I’ve seen JUPITER ASCENDING 5 times so far, and the idea in it that fascinates me most right now are the military Aegis Legion’s Skyjackers, who are apparently specialised airborne soldiers. Caine’s black feathered wings are raven classic, but I think Stinger had (obviously) large bee’s wings, and that has led me to think that each Skyjacker could be unique in appearance according to their splice, job, posting & personal tastes.

This JA official concept art rather supports my theory, so I’m using them all as a basis to develop my next cosplay, a Skyjacker. I haven’t yet decided what animal splice I could be, although the wolf is my totem, I hate to repeat something already done. A different fauna would be keeping with my theory.

But I’m definitely keeping the gravity manipulation boots. :D

#Skyjacker status to save my rear tires from camber wear. Keeping in my tradition of Texas shit luck, I forgot that Bank of America will lock your debit card if you don’t notify them ahead of time that you’re traveling. And that their customer support is only open from 8-5 on the weekends. I figured this out at 1:30 AM in Amarillo, TX. Hotel for the night? You’re looking at it. #oldirtybastard #motel6er #bankofamericaistheliteralworst #shitluck #texas #sowo #CAtoGAtoCA #highwaystar

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Caine Wise Cosplay: Skyjacker Boots

Caine Wise Cosplay: Skyjacker Boots

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“All I heard was gravity and surf.” Oh the boots, the light up boots. I really didn’t know what I was doing for 90% of construction so I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out. I’ll do my best to walk you all through the steps of construction, and really if you want clarification just ask – I know it won’t all make sense. Boot Detailing: The boot details was done with mostly EVA foam, some…

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Today was spent with Captain America, Anthony, and the Magical Mystery Bike.

The less interesting part: Today was a good day, I drove to Boston for the Rock n Roll yard sale. It was less than impressive, but I got a baller Captain America comic book. It’s issue 350 or 375 or something, and it’s extra long. And I hung out with my sister and Aidan, so that was lovely. And I dropped by Ant’s house and I love him a lot.

The really interesting part: I came home to a new bike today. Well, new to me. Yesterday, my mom asked me where the red bike in the garage came from, and rather than checking, I assumed some good samaritan of a relative had brought over the red Windsprint road bike that I’d quite literally lowered via a pre-existing pulley system down from my grandparents’ attic. It’s a little big for me, and the tires are totes flat, so I wasn’t too enthused. However, my inability to leave a bike alone for two seconds finally won out, and in the dead of the night, I went down to the garage to look at it because it’s pretty. I was wrong. It wasn’t the Windsprint. It’s a different red bike with white lettering, and that lettering says “Skyjacker” in some sweet, pretty, vintage looking font. It is not a road bike. It has a suspension like whoa and it’s possibly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently my dad found it when he was cleaning out my aunt’s trailer for her, and he took it home for me because my lovably shitty dumpster bike got wrecked by some drunk assholes in Boston, and now has three speeds, none of which are very useful if I’m not going downhill. He spent most of today fixing the new bike’s brakes, patching and replacing the tires, and making it generally good to ride.

It’s kinda old, but it’s beautiful and holy shit if it isn’t the kind of bike I’ve always wanted. I am in love.