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A Pirate's Life For Me

Summary: The reader, a pirate on Captain Jones’ ship, sets foot on the island with her crew, and is met with and unexpected surprise.

 It was early in the morning when the crew first spotted the island. The coral sun was rising over the horizon, and the seagulls screeched their morning song. I had just woken up and began my morning chores. But when one of my mates cried out “Land ‘ho!”, I dropped the mop and ran to the side of the ship. 

From all the terrible stories I had heard from Hook about the evil Peter Pan and the dangerous island of Neverland, this was not what I had expected. The island was big and filled with lush green palm trees and sparkling sand. It looked like something out of a dream. My trance was immediately broken by the command of Killian.

 “Alright! I have set up a meeting with Pan in one of the island’s lagoons. We will meet, discuss and then leave on our next voyage. In this lagoon,we will be surrounded by dense jungle, and swarms of mermaids who are willing to drag you down into the sea and never bring you back up. Everyone needs to be one the lookout.” This little speech arose a cheer from the crew, but he held up his hand. “I will need a pirate to come on land with me. Y/n, ready yourselves for when we arrive.” I was nervous, yet thrilled. In all the time I had worked on this ship, Killian had always been overprotective of you. He treated you like a little sister, and had taught you all he knew about being a pirate. This was the first time he had allowed you to exit the ship. I stood up straight and tried to look tough as I walked back into my cabin. But as soon as I shut my door, I squealed. Grabbing my favorite leather satchel, I placed my knife, canteen, and some bandages inside. I decided to grab a loaf of bread and fruit as well, just in case.

 Making my way back up to the deck, I watched as the crew threw down the anchor and stairs. I looked upon the shore, and saw a face of a boy about my age. This couldn’t be Pan, I thought, He was supposed to be evil and menacing. But from where I stood, he looked innocent, and, and gorgeous. I waited for Killian to make the first steps off the ship and towards the island, before I followed.

 Glancing behind me back at the ship, I stepped onto the island. The sand felt soft and squishy, even under my shoes. We approached Pan, and he surveyed us all up and down. As his eyes landed on me, I saw a faint hint of a smile. I would have blushed under normal circumstances, but I needed to look like a pirate, scowl and all.

 “Hello there, Captain. I see you have acquired some new recruits” he said, again looking at me. His eyes seemed to hold a sinister look towards Killian, but when he looked at me, all I saw was kindness. “Have you brought what I sent for?” Killian grabbed a small velvet coin purse out from his jacket. 

 “There it is. And I believe whether or not I have gotten new recruits is none of your business.” Killian inched closer to me, until he stood next to me. He grabbed my hand and held it in his, which drew a laugh from Pan’s mouth. 

“Well, thank you for bring me this. Here is your reward.” Peter held a coin purse that looked almost identical to the one Killian had handed to him. Except, instead of holding the mysterious treasure, it held several gold coins.

 “Thank you” Killian nodded. “We must be off. I will expect your shadow to come around sooner or later with a new voyage to be made.” We turned around to head back to the crew.

 Suddenly, Pan appeared in front of us, a mischievous smirk forming across his face.

 “I don’t think you will be going anywhere just yet. I have another offer to propose.” This time, instead of gold coins, he offered jewels. “I would like her” he said, pointing at me, “and I am willing to pay.” I grimaced at the thought, and Killian looked as if he wanted to punch someone- more than likely, Pan. 

“I’m sorry” I said, “but I am not a prize that you can just buy and expect to get and how dare you-” I was cut off by Killian.

“Y/n is not something I am willing to trade. The deal was I brought you the treasure, you give me the money. That is it.” Killian drew his sword from it’s sheath, preparing for a battle I believed would not come. He stepped protectively in front of me, but I pushed him to the side. I could take care of myself! Especially against a boy in green tights.  Pan’s smirk seemed to grow wider after seeing this, and he brought his fingers to his lips, producing a loud whistle. 

“Boys, attack!!”

I hope you guys enjoyed A Pirate’s Life For Me! I was thinking of making a part two, so if you would like to  see it or send me any other requests, message me! And be sure to follow my new blog, @skylars-little-world xoxox

Supercorp Fanfic #2


This is a short and fluffy one-shot of Supercorp requested by the wonderful @skylar-luthor-blog​.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy and please let me know what you guys think!

Prompt: Where Kara and Lena are trying to keep their relationship private, but Alex posts a photo of the two of them on Instagram referring to Lena as her sister-in-law. It breaks Instagram.

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“Hey, babe?”

Kara was lounging around her living room, scrolling through her feed on Instagram in her pajamas–grey sweatpants and a red, worn-out tank top. She was in complete bliss just lying down on her couch, especially after such a long night.


Lena was in the kitchen finishing up some hot chocolate for her and Kara, moving fluidly in the kitchen, almost as if she spent all day there–granted, she did spend most of her free time  in the kitchen, and Kara did her hungry part of encouraging it as a pastime. She was wearing her purple satin nightgown with her silky, black night robe wrapped around her lithe body.

“Is it okay if I post this picture of us on Instagram?” Since Lena was in the kitchen, Kara lifted up her phone with the screen facing Lena so she can let her see the picture without having to get up from her very comfortable position that took forever to find. “I don’t know if it looks too couple-y, and I don’t want to give my followers–our followers–any ideas, not yet at least.”

Lena, who was just finishing filling their mugs with whip cream as a final touch, craned her neck over her shoulder towards Kara’s direction, but her eyes were still focused on swirling the cream just right, “‘kay, hon, gimme a sec, will ya’?”

Kara let out a playful sigh, “well, I guess my arm is just going to have to fall off by the time you get here.” Lena let out a soft chuckle, “well, I guess I can always just drink these hot chocolates all by myself since you won’t be able to drink it without your arm.”

Even though Kara knew her arm won’t fall off because of her super strength (and even if it did, she could always just count on her other arm to do the job), she played along anyway for the sake of bantering with her wife. “First off, you can barely even finish your own mug let alone both of ours,” Kara scoffed and Lena snickered as she gracefully made her way towards the couch with both mugs. “And second off, we both know that you’re more of a tea person anyhow, so you wouldn’t have even made hot chocolate in the first place, if that were the case.” Kara smirked and gently grabbed her mug from Lena’s porcelain hand purposefully brushing her fingers against her soft, white knuckles.

“Hmm, that’s where you’re wrong,” Lena sat down as Kara sat up, settling next to Lena, waiting for her to raise her arm so that she can nestle herself under it.

“Oh yeah, how so?” Kara raised her right brow and looked at Lena expectantly under her smooth arm all while tucking her cold feet under her warm body.

“Well, even though I do prefer a hot cup of tea over a warm mug of hot chocolate, I will still drink the hot chocolate so I can spite you because I’d know you wouldn’t be able to drink it despite the fact that you would do anything to just get a sip.” Lena looked absolutely smug as she bit her full, supple lips to try and hide her smile.

Kara didn’t look that much different. She leaned towards Lena’s irresistible lips and whispered, “you win.”

Lena resisted the temptation of completely leaning in, her pride preventing her from surrendering to Kara’s charms that easily. Instead, she looked at Kara’s blown out, blue eyes and said, “hmm, don’t I always?”

Unlike Lena, Kara wasn’t proud enough to stop her soft lips from sliding against Lena’s, and Lena wasn’t cruel enough to stop her. So, they kept kissing, and kissing, and kissing. Softly, slowly, sweetly.

Eventually, they pulled back, breathed and smiled.


Soon after, Lena nodded towards Kara’s phone, which laid all but forgotten on the other side of the couch, “so, what was the picture you were thinking about posting on Instagram?”

Kara pulled herself out of her reverie, looked towards her phone, and reached for it all while endeavoring to take a sip from her green mug without spilling any of it on her favorite pyjama bottoms. In the meantime, Lena appreciated the view of Kara’s smooth skin as her tank top slightly rode up in the clumsy process while she took a proper sip from her own red mug.

When Kara finally settled back into her previous position, in Lena’s arms, she unlocked her phone and pulled up the picture. It was Lena under a shiny, yellow umbrella that Kara was holding with her arm wrapped around Kara’s shoulder; they were smiling and looking into the camera. To a stranger, they would’ve looked like two friends having a good time under a little bit of rain. To anyone who really knew what was going on between the two of them–which was few and far between–they would have looked as a cute couple who were still ridiculously in love in spite of the weather. In short, it was a really good picture of them together no matter which way you looked at it.

“Aww, I think it’s perfect and you should totally post it on Instagram!” Lena was absolutely beaming at their picture, and she got all warm on the inside from looking at how happy they were in it. She was so giddy from it that she nuzzled her nose and pressed a sweet kiss in Kara’s hair. This action encouraged Kara to nestle even closer into Lena to the point in which she can feel Lena’s breath hovering ever so slightly where her neck and shoulder met.

As soon as she was all cozied up, Kara continued her task, but just as she was about to tap open Instagram, she saw that she received a notification from galup_Alex, her sister’s less than subtle username on Instagram. “Ooh, Alex tagged me in something!”

Not long after saying that, the newlyweds heard Lena’s phone vibrate against the wooden coffee table a few feet away from them, and a few inches away from falling off the edge of the furniture. Not feeling too inclined on getting up, Lena craned her head up enough to get a peek of the notification. “Huh, I guess she tagged me too?”

Not wasting anymore time, Kara tapped on the notification and waited until her screen loaded up the picture. When it finally did, Kara and Lena briefly smiled before they slowly realized what the picture entailed–more specifically, the caption that Alex wrote.

“Oh. My. God.” Kara dropped her phone on her lap and decided that using her hand to cup her mouth in shock was much more useful in this situation. Lena, still not believing what she saw, picked up the phone as soon as Kara dropped it.

She looked at the picture: it was an old, candid picture of Kara and Lena sitting together at JJ’s Diner. Lena was pressing a kiss to Kara’s cheek as Kara–who was in the middle of eating her Mumbo-Jumbo-Cheeseburger–was caught by surprised, if her wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and rosy cheeks were of any indication. It was adorable; they were adorable.

That is, until, Lena read the caption… again:

#tbt To when Me and @Maggiesawherfirst had our first double date with these newlyweds! Congrats to my baby sister, @Imsuppergirl, and my new sister-in-law, @iaintnoluthor! I’m so happy for you guys <333

Dear lord.

What were they going to do?

Lena looked over at Kara who was still in a pseudo state of shock since it didn’t appear as if she moved much. “What do you think are the likelihoods of people finding out about this–about us–after this?”

Kara didn’t answer her question. Instead, the uncontrollable buzzing coming from the wooden table did. Lena didn’t even think about getting up. Nope, she just stared as the phone’s vibration gradually led it closer towards the edge of the coffee table until it finally fell down and onto the plush, white carpet that helped muffled the world. At least, for tonight.

Was her hand trembling?


Lena looked down and saw that Kara’s phone was in a similar state to her own. Not wanting to deal with it this late at night, Lena gently placed Kara’s phone on the carpet near her own, then placed her and Kara’s mug on the table.

After claiming her place again, Lena cupped Kara’s cheeks and kissed her a little bit rougher than Kara kissed her earlier. However, that was enough to pull Kara out of her thoughts, and it was enough for them to settle down on the couch, and it was enough for them to bask in the protection the night had to offer before the light of day exposed them to the mess that was made.

Tonight, was enough.

hey guys just as a heads up, skylar/pryna of the blogs holyslain/oathworn is now going by the alias of PIPPER and is at @pyriea / @fateache . if you interact with them, please do me a solid and unfollow me. skylar/pipper has been stalking me for months, stealing content from my blog, spreading lies about me, manipulating and gaslighting people, has lied about their age when called out on harassment, and even went so far as to save selfies i’d posted for a munday and send them to people with the intent of making sure everyone knows what i look like and who i am. they make me deeply and profoundly uncomfortable and frankly i feel unsafe knowing that they’re trying to delete all their blogs, change their alias, and come back as if nothing has happened. 

as a note: i have over 100 screenshots of proof of this harassment, lying, stalking, and theft, and i will be compiling them and posting them tomorrow when i get off work. again. please unfollow me if you are friends with or interact with this person. thank you for your time.

So this is… really so amazing I have no idea how to even begin. I’ve had just such an amazing time developing Lumi and getting to know her as a muse, and I’m so floored that so many of you like her as much as I do. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years now.

Ahh I’m sorry I’m not great at putting my feelings into words. Just know that I have a lot of love for Lumi and just as much love for all of you who’ve decided to come and hang around with me and her. And speaking of people who I love…

@fidclis/@knightlydisposition/@vagabcndisms/@rufescentone/heart of my heart SKYLAR. This blog is here because you helped me with her first developments and you’ve been my friend for going on four years now and I am ALWAYS so happy to see you on my dashboard. You’re amazing never forget that.

@zazaziing/@houseoflings I love all our interactions and the plots we have are great and I’ve been friends with you for a long time now too and you ARE NEVER A BOTHER TO ME EVER. So don’t ever think you annoy me because seriously you’re fantastic!

@lifeofaninstigator HEY YOU’RE THE PERSON WHO STOPS ME FROM FEELING TOO OLD xDD Okay seriously though I love your muses and chatting with you is great. Probably I follow you with too many characters but I just enjoy every chance to throw something new your way. 

@halfofxerxes I don’t get to talk to you ooc too often but man you are super cool and nice and Lumi thinks Hoho is adorable even when he’s mad and grumpy! Ugh you’re both awesome and great okay?

@heroofgrymoire AND HERE WE HAVE LUMI’S UNOFFICIAL LITTLE BROTHER. Windy I haven’t gotten to talk to you much but you’re so cool and I adore the CR we’ve built up with Lumi and Lann. It’s great and so are you!

@thepricewasright I’m gonna be excited to see you every time you come back around. Locke is the best and YOUR Locke is the best best Locke. The Lockeiest Locke? Okay I’ve gone too far ahahaha.

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Annie bopped her head to the beat of her music as she skateboarded down the streets of New York (idk how to skateboard actually but that doesn’t matter). she mumbled the lyrics to “This is Gospel” as she rode. 

Suddenly, men in suits jumped out of an alleyway and blocked her course. Annie frowned. “crap.”