Skyhigh AU by @ming-chan

in which Keith has fire powers and can’t properly control them, so Lance is assigned to Keith when transferring to their school so that Lance can somehow calm him down if Keith literally bursts into flames, because Lance has ice power! 

I’m eventually going to draw more exciting stuff than just this OTL but I just got around to actually rewatching the (pretty awesome) movie

I love old movies for teens. They used to be so simple and yet good

Headcanon that Keith sets himself accidentally on fire each time Lance is cute

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Klance Skyhigh AU

•Lance is skyhigh’s classclown but also the resident cool kid. literally. His ice powers are powerful but so well controlled, he can freeze your entire body with a snap of a finger.

•Ever since the Hero/Sidekick test, he’s gotten popular but always stuck to his bestfriends Hunk who can manipulate metal and Pidge who’s a powerful technopath.

•Shiro, the schools councilor and resident superman, decides to enroll his cousin Keith to help him train his uncontrollable fire powers. He goes to his friend (and crush) Allura for help.

•After Keith got his powers at age thirteen, he wasnt allowed to go to school anymore due to the school sprinklers always going off. He was homeschooled for three years in a burnproof room until Shiro was finally fed up that Keith was being treated like a wild animal that must be contained.

•Allura, the Head of Skyhigh, reqires Keith to undergo tests in the school labs to monitor his powers.

•Currently his control is so out of whack, he accidentally melts metal like its nothing but ice, sets things on fire depending on his emotions, he doesnt get burned but can accidentally burn someone at contact so he’s always fully clothed from head to toe.

•Because of this Allura assigns Lance into a buddy system with him. She’ll give Lance extra credit and tell him to be careful with Keith as he has only came out of a bad situation.

•Confident that he can do this, Lance’s initial introduction with Keith bursts into flames really quickly (and literaly) as Keith remembers that Lance was the classmate that always provoked Keith into accidentally burning something at school causing him to be isolated and drop out.

•Guilty and feeling like shit, Lance promises to help him and gets Hunk and Pidge into it. Helping him build heatproof gadgets to help Keith with his stress.

•As time goes by they get close and Keith is adopted into the circle of freinds. He wears less and less covers, getting rid of the mittens, beanie, the layer of fireproof longsleeve shirt. Lance is proud. (and also realizing underneath all those layers of clothes was just a cute angry kitten)

•Lance definitely helps him control his powers. He’s not as affected as the other students but in a bout of panic one day when Keith almost set their project on fire, he grabbed Keith’s hand to cool down the fire about to burst. It worked.

•So they agreed everytime Keith was about to burn something, Lance was there to hold his hand and calm him down… They didnt think it was gonna affect how much they were already gone for each other but ooh were they wrong.

Klance Skyhigh AU part 2

(ok so a lot of people liked Skyhigh au wow. here’s some more if yall want)

•Since Lance is now in a buddy system with Keith, all his partners in all his classes that requires partners are replaced with Keith.

•Initially Lance hated it cos that pulled him away from his chances with Nyma, formerly his partner in the mad science lab, but soon discovers that with Keith as a partner he wont have trouble reheating the chemicals if he freezes them just a bit much.

•In the lab, the hand holding is frequent to prevent Keith from boiling their chemicals until it evporates into nothing within seconds.

•They get teased by Hunk and Pidge. Keith hates it but Lance is silently enjoying the deep blush his partner always get.

•Save the citizen test is always a problem tho because Keith always ends up burning the machines that would destroy the “citizen” and the stage.

•Turns out back to back is as effective as holding hands. While Keith is concentrating on melting the “blades of death” as Lance calls it. Lance goes into defense as he waits until he could freeze the floor and the melted metal until the citizen is lowered safely into harmless ice.

•Very unconventional but at least it got them to pass and they both practice long and hard together after for the next save the citizen test.

•Keith is amazing at being the villain. period. The minute Coach Boomer told him to go wild but dont burn them to death. Keith let out a maniacal laugh while attacking with fireballs lava and heat waves and Lance was at his side wondering why he had a crush on this weirdo.

•Lance’s favorite subject is professor Coran’s The minds of villains and heroes. He doesnt notice Keith getting uncomfortable when the subject of villains come up.

•But when he does he doesnt ask Keith about it until he remembers that both of Keith’s parents are villains but his mom went MIA years ago and his dad was still in prison. Holding hands gave a whole new meaning after that.

•Keith is still isolated at school. Everyone knows his origin and uncontrollable powers but that doesnt stop bullies from cornering him.

•When not with Lance, Keith gets taunted into using his powers, which he doesnt because he’s afraid of burning them alive. He accidentally burns one bully’s hand for grabbing his arm and a barrage of beatings came until Lance stopped it.

•Suffice to say Lance was LIVID. With Hunk and Pidge, he froze the bullies in ice blocks from neck to toe and left them to slowly slide closer to the edge of the school until they screamed and begged for forgiveness for hurting Keith. Pidge had it on live video. Hunk was levitating the giant metal screen so the whole school could watch.

•The PINING escalates from there. Keith is always talking about how good Lance is to him now to Shiro and Lance gets advice and shoulder pats from his best friends.

•Even when Keith got the hang of controlling his powers somewhat, he purposely makes “mistakes” so Lance would still hold his hand.

•Lance doesnt complain, doesnt chastise him, even holds his hand when he’s not setting something on fire, makes half assed excuse to do so and Keith just wholeheartedly goes with it while the two of them blushes like no tomorrow.

•Pidge and Hunk resists the urge to facepalm. It hurts to watch these two be idiots.

Klance Skyhigh au part 3

(Part 3 with the additional ideas from the lovely @becoming-icarus Yes! thank you so much dear! =w=)

•So Keith bursts into flames when embarrassed and Lance discovers that sometimes its because of him when he calls Keith mushy pet names. (Most of the time its just because Lance is being cute without knowing it)

•Lance is over the moon but also sad that he has to tone it down a bit (a lot) so they dont trigger the school fire alarms. (He does it outside tho)

•When walking through the hall, Keith gets called out and taunted by other students (this is before Keith gets beat up in part 2) Lance gets really irritated and grabs Keith’s hand leading him away not letting go until their in class.

•When Lance finally gets fed up and almost starts a fight because of it he feels Keith shyly sliding his hand in Lance’s and pulls him away to avoid getting in trouble.

•While beeing pulled away, Lance is speechless but also proud and he adjusts their hands to intertwine. Keith ducks his head in embarrassment and flicker of flames erupt around his face. He’s Just So Cute Like a Kitten Lance is So Gone.

•Speaking of, Lance slips and calls Keith “Kitten” once during a conversation. lo and behold its the only pet name that doesnt bursts Keith into flames so it sticks during school. (He only raised a brow and said “kitten?” because he really doesnt get it.)

•Skyhigh never knew that Lance Mcclain could be scary af…

•Sure he’s smart, had the knack to distrupt class sometimes with a joke or witty comment. He’s respected but he was the school flirt before Keith came along. He’s protective of his freinds but they never really saw any potential of what an enraged Lance can do until one day.

•When one particular senior had the gall to shapeshift as Lance and fake hit on Keith while he was waiting at his locker, only to shapeshift back and torment him in front of a lot of students for being TWO villain’s problem child AND being gay for Mcclain.

•The whole hall dropped below 20 degrees where Lance was walking towards them in a creepy calm. In a matter of seconds, everything except for where Keith is standing was covered in frost.

•Before the senior could make a comment, sharp, blade-like shards of ice were floating in mid-air all pointed at him ready to strike at one wrong move. “Don’t test me buddy”

•Shiro once said to Lance that when Keith is really scared (which rarely happens), his flames had trouble coming out. That’s why Lance thought Keith was scared of him after that incident when they were walking away. His hands wasnt warm and he was shaking.

•He eventually got Keith to speak up. It wasnt cos Lance got angry at the senior, it was what Lance thought now that he knew that Keith was gay and had feelings for him that terrified him. He didnt want to lose his best friend.

•With that out and a terrified Keith in front of him, it made it easier for Lance to do the next thing he always wanted to since falling for his little kitten.

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klance skyhigh au part4

(theres drama in this so if yall dont like that u can just read the bullets with • and not read ¤ bullets)

•You’d think they’d be ok dating by now but Lance is pretty sure Keith still thinks he’s dreaming.

•On the plus side they still hold hands without any excuses anymore.

•Hunk congratulates them and Pidge
makes fun of them. (but only once since Pidge had wrong timing. Keith got so embarrassed he accidentally evaporates every liquid and crack beakers and test tubes in lab class.)

•Shiro is ecstatic for his cousin but keeps it on low profile. Keith unintentionally burned a spot on his favorite armchair and Shiro could only blame himself.

•Keith. CANT. HANDLE. A CHEEK KISS. Shay, their fortune telling friend, is pretty sure Keith’s gonna burn a hole through the school floor if Lance does it or if Keith ever tries it.

•Slav, the schools professor on Analysis of City destruction and how to prevent them, predicts its a 100% percent chance. So Lance, no dont do it. Give him a warning or do it outside school grounds.

•Slav still strengthens the school’s antigravity system and floor defenses just in case…

•Lance got detention for freezing the hall during the incident… Keith burned something on purpose so he could stay with him. (Ya’ll think about what that something is lol)

•Lotor, the shapeshifter, got really pissed for being shown up like that in front of so many students. (read part 3)

¤So when he shifted as Keith this time and got some of his posse into his plan, he met up with Lance at his locker and told him he wanted a walk around school with him while the posse isolated Keith after his class.

¤They taunted Keith and insulted him, finally telling him that Lance is probably only being nice to a faggot like him for the extra credit since they saw someone with him walking to the back of the school.

¤Unbelieving, Keith rushes pass the posse to find Lance. With their deed done, one with telepathy reaches Lotor’s mind and tells him Keith is on his way. Lotor begins acting like a shy Keith and asks for a kiss only to transform into a girl when Lance does while he closes his eyes.

¤Its the scene Keith runs into.

¤Lance felt uneasy since coming with Keith to the back of the school. They didnt hold hands… and Keith asked for a kiss which was definitely weird but chalked it up to nerves. He really did want to show Keith how much he liked him and this was his chance.

¤He finally figured out that uneasy feeling when he opened his eyes, shocked to see not only a girl he doesnt know infront of him but also Keith not too far with an expression he never wants to see on his kitten’s face ever.

¤Hurt, betrayed, angry, and broken with tears in his eyes, Keith lashes out.

¤Alarm bells, fire, trees ignited, an ambulance. Keith didnt come back to school after.


(haha heeeyy so lets just say Lotor didnt think this through. lol)