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Not the Biggest Yet Still Biggest Gay Male Problem

on regular days I want the classic gay male

yet then I also want that take-me-away angel boy


then other days I want rough…

or an even rougher guy…

or still an even rougher, rougher guy.

And then I want like the next day…I want some wisdom..a daddy..

hell, I can go older…

Some days I have that sexy professor though..


Yet, damn, I have those days like “fuck this. I need/want a bad ass”

Later, mostly they’ll show how much of a prick they are so I want a really sweet guy..


I love sexy artists though, too.

or mysterious..mystery is like a whole ‘nother sex field..

In high school, there was that jock I always dreamed of, so maybe a fairytale..?


I easily fall for the nutty, funny boys, though..

Surely, they can be involved in social justice, too…

Shit, of course, everyday I need a spiritual guy..

Funny you thought there was an end to this particular monotony..

Why the Spring Awakening Casting Directors Were Genius

When you look at the people who starred in the Broadway, National, and London productions of Spring Awakening, you have to think that the casting directors are a little magical. So many stars and actors on the cusp of stardom from a relatively small sample.

For the purposes of brevity, I’m only concentrating on film and TV roles, not other stage work. Otherwise I’d be here all night.


Role: Wendla Bergman (Broadway)

What You’ve Seen Her in Since: Lea Michele became an international star with her role as Rachel Berry on Glee. Also: New Year’s Eve, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.


Role: Melchior Gabor (Broadway)

What You’ve Seen Him in Since: Jon Groff’s star is on the rise. He guest-starred as Jesse St. James on buddy Lea Michele’s hit show Glee. He is currently the lead in HBO’s Looking, and was the voice of Olaf in Frozen.

See 10 More Under the Cut.

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anonymous asked:

I am really attached to two names: Skylar and Blake. But they aren't used in my country (I'm not English), and they feel right but in different contexts. Do you have any advice?

That’s a pretty tough situation my dude :/. There are a few things you could do here:

-You could use one of them as a middle name, or use a name from your own country as your middle name, and switch between the two when you switch countries

-You could find some names in your own language that sound very similar (feel free to drop us an ask!)

-You could hyphenate, so for example if you’re Russian (although I don’t know where you’re from :P) Nikita-Blake [Last Name]

-You could use a name from your own language as nickname and Skylar or Blake as your official name, or vice versa

-You could hyphenate in a different way, so for example Skylar-Blake {as a first name} Nikita {as a middle name} [Last Name]

I really hope one of these works for you, good luck!

what i never got to tell you.

10 tracks

words skylar grey // beloved elijah blake // talking to the moon bruno mars // battle cry imagine dragon // all i wanted paramore // i found amber run // blue ocean floor justin timberlake // my love sia // one more time jaymes young // see you again piano version charlie puth

listen here.


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It’d only been a few weeks since they’d found out that Blake was pregnant, but He was already starting to get grumpy and showing just a little. And skylar was doing his best to keep up. He was always working hard to make sure his boyfriend was happy, but he couldn’t always keep up. Right then he was stressing some over washing the bedding that Blake liked the most because it was soft, and skylar didn’t want him to be upset, so he was making sure to get all of the pillows covers changed, and make the bed. @blakefuckingmiller

Apparently, for those who share my sentiments that Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner should return as Sandy and Danny, the only available scan from the recent Entertainment Weekly article on Grease Live cuts off just under the first row. And apparently is only available under the “Darren Criss” tag. (Nothing against the man, but come on. Fair should be fair.)

So, for the benefit of those who missed it the first time around (and with all due apologies to those who feel this might be repetitive), I’ll be reposting the full version. I will also be outing myself as the guy whose comments were used for Miss Benoist and Mr. Jenner. (My original comment on the EW site was much longer, and thus edited down for space.) But for those of you who didn’t get to see the full version, well, here it be.

Skylar steered clear of the bedroom when he was at home alone. He didn’t want to put himself in a position where he couldn’t help Blake if he needed to. He was to the point that he sat on the floor in the kitchen with his back pressed to the wall so he could see everything. He refused to be near windows either. Skylar knew his behavior was getting to be boarderline mental, but he needed to be safe. Not for himself, But so if Eric ever came back that the man wouldn’t be able to hurt Blake. Skylar needed to keep him safe. When he heard the front door open he pressed closer to the wall and let out a shaky breath. “Blake, Is that you?” He asked trying to stay calm. blakefuckingmiller

Skylar was a wreck. He didn’t have Blake to hold him and make it better either, most of the reason he was that way was because of Blake. He constantly felt sick, and hated himself. Skylar was terrified of Blake, and he couldn’t even look at the other boy without expecting the same thing to happen again. He was out, trying to get away from the things that were bothering him. He couldn’t deal with Blake, and he couldn’t deal with his head. Skylar was walking the crowded streets with a hood up over his head and his eyes on the ground. He could smell something familiar, and that made him tense up. He didn’t want to see anyone right then. In his rush to get away from the smell, he somehow ended up on the ground and he started crying. Skylar was so stressed out, that falling made him feel like a total fuck up.