random Jack Kelly headcannon

This is my first headcannon for anything ever so buckle up it’s gonna be a wild ride folks.

  • being a newsie is rough and there’s always someone having a bad day
  • so if one of the newsies is having a particularly crappy day they’ll let jack know (code word is probably santa fe tbh)
  • after they’re done selling their papes for the day they’ll meet jack in his penthouse in the sky
  • jack wouldn’t say anything unless they want to talk about what has them upset
  • so most of the time the newsies will just wordlessly take off their shirt and lay on their stomach and jack would just start painting on their back
  • all the newsies love it because it helps them relax (honestly it feels like a really light massage unless jack is having a bad day too) and they normally end up taking a much needed nap
  • plus jack gets to paint santa fe to his hearts content
  • also the newsies keep the paintings on their backs until they can bathe next
  • which leads to several of the boys, having paintings on their backs at the same time, walking around the lodging house shirtless showing off their painting (they think it makes them look pretty and it does
  • it always puts a smile on jacks face when he walks into the lodging house and sees his paintings on the boys
  • daveys mom always wonders how he gets paint on the inside of his shirts

feel free to add on :)


I’ve seen JUPITER ASCENDING 5 times so far, and the idea in it that fascinates me most right now are the military Aegis Legion’s Skyjackers, who are apparently specialised airborne soldiers. Caine’s black feathered wings are raven classic, but I think Stinger had (obviously) large bee’s wings, and that has led me to think that each Skyjacker could be unique in appearance according to their splice, job, posting & personal tastes.

This JA official concept art rather supports my theory, so I’m using them all as a basis to develop my next cosplay, a Skyjacker. I haven’t yet decided what animal splice I could be, although the wolf is my totem, I hate to repeat something already done. A different fauna would be keeping with my theory.

But I’m definitely keeping the gravity manipulation boots. :D

This powerful photo captures Capt. Michael Dugan hanging an American flag from a light pole in front of what is left of the World Trade Center after it was destroyed during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. A hijacked American Airlines Boeing 767, originating from Boston’s Logan Airport, struck 1 World Trade Center (north tower) at 8:45 am. At 9:03 am, an United Airlines 767, also skyjacked, crashed into 2 World Trade Center (south tower). Both towers later collapsed.

(Photo by Andrew Savulich/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
omnibus #truecrime list

after spending far too many hours of my life watching “cold cases” / “48 hours” / “wives with knives”, i have attempt to construct a close-to-exhaustive list of the best of the true crime genre. 

thank you to henry joost, dv devincentis, natalie guevara, irina aleksander, willie thurlow & isabel halley for their suggestions.


  • Fatal Vision, Joe McGuinness (1983)
  • A Wilderness of Error, Errol Morris (2012)
  • Blind Faith, Joe McGuinness (1989)
  • The Stranger Beside Me, Anne Rule (1980)
  • Naked in the Window: The Fatal Marriage of Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre, Robert Katz (1990)
  • Blood and Money, Thomas Thompson (1976)
  • The Journalist and the Murderer, Janet Malcolm (1990)
  • Iphigenia in Forest Hills: Anatomy of a Murder Trial, Janet Malcolm (2011)
  • The Executioner’s Song, Norman Mailer (1980)
  • Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi (1974)
  • Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Murder, Robert Kolker (2013)
  • The Night Stalker, Philip Carlo (2006)
  • Homicide, David Simon (1991)
  • The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder, Charles Graeber (2013)
  • People Who Eat Darkness, Richard Lloyd Parry
  • Blind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of the BTK Murderer, Roy Wenzi (2008)
  • In Cold Blood, Truman Capote (1965)
  • Devil’s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three, Mara Leveritt (2002)
  • The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, Erik Larson (2004)
  • Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, Jon Krakauer (2003)
  • The Red Parts: A Memoir, Maggie Nelson (2007)
  • Jane: A Murder, Maggie Nelson (2005)
  • American Eve: Evelyn Nesbitt & Stanford White, and The Crime of the Century, Paula Uruburu (2009) 
  • Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper, Geoffrey Gray (2012)
  • Columbine, Dave Cullen (2009)


  • The Staircase or Soupçons, Jean Xavier de Lestrade (2004)
  • The Imposter, Bart Layton (2012)
  • Capturing The Friedmans, Andrew Jarecki (2003)
  • Errol Morris’ First Person specifically, S1 Ep. 5 “The Parrot” and S1 Ep. 8 “In The Kingdom of a Unabomber” (2000)
  • Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart, Jeremiah Zagar (2014)
  • Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996)
  • Into The Abyss, Werner Herzog (2013)
  • Cold Case Files: Obsession: Dave Reichart and the Green River Killer (2005)
  • The Cheshire Murders (2013)
  • Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, Kurt Kuenne (2008)
  • Murder on a Sunday Morning, Jean Xavier de Lestrade (2004)
  • There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011)
  • Crazy Love, Dan Klores (2007)
  • Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, Nick Broomfield (2003)
  • Brother’s Keeper, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky (1992)
  • The Central Park Five, Ken Burns (2013)
  • The Thin Blue Line, Errol Morris (1988)
  • Tabloid, Errol Morris (2011)
  • The Jinx, Andrew Jarecki (2015)
  • The Perverted World of Marc Dextrou (2005)
  • Killer in a Small Town: The Ipswich Murders (The Suffolk Strangler) (2009)
  • The Pig Farm [Canada’s most prolific serial killer Robert Pickton] (2011)

Fictionalized Film/TV Series for Lovers of True Crime:

  • True Detective (2014)
  • Red Riding Trilogy: In The Year of Our Lord 1983, 1980, 1974 (2009)
  • Twin Peaks (1990)
  • Silence of The Lambs (1991)
  • The Killing (2011)
  • Top of The Lake, Jane Campion (2013)
  • Fatal Vision (1984)
  • Zodiac, David Fincher (2007)
  • Reversal of Fortune (1990)
  • Se7en, David Fincher (1995)
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, John McNaughton (1990)
  • The Fall (BBC Series - 2013+)
  • The X-Files (1993)

Okay so THIS POST got us a lovely screencap of Stinger’s honest-to-god HONEYCOMB-SHAPED IRISES AND PUPILS that ARE ACTUALLY VAGUELY HONEY-COLORED

Caine says Stinger is special because he has “broken through a fleet of Warhammers.”  Like, this is something Stinger is known for, specifically. It is a Big Deal, Stinger vs. Warhammer Field – big enough to explain how two out-of-pilot-practice splices managed to crack through on their own.  And how, exactly, did Stinger accomplish this Big Deal?  

The answer is, as always, SPACE BEES.

Splices are generally held in the movie to be bred for specific purposes – I mean, genetic determinism is LITERALLY a religion in the territories of House Abrasax, and presumably beyond.  It seems reasonable that the Legion, the Aegis, and whatever other workforces the universe needs are very deliberately stacked with the kind of genetic splice that would be most helpful. We saw a dragonfly splice in Titus’s anti-grav orgy and Famulus is obviously a deer splice, so splices can be bred for sexual pleasure, for bureaucracy, etc.  It is very much a Brave New World sort of setup, with everyone being grown to fill a specific role and given a specific context within which they will achieve maximum productivity. Hey, I’m just using the space capitalism terminology I was given.

Caine, as a wolf splice, makes the most obvious sense.  Humans have been domesticating canines for forever because they’re so useful – for hunting, fetching, guarding, attacking, etc.  THIS FIC about the lycantant military selection process informed a lot of my thinking; lycantants are sold as complete pack units to be the space equivalent of Green Berets, or Blackwatch, or whatever your country’s general military badass division is called.  They hunt better as a group, they establish their own hierarchy of leadership, and when they go for a target they TAKE IT DOWN – google some hunting pack animals, if you need some visuals.  Caine, the defective runt, is considered the inevitable industrial chaff – the bad stock you have to throw out or give away for free without attachment to a pack.  CUE ANGST.

But Stinger?  Why a bee splice?  I mean, we haven’t gotten to the fanfic stage where bee splices can actually produce honey yet, so…why bees?  

For this, I had to roll my fandom map all the way back to Ender’s Game, to the “hive mind” movement of a fleet of ships in space.  A bee splice makes the absolute MOST SENSE in terms of space military maneuvers and strategy. You want a soldier who has a brain tuned to massive three-dimensional flight patterns controlled by external hive-mind/general/algorithm; a soldier accustomed to reporting back to a QUEEN, but also accustomed to visually conveying complex geographical patterns to others in his branch.  

Ender’s Game still of the bugger fleet:

Comparison still of Caine and Stinger entering the Warhammer fleet:

I’ll bet you anything that Stinger talked a lot with his hands when he briefed his team on missions (give me dancing Stinger or I will be disappoint in u son).  Look at the visuals we get of Stinger fighting in the movie; they focus in on his eyes, on his point of view specifically as he flies through the Warhammers.  He was looking for PATTERNS in the hammer-deployment, because they were similar enough to a swarm of bees for him to find potential weak spots.  Honeybee splices make a lot of sense, especially in a space-deployed unit like the Skyjackers.  


But a big theme of the overall is that genetic determinism isn’t your sole meter and that capitalism sucks.  Stinger might be bred for excellent mid-level military field leadership, but he became an amazing commander of the Skyjackers by thinking outside the box.  I have a theory that usually they don’t mix splices, especially in the military.  You can take a lone splice like Famulus and use her to fill a role, but lycantants are implied to be always sold as packs and well…ONE bee isn’t gonna do you much good. Stinger probably started his military career as one of a whole swarm of bee splice pilots, and worked his way up.

Stinger Apini. STINGER APINI.  The off-the-wall bee splice that took on a lone wolf into his probably already crazy mixed up unit, and made them amazing.  Stinger Apini, who not only flew threw a fleet of war hammers but managed to get other, NON-INSECTOID splices to do the same.  Stinger Apini, NOT JUST ANOTHER DRONE IN THE HIVE.  HA.  

Space bees.  Not as ridiculous as they sound.  Still awesome.  


Like what you see? Stay tuned next week for more #BO3Awakening intel.

[WATCHFUL: SUCCESS] He sees things. You don’t expect him to, not distracted as he is by the swell of the water, the blood at his knuckles. He passes on a warning so you avoid the cobblestones that come loose, their mooring cast almost as adrift as he seems to be. He drifts from one place to the other, broad smile and warm green eyes opening doors and collecting secrets spilled like precious stones from the mouths of those that never knew better. He’s bright things from far away lands, blood spilled on docks fathoms deeper than you remember.

The lantern flickers next to you, but there’s no wind. Secrets fall from your lips like precious stones as you think out loud to yourself and wonder if that was always a habit you had, or does his smile, the glimpse of something warm under the brim of the cap compel you to speak?

“Be careful,” he says, moments before the stone under your feet seems to come alive.

DANGEROUS is increasing
WATCHFUL is increasing

watch your step…


Some designs I created months ago for Arbitus: Battle of the Grandiose; a science fiction story that was intended to be a tabletop card game at the time. The characters are Uno, a pilot, SkyJack, a fighter, and Kori, an engineer. There are certain aspects of the designs that I like and many many things that I would change looking at them and knowing what I know now. Figured I’d show them to you guys, flaws and all.

The Legion Shield

In the beginning of the movie, Razo identifies Caine as a former Legionnaire because of his boots. I’ve been assuming she was referring to the fact that they were gravity-surfing footwear, but look y’all – 

The medallions on Caine’s boots …

(screencap source) … are identical to the medallion at the top of his tattoo …

… which means that shield is definitely the Legion’s crest. 

It makes tons of sense, military groups have used shields as part of their symbolic crests for ages. The structure of this shield is particularly interesting though, rays centered around a central point, reaching out to the edges, maybe indicative of the Legion’s mission to reach out to the far edges of space from the hub of Orus?

Caine’s actual shield, the one he wears on his forearm, is also this same oval shape with the same design, energy rays spreading out from the hub. The Legion are all about branding aren’t they? 

The fact that courtmartialled Caine still has all this stuff with Legion marks all over it – does this mean that Titus went shopping at a Legion supply store and gifted it to Caine, after he was pulled out of Deadland? Or was Caine allowed to take all his military kit to space-jail (except his wings natch)? Can you imagine the demand for gear like that in Deadland, and how much he had to fight to keep it? And also how it immediately would have marked him out as military, and how much the other convicts would have targeted him as a result? The fact that Caine clung so tightly to those relics of his past life – it speaks to how important Caine’s self-identity as a Legionnaire was.  

It also makes me wonder, are the wing-like flourishes on his tattoo, beneath the shield, a symbol of his service in the Skyjackers? Does each band represent a bar of rank? Or a successful campaign/mission? Either way, I’m still very much into the idea that the tattoo serves double-duty as circuitry for Caine’s wings, as per sorrelchestnut’s perfect fic, The Instinct to Your Charm

I need a massive art-book that explains all the design elements of this film. The visual detail is hella dense, there is so much information crammed into every tiny pixel. I would read for DAYS about the thought processes behind every visual flourish in this movie.


Forgotten masterpiece: “The Man Who Skyjacked Hawkman!” by Marshall Rogers (pencils), Terry Austin (inks) and Bob Rozakis (story) from Detective Comics #467, published by DC Comics, February 1977. This story was continued in Detective Comics #468 (Rogers’ first full Batman story) and just a few months later, the two artists would team up with Steve Englehart to begin their legendary Batman run. 

harurin doujin rec v. 2.0

I noticed that the ask I got a long while ago about my favourite harurin doujin started going around again, which reminded me of how outdated it was. While visiting saerigraphie a couple weeks back, we talked about the reasons for getting attached to certain doujinshi, and how our tastes gradually evolve – in other words, what we look for in doujin can and does change over time. However, while I might hold onto some of the doujin from this era just for nostalgia’s sake, there’s not much informational value in recommending such work. This is why I figured I should put together a more updated version of my harurin doujin tastes, which focuses more on specific artists who I feel offer a broad range of themes and stories in the fandom.

I decided to feature everyone who’s managed to accumulate a lot of works in my collection, and what kind of an audience I would recommend them to. Because save for a few exceptions, I wouldn’t necessarily rec each artist without reserve – as I mentioned, we all have different reasons for reading doujin, so finding a doujinka who matches your tastes is always the key. I hope my experiences might offer some idea of their individual “charm points”.

Disclaimer: I’m not a super expert doujin connoisseur who can visit every event for every new title, but rather someone who’s killed their knees way too many times shuffling through the shelves of Mandarake and Kbooks for back catalogues. This is also not a critical list, out of respect for the following doujinka as creators of fanwork – in the end they are still normal fans just like you and me, so whether they’d ever actually stumble across this post, I’d rather make a rec list that celebrates their strengths instead of complaining about what I personally might not like as much.

AMBITIOUS, ATMOSPHERIC, ARTISTIC: zatta, solafana, prinz yori

Each of the following three doujinka display a certain ambitious attitude towards their work that I really admire. Their payoff is not always in R18 but the emotional content of the works, plus the overall style (art, panels, pacing) is often right on par with published work.

zatta: probably the most well-known doujinka in the harurin fandom, and not without reason. I’m currently trying to get my hands on the first issue of her harurinpics trilogy, because that whole work basically summarizes zatta to a T: putting in the effort of creating a ridiculously long, slow-burn story with amazing attention to detail. Most of her doujin features R18 content which is a definite A++ because it’s usually in the context of a story, not just pwp. However, while I love works like Snow Globe and the aforementioned trilogy, I also really like Meet Mermaid because it is pure crack and shows her more playful side (you can read more about it here).

solafana: possibly my personal favourite, because I really love her art style. I’m still missing a couple of her doujin, but the way these subtle stories are constructed reminds me of some of my favourite BL mangaka, which says a lot; there’s a real down-to-earth feel to her stories, which makes them feel strangely rewarding even when there’s no R18 (Sonna karera no kankei-sei being one of the few exceptions, which is why it’s probably my favourite haha). I’m really sad that they apparently don’t really do doujin anymore, because you can feel the love for the characters through these everyday stories. 

prinz yori: arguably the most ~artistic of the bunch. yori deals a lot with themes of childhood and growing up, which combined with their style gives each story a kind of timeless atmosphere. They’re not stories for instant gratification (or R18), but exploration of character dynamics, since introspection is really the key here. Because I have a soft spot for travelling, 好敵手と逃亡 might be my favourite, but only until I have time to unearth all nuance from the rest – Yori is basically the reason I want to improve my reading comprehension, haha.

QUIRKY, FUNNY, LOTS OF R18: croceca, masumiwataru, hemu

The next is a group of artists who I enjoy for reasons far simpler to the previous three: they’re guilty pleasures without the guilt, because I have no qualms about saying I enjoy their brand of humour and inventive R18, which clearly comes from a place of love towards the subject material. So what’s not to appreciate?

croceca: I guess in a way you could say croceca is the most “normal” of these three, but this doesn’t make them at all boring. Even the stories that don’t feature sex have something unexpected and funny (like Present For You! which sounds like a R18 maid scenario but features maid Rin uppercutting Haru in the solar plexus), and you can tell croceca’s probably gone to Iwami because of the backgrounds (though realistically speaking nobody would walk all the way to that Famima just to buy uhm… well, you’ll see). I’m always excited to find one of their doujinshi, because they’re often a definite Adventure.

masumiwataru: that being said, the queen of Adventure is probably masumiwataru. It actually wasn’t until saerigraphie requested I pick up their latest Comiket release that I realized masumiwataru was also to blame for the funniest doujin in the world, i.e. Rin-sensei to Make Love Eikaiwa. No, honestly. If you only read one R18 Harurin doujin in your life, it has to be that one. Basically, masumiwataru’s speciality is sex doujin that are also hilarious. It’s not all they do, but they’re certainly capable of making you enjoy even the weirdest of themes (like that one Future Fish AU sarah showed me orz) because it’s just so funny.

hemu: Fun fact, hemu’s circle Karhu means bear in finnish. Maybe this is why it took me a while to warm up to them (there are some… interesting kinks in the older stuff lmao), but I ended up pledging loyalty when I realized just how funny a sense of humour hemu also has. There’s a lot of visual jokes and almost slapstick-like scenes in their later work, plus the style is quirky enough to always catch my eye. Plus I will never stop laughing at Haru’s snow globe phone charm in aquatic animal, sorry. Comedy gold

Of course, this is not the be-all and end-all of harurin doujin. If you’re looking for something with an edge, try out Oshinobee; if you’d rather steer clear from R18 and like soft linework with subtle introspection, I would suggest MGN. For a wide range of stories, maybe hit up Skyjack. Ah man, it’s really hard to end a list when you start one, which is why I think I’ll end here before it gets out of hand, because there’s tons of great harurin artists out there, and I’ve left out many whom others probably really enjoy. But the above six are some that I’ve currently enjoyed a lot, and will make a conscious effort of keeping up with the future, so in that regard they’re a good representation of my harurin doujin rec list v. 2.0. Maybe it’ll change again in the future when my interests shift, and there’s obviously individual gems I haven’t listed too, but these are more or less the artists I really enjoy right now the most.

Five Jupiter Ascending spin-offs you know you need

1. Space Cops - A procedural sci-fi drama following Captain Diomika Tsing and her loyal crew of law enforcement professionals as they journey across the universe, fighting corruption and upholding the law in the face of tyrannical space capitalists,

2. Real Primaries of the House Abrasax - This is an idea by scribbleddownname, and it’s simply irresistible. It would be a fly-on-the-wall style ‘reality’ show following Balem, Titus and Kalique as they display their utter contempt for ethical and moral conventions (naturally, there would be extensive potential for crossover episodes with Space Cops).

3. Contractually Obliged - A sitcom following frazzled alcoholic Chicanery Night as he attempts to run the Jupiter Refinery and cope with Balem’s increasingly irrational and tangential demands. 

4. Meet The Family - Another sitcom, this time following Jupiter as she attempts to integrate Caine into her wacky Russian family.

5. Skyjacking - A sci-fi drama series chronicling Caine’s and Stinger’s rise and fall in the Legion. It would explore how they overcame the stigma attached to their status as splices in order to become elite skyjackers.

What (purely hypothetical, of course) Jupiter Ascending spin-offs would you like to see? 

Locations in Washington where D. B. Cooper was originally thought to have landed and where some of the ransom money was found in 1980.

“I have a bomb here and I would like you to sit by me.”

That was the note handed to a stewardess by a mild-mannered passenger on a Northwest Orient flight in 1971. It was also the start of one of the most astonishing whodunits in the history of American true crime: how one man extorted $200,000 from an airline, then parachuted into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, never to be seen again. The case of D.B. Cooper is a modern legend that has obsessed and cursed his pursuers for generations with everything from bankruptcy to suicidal despair.

More about the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history in the book Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper by Geoffrey Gray.