it I’ll do whatever I want” moments. “I tend too punch first and find out who I actually hit later.”

7. {Power} Another song I can picture Rose kicking ass too or working out too. Rose is overly confident and self aware of her beauty that boys admire her and other girls envy her.

8. {Bad Reputation/Black Sheep} When Rose and Lissa escape from the academy, and are eventually caught by Dimitri (And when Rose is broken out of jail by the whole gang).

9. {In the Night} My poor cinnamon roll Rose is always being criticized by evryone! :( everyone expects the worse from her. Especially in Frostbite, Shadow kissed, and Spirit Bound. When people think she is a whore, when she isn’t. When her mom thinks she irresponsible, but she just wants her mother’s approval.

10.{Island in the Sun} I think in Frostbite when she sees Christian and Lissa dancing at a royal party, or in Shadowkissed when she has to guard Christian and sees them Kissing all the time, this song comes to mind. Rose realizes she may never get that because the man she loves does not wanna risk either of them getting in trouble for their forbidden romance. Rose is on the outside looking in. (Which is pretty funny considering this is supposed to be happy song lol).

11.{Seven Devils & Breath of Life} Breath of life, when the strigoi attack the school and Dimitri gets kidnapped and she hunts him down. Seven devils, when Rose is being haunted by Mason and decides to go to Dimitri’s home town to tell his family he is ‘dead.’

12. {This is How You Remind Me} When Rose’s Mom tells her Dimitri may become Tasha’s guardian. And she begins dating Mason and realizes she will always love Dimitri. Poor Mason :( (Also a tune when Rose is dealing with the aftermath of his death.)

13. {Unconditionally} Rose and Lissa’s friendship summed up. Especially when Lissa is crowned queen, and Rose is her guardian. Rose is beaming with pride :)

14. {A Little Taste} Literally, blood lol. Anything related to the bad things moroi vampires got themselves into. That, and Rose’s attraction to Dimitri in the first book.

15. {Secret Love Song} Rose wishing her Dimitri could go public as a couple. Their love story summed up lol.

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16. {Can’t Pretend} This song can literally fit in with any of the books. Rose realizing she will have to put Lissa first through everything, no matter how frustrating it is. Rose realizing being a guardian is not what it is cracked up to be. Dimitri trying to hide his feelings for Rose. Rose trying to accept her fate with being shadowkissed, and awaiting sentencing in Last Sacrifice.

17. {All Too Well} Saw an edit of the Taylor Swift lyrics having to do with Romtri. I realized this song fit when Rose has flashbacks or looks back on her journey with how her and Dimitri came to be.

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{Bonus tracks:

 Love me or love me- Little Mix 

It’s You- Zayn }:

 I had just discovered Little Mix a while ago, (amazing band highly recommend) and I listened to it and I thought of Rose’s frustration that she and Dimitri will never be. And she dates Adrian even though she longs for Dimitri. Love me or Leave me and It’s You, can also be seen from Adrian’s POV :/ Adrian chooses not acknowledge the fact that Rose still loves Dimitri. His heartbreak and Rose’s guilt for hurting him, is inspiration for these tracks.Poor Adrian..

****UPDATE: All Too Well, A Little Taste, and Bad Reputation are NOT on Spotify*****


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Chapter 22

WARNING: The following chapter may cause triggers.

You walked upstairs and into the bedroom, you remained silent and sat down on the bed and just sat there staring into space. For some reason, you couldn’t manage to cry anymore, you were literally all out of tears you had cried so much, so hard.

You stood and walked up to your closet and opened it, you slipped on a sweater and walked downstairs and into the kitchen, you were about to take a mug out of the cupboard when you noticed one of the kitchen drawers were open.

You stared at the pantry door and slowly walked up to it, you slowly opened the pantry door seeing Loki sitting in the corner with the bed sheet wrapped around him.

Loki held a blade in his hand, he trembled looking down at the cuts on his forearms, “(Y/N)” He stuttered looking up at you, his eyes were all puffy and beat red.

You carefully took the knife from him and put it down; you then picked up a towel and wrapped it around his forearms.

Loki winced but slowly stood and followed you into the bathroom.

You made him sit down on the vanity counter; you poured rubbing alcohol on his forearms.

Loki winced and cried out in pain, he then watched you pat his arms with a towel before wrapping it with bandages.

You looked at Loki disappointed, you looked deeply into his eyes and sighed, you slapped him and sent a slight glare at him but sighed and looked down again.

“Why haven’t you said anything to me yet? I’m shocked you’re not screaming at me right now” Loki muttered softly.

You looked down at Loki’s forearms and smacked him up the side of the head.

Loki pushed you pushed you away from him, “Stop hitting me!” He shouted pinning you against the closed bathroom door.

You remained silent and just let Loki continuously shake you and slam you against the door, you remained silent and leaned against the door and slid to the floor.

“Speak!” Loki shouted at the top of his lungs, “I could read your mind if you won’t talk” Loki threatened.

You replied with silence.

“Will you please just speak to me… I promise not to shout anymore, it achieves nothing, I now know that… You don’t deserve to be shouted at…” Loki muttered softly.

You couldn’t stop staring at Loki’s bandaged forearms; you quickly wiped your tears.

“I caused you do that… I made you… H-Hurt yourself…” You stared at Loki sadly, “I’m so sorry; this is all my fault…” You looked down sadly.

“Don’t say that” Loki begged cupping your cheeks, he kissed your forehead and winced helping you up.

“I hit you because you’re an idiot for doing that Loki, you don’t deserve that, you deserve so much better than that!” You cried.

Loki looked at you, he could see the sadness in your eyes, he hated seeing you upset, it killed him.

“You deserve better than me, you should be with some goddess in Asgard and she should be feeding you grapes” You mumbled.

“Why do you think you’re just a nobody?” Loki asked following you upstairs and into the bedroom.

“I am a nobody, I’ve lost my job, I’m probably going to go to prison, I’m in love with a god, a god! We both knew this wasn’t going to work out Loki” You sighed.

“We can make it work, just hear me out, please” Loki begged.

“We’re too different Loki” You heard Loki slam the door, you squeaked and turned around looking at him.

“What do you mean by different? No one is the same; we’re in love, isn’t that enough for you? Love is more powerful than anything, you told me that (Y/N)” Loki looked deeply into your eyes.

You felt like he staring into your soul, his eyes were like daggers.

Just tell him, tell him how you feel (Y/N). Tell him that this relationship would never work out because he’s a god and I’m a normal human being, I’m nothing compared to his kind. I and he are the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. You two can never live in peace together.

You sighed sadly looking down at the floor.

He is right, love is more powerful than anything, at least that’s what you thought. Besides, I do love it when he’s all gentle, loving and kind. It’s just his anger kind of scares me, I can understand why he’s frustrated though, look at what I’ve put him through, he should hate me.

“(Y/N)? Why didn’t you ever… Why didn’t you tell me?” Loki stared at you.

“What?” You looked at him confused.

“I read your thoughts…” Loki muttered softly, “I had to… I’m sorry I invaded your thoughts but I had to” Loki sighed.

“Of course! You have no patience! I was trying to build up the confidence!” You shouted.

“You were never going to tell me…” Loki muttered softly.

“Loki…” You sighed sadly” You sighed sat down on the bed and wrapped a woven cotton blanket around you, you huffed and covered your head with the blanket groaning.

Loki sighed and slowly walked up to you and lifted the blanket and looked at you, “I’m sorry” Loki muttered softly and kissed your nose.

“Loki…” You sighed as he crawled under the blanket with you, “We should get you some trousers” You blushed and giggled cutely.

“What? Like you haven’t seen me naked before” Loki chuckled.

“Loki stop being foolish” You giggled and gently nudged him and removed the blanket from your heads and threw it onto Loki’s crouch.

Loki laughed and watched you walk up to the closet.

“All I have is boxers, I’ll look for some trousers later” You mumbled throwing the pair of boxers at Loki.

Loki slipped on the boxers, “What about panties for you hmmm? I can see all of you as well” Loki grinned.

“My sweaters baggy, your just a pervert” You poked Loki’s cheek.

“I’m not a pervert, okay maybe a little but I am in love” Loki smiled.

“I’m in love too, with this sweet, loving, kind man… You see he’s got these gorgeous emerald green eyes, I could stare deeply into his eyes for eternity, his cheekbones… Are like razor blades, his face is so defined like as if his face were sculpted by gods” You smiled.

“Really? I’m in love with this woman, she has beautiful (E/C) eyes, (H/L) hair that is a beautiful (H/C), she is absolutely gorgeous, she’s a goddess, she’s angelic, I swear she gets more beautiful each day” Loki smiled at you.

You blushed and smiled, you were about to speak when Loki suddenly grabbed you and pinned you to the bed, he winced slightly because of his wounded forearms. You looked at him concerned, Loki smiled and leaned in and kissed you lovingly.

© Fan-Fic written by Skylar J. James/ Suka Jeezuma