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|Skylar Perkins|

Name: Skylar Matthias Perkins
Age: 18
Birthday: June-16-1998
Height: 4'11
Weight: 120 lbs
Supernatural: No
Condition(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Coffee shop
Heritage: European (German)
Religion: None
Born: Berlin, Germany
Lives: Berlin, Germany
Character Personality traits: Might seem a bit mean and sassy in the beginning but once he’s comfortable with someone he tends to be caring, pretty nice and loving towards that person. He’s very distant when he feels unwanted and he’s trustworthy once he gets to that level of comfort with someone.


-Watching movies
-Hanging out with friends


-Art stores
-Head accessories


-Stupid people-Closed-in areas-Being lonely-Socializing with strangers

Hello! This is my second year film, flood

It features an amazing score by Brady Heyen, cello by Ben Rico, and the voice of Skylar Hamblen. 

Making this film was quite the journey, and I couldn’t have made it without the support of my great film workshop, friends, teachers, and family.

Thank you for watching.