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Monica, Serayah, Misty Copeland, Tamron Hall & More Sing, Model & Dance Down The Red Dress Runway

Aye! The American Heart Association held its annual Go Red For Women Red Dress collection fashion show during NYFW. And it brought out a few of our fave celbs who sang, modeled and DABBED on ‘em down the runway! Peep pics of Monica, Serayah, Misty Copeland, Tamron Hall and more.

We’re saying YASSS to all the red dresses!

Last night, The American Heart Association held its annual Go Red For Women Red Dress collection at The Arc, Skylight during New York Fashion Week. And it was much more than your average fashion show. We’ll get to the runway pics in a sec, but first let’s check out the red carpet….

CODE RED singer Monica glammed it up in a strapless red, black and white Dennis Basso gown to work the runway and perform for the fashion show. She’s strutting her stuff and flexing her vocals to help raise awareness for heart disease.

“TODAY” show co-host Tamron Hall was also tapped to strut down the runway. The TV personality worked the runway in a Marc Bouwer gown in honor of her Aunt Josephine. On Twitter, she commented, “Her spirit gave me confidence tonight. We can save lives!”

“Empire” stars Serayah and Ta'Rhonda Jones were turning heads in cut-outs and funky designs. Serayah went for a more modest look in a Reem Acra gown, while Ta'Rhonda turned it up a notch with her daring dress designed by Conrad Booker.

WNBA baller Skylar Diggins made a slam dunk on the red carpet. Not her basketball skills, but how fabulous she looks in her red Michael Costello silk gown.

On the runway…


Texas native Tamron had the runway lit after she strolled down the catwalk.  She said her friends dared her to Dab…and she did! Not mad!

R&B singer Monica serenaded the audience with her powerful vocals as she worked the runway.

Prima ballerina Misty Copeland was on POINTE as usual!

The gorgeous principal dancer flossed in a sexy strapless David Meister gown.

The “Empire” gals were front and center:

Ta'Rhonda showed off her eccentric gown as she strutted her stuff down the carpet. She also shaved a heartbeat in her hair to show her support.

Work Serayah!

WNBA star Skylar showed off her guns during the final walk-through. Strong AND beautiful!

After the show, the ladies made their rounds, snapping selfies and chopping it up with one another:

Former “The Nanny” star Fran Drescher was in the mix and walked the runway.

“The View” co-host Cameron Candace Bure came out to support the cause.

“Empire” love.

Tamron and Skylar were perfecting their selfie game before and after the show:

FAB times!

See more pics here:


Bruce/Brenda Wayne: Think sky high high heels, pencil skirts, and a perfectly neat bun. She’s the champion of the feminist movement and so many girls look up to her.

Dick/Rachel, a.k.a. Ray/Rach, Grayson: Think cocktail dresses and yoga pants. Up to date on all the new fitness trends like zumba and cross fit. Could open her own shop of pursues she owns so many “for all the different occasions.”

Barbara/Bernard, a.k.a Ben/Benny, Gordon: Literally the nicest guy you’ll meet. He’s so tall and no one knows how or why. Pats almost everyone on the head like they’re a puppy, ruffling their hair, pissing Josie off the most. Looks A1 in sweatpants and a black V neck.

Jason/Josephine, a.k.a Josie, Todd: Punches people simply to make a point that just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean anything. Definitely has the tips of her hair dyed. Chances are she’s wearing a pair of Vans, the galaxy ones are her favorite. So many posters in her room like are there even walls behind them??

Tim/Tatianna, a.k.a Tay, Drake: Starbucks/general coffee shop hoe. Her hair is always just thrown up in a messy buns or messy braid(s), unless Rach has anything to do with it. Master detective but no fashion sense. Will wear a dress, but only with leggings and converse.

Cassandra/Cassius, a.k.a. Cass, Cain: The guy everyone thinks is going to shoot up the school, usually sitting alone in a corner. Just a really sad ball of angst tbh. His broodyness attracts so many girls and he didn’t know how to talk to them(literally and figuratively) which chases everyone away. Probably wearing black, it’s just more appealing to him.

Stephanie/Skylar, a.k.a. Sky, Brown: Omg so energetic and outgoing. The kind of guy that knows everyone’s name and their favorite food. Doesn’t see social/racial barriers, views everyone as good until they prove him wrong. Just a good guy. His flirting skills could use some work.

Damian/Daniella, a.k.a. Dani, Wayne: Attitude central. Will bite if prompted, and not in the kinky way. Exercise addict, it helps relieve her stress. She’s short but she’s stronger than a lot of people and loves when people underestimate her so she can prove them wrong. Her sarcasm could kill and so could her winged eyeliner.

Chapter 45


“Okay, I’m finished.” I said, walking out the bathroom. I walked over to the bed to see Chris sprawled out on it and scrolling through my phone. I gasped as I climbed in the bed and got beside Chris. “Gimmie!”

“Aye, chill.” he mumbled as I snatched the phone from his hands. He shook his head as he looked up at me. “Oh, yeah. Christina called you.”

“Did you answer?” I questioned, locking my phone.

“Of course. She told me to tell you that she called and she gave me a name for Skylar.” he replied.

“Well, what is it?”

Chris smirked at me before sitting up in the bed. I then impatiently pushed Chris, causing him to chuckle.

“Skylar Marie Brown.” Chris chuckled. I smiled as I placed my hand over my mouth.

“That is so cute! I love it!” I squealed. Chris rolled his eyes as he got up and stretched. “Now since we know the baby’s gender, we can go shopping for some new things for her and fix up one of the rooms down the hall.”

Chris mushed his eyebrows together before looking down upon me.

“Who’s fixing up the room in there?” Chris asked. “Because it damn sure ain’t me. I ain’t good with that type of shit, Leah and you know that.”

Before I could slap Chris, the twins walked into the bedroom with their pajama clothes on.

“Hi, Mommy.” Maurice yawned as he walked over to the bed.

“Goodmorning, baby.” I replied. London looked at me and smiled as she rubbed her eye. The both of them climbed in the bed and got under the covers as usual. I let out a small giggle as Maurice turned over and went back to sleep. London looked over at him and poked his lip.

“Wakey.” she laughed. Maurice grabbed her small finger in his sleep and mumbled “Stop.”

London snatched her hand away from him and turned away from Maurice. They are so damn goofy that it’s ridiculous.

“Now, how are y'all gonna come up in here and take over the bed?” Chris asked, leaning back. London looked up at him and shrugged her shoulders. Typical.

I watched as Chris and London began playing and goofing off with each other. Those two were so cute wherever they played together. They acted just like each other, which made it cuter. I looked down at Maurice to see him moving in his sleep. He was a wild sleeper, so I was expecting him to either roll over or turn over shortly.

My eyes went from Maurice to my small baby bump. I ran my hand over it, slowly caressing it. I smiled before I began to hum lightly. I couldn’t wait for Skylar to get here. It would be 3 girls and 2 boys in the house. We could all gang up on Chris and Maurice, which can be fun.

“Leah.” Chris called, snapping me from my thoughts. I looked over at him as I sat Indian style in the bed. “Get ya’ clothes on so we can leave.”

I scoffed as I placed my hands on my knees.

“I have to take a shower and get dressed first. Then, I have to give the twins a bath, get them dressed, do London’s hair, do my hair, and put make-up on.” I explained. Chris sat there looking back at me with a lost look on his face. I rolled my eyes as I got out of the bed and grabbed Maurice.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I stated, walking into the bathroom.

“Aye, you starting to waddle!” Chris yelled, causing both him and London to laugh. I twisted my lips to the side as I entered the bathroom.

“And you’re starting to get blue balls!” I shouted, causing his laughter to die down. I chuckled as I put Maurice down and closed the door behind us. I looked at Maurice, who was sitting on the toilet half asleep, and placed my hands on my hips.

“You ready to take a bath?” I questioned. Maurice shook his head before yawning again.

“I tired.” he cooed, leaning his head on the sink. I shook my head before walking over to the tub and turning the water on.

“Come on, baby.” I stated, walking back over to him. Maurice let out whines as I undressed him and put him in the tub. Sitting down on the seat, I watched as Maurice would fall asleep, but catch himself before his head went in the water. I shook my head as I began washing him. I could tell that today would be a busy day.


“Oh shit.” I groaned as I sat down on the bed. A nigga’s mind was jumbled up and I was out of idea’s for the next plan. Shit, I’m not even sure if the next plan that I come up with, if I ever do, is going to be good. The only thing I’m positive of is that Leah is pregnant with my kid. Shit, I can’t wait for them to tell the baby’s gender.

“I hope it’s a little girl.” I mumbled to myself. “Treat that ass just right.”

I have an idea what to do after the baby is born, I just need to get rid of them chicken necks downstairs. I don’t even need them hoes anymore. They’re garbage to me now. All they are is a piece of pussy. I reached over to the nightstand and pulled a drawer out. I moved some papers to the side and grabbed my gun. Smirking at my piece, an idea appeared in my mind.

“This shit is going to be hilarious.” I chuckled to myself. Getting out of the bed, I tucked the gun in my back pocket and walked back downstairs. “Ayo, bitches! Got something for y'all!”

I walked down the steps and entered the living room. I watched as the both of them smiled in my direction.

“I want y'all to put on ya best outfits tonight. All 3 of us is going on a date. We gon’ have some fun, come back here, and we gon’ play a game.” I explained.

“What kind of game?” Isabella inquired.

“Oh, a fun game. Something that all of us will enjoy.” I replied. I watched as the both of them nodded. I couldn’t wait for this evening. Shit was about to go down….


As I lied in bed, I began thinking about our future. When I say our, I meant Leah and I. What if we get a divorce soon? What if she falls out of love with me? What if my anger gets out of control and I do something to her or the kids? So many questions were running through my mind. Everything in my head was so negative. I sighed as I shook my head.

“Daddy?” London asked, looking up at me. I put on a fake smile as I looked down at her.

“Yeah, baby girl?” I asked.

“You sad.” she stated. I chuckled lightly before rubbing her small back.

“No, I’m not.” I lied. “That’s just an expression on my face.”

“Nuh-uh. Be happy.” she giggled. I leaned down and kissed her on her forehead. Hell, even my young daughter knew that I was sad.

I’ve been feeling a little doubtful for the past 2 weeks, I just hide it from Leah. I didn’t want to upset her with the baby and everything. With Jacob’s ass popping up everywhere, all I could think about was negativity. I need something to perk me up soon, because I can’t be walking around looking all depressed shit. I couldn’t let my family see me like this. But….what could I do?

Chapter 55 (Pt. 2)


After those doors closed, I looked around and saw that everyone was staring at me. I looked over at Jacob, only to see he was smirking at me. The Judge cleared his throat, causing me to look at him.

“Now that we have that belligerent man out of here, let’s finish this. Sir, what type of custody do you request?” The Judge asked, obviously talking to Jacob. 

“I request joint custody of my daughter, Skylar Brown.” Jacob replied. Tears began swelling my eyes as I began crying.

“She’s my daughter too. If she lives with me then you can come see her anytime you want. If anything, I have the right to have custody. You’re not a good person and you know it. You know what illegal things you’ve done.” I cried.

“Your Honor, she’s lying.” Jacob remarked.

“No, I’m not! Jacob, you raped me and you know it! I have nightmares about you almost every night because of what you did to me! The thing is that you don’t even care!”

“I never did any of that to you! You’re lying because you don’t want me to have my daughter! You don’t even have evidence of that stuff!”

“Skylar is my evidence! You raped me!”

“Ma'am, do you have any scars, marks, or even any hospital bills to show from the damage that he’s done to you?” The Judge asked. I shook my head as my heartbeat began racing.

“So, technically you were lying.” Jacob added.

“No I wasn’t! You fucking idiot!”

“Yes, you were. You really shouldn’t lie in a courtroom.” Jacob suggested. I angrily stomped my foot as I let out a loud huff.

“Order! Order!” The Judge shouted again. “From my observation, I’ve decided the best solution for the both of you.”

My breath became heavy as I started to pant a little.

“Jacob Akamai, I grant you joint custody of Skylar Brown. I suggest you and Mrs.Brown make a schedule for sharing the child. I suggest every week you that one of you keep the child, then on the weekends, the both of you can come together and spend it as a happy family. You all have a good day.” The Judge explained before banging his gavel. My mouth went wide up as Jacob and his lawyer shook hands.


I smirked evilly as I walked out the courtroom. As I exited the venue, I saw Chris standing beside the door. He darted his eyes at me and gazed at me in confusion.

“What'cho ugly ass so happy for?” he inquired.

“I’m about to fuck her tight lil pussy all night. Got joint custody of her.” I stated. Chris’ eyes widened as his expression changed. Before I could respond, Chris drew his hand back and punched me in my jaw. I grunted as I fell to the floor, giving Chris the opportunity to jump on top of me continually punch me.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” he exclaimed, punching me in my chest.

“Get the fuck off of me!” I shouted, punching him in his mouth. Chris then fell off of me as we begun wrestling. In the midst, a group of police officers grabbed us and pulled up apart.

“Man, fuck you!” Chris belted. Leah, Chris’ mama, and the kids all came out the venue and watched in shock. I heard Skylar’s cry as Chris’ mama rocked her gently in her arms. Second later, Skylar calmed down.

“Can’t wait for her to come home.” I smirked.

“Shut up!” Chris grabbed Skylar from his mama’s arms and held her. He then looked over at me, as if he were her actual father.

“Yeah, she my fucking daughter! You see it, don’t you?!” I cackled. Chris let out a loud huff as he pushed past me, with his family following behind. As London passed, I tried my best to get a quick peek under her short skirt.

“Sexy.” I mumbled. Leah slowly approached me, tears still streaming down her face.

“You’re pathetic.” she commented.

“And you’re a crybaby.” I replied. Leah shook her head at me.

“I want to spend the week with my daughter.” I stated.

“No.” she stated bluntly.

“You really want to do this shit right after the Judge just gave me joint custody of her? I want to spend the week with my daughter. Either you let my daughter be with me…” I started off. I then leaned forward and began whispering in her ear.

“Or I’ll come to your house and fuck you like I did when I had you. Leah, don’t fuck with me. Give me my daughter or I’ll make your life a living hell as long as I shall live.”

I lightly kissed her ear as I pulled away from her.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes.” I smiled before winking at her. I then turned around and exited the court. On my way to the car, a bunch of paparazzi came out of nowhere.

“Sir, what was the case about?” one requested.

“It was about me getting custody of my child. Now, get the hell outta my face.” I grumbled, unlocking my doors. I climbed inside and slammed my door shut. All I know it that Leah better be waiting at my house with Skylar before I get there, or we gon have a problem.


The entire ride back home was silent. There was no talking, no sniffing, no whispering……just silence. Once we arrived home, Leah stormed out the car and ran up the steps.

“Daddy, why Mommy run?” London inquired. I looked back at her and gave her a faint smile.

“Mommy’s going through a time where she needs to be by herself, okay.” I explained.

“We leave her alone for a week again? Like last time?” she asked.

I chuckled a bit as I nodded my head in response.

“Yeah, something like that.” I replied. I got out the car and closed my door. I walked to the back and let both London and Maurice out.

“Thank you.” London smiled, pulling down her skirt. I smiled as I shut the door and walked up the steps behind them. Once we all got in the house, the twins took off their shoes and lined them up beside the door. Immediately, they walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. As they picked out their lunch, I walked up the steps and entered the bedroom.


“What the hell?” I mumbled. I walking into the room to see Leah putting most of Skylar’s belongings in a big box. She then began talking to herself, obviously not noticing that I was in the room with her.

“That was a backwards ass case.” she said. She picked up her phone, texted someone, then tossed it on the bed. “I hope Skylar cries every night, non fucking stop.”

She then threw her teddy bear at the door, barely missing me. I then walking into the room and picked the teddy beat up. I studied it before dusting it off.

“Leah…” I spoke.

“What?!” she hollered.

“What are you doing? And why ain’t nobody talkin’ to me? I don’t know what the hell is going on.” I replied calmly. She stopped packing and looked up at me.

“What do you think is going on?” she snapped. “Sorry, but gosh Chris. He shouldn’t have custody of Sky. I’m scared for her.” I shook my head as I slowly walked over to her. Placing the bear on the bed, I grabbed her arm.

“Leah, stop.” I demanded.

“Why should I, Chris?! He has joint custody of Skylar and he demanded to have her for the week! Who knows what he’ll do if I don’t show up at his house tonight?!”

“Why don’t you just meet somewhere with him and talk to him? Not with me, not with the kids….just you and him. I’m not Skylar’s parent, so I really can’t tell you what to do. That’s just my suggestion.” I explain.

“You know what Chris, just get out. I don’t want to see you right now. I need to hurry up and pack some of her stuff before Jacob calls me and threatens me….again.”

I sighed as I walked out the bedroom and back downstairs with the twins.

“Daddy, we eat pizza rolls and cheese sticks?” London asked. I nodded my head as I walked into the kitchen and began fixing their lunch. Since no one really wants my opinion on Skylar, I might as well just worry about my own two damn kids….