Rose City Comic Con is nearly at hand, so if you’re in Skyfaux’s home city of Portland, OR next weekend you should check it out!  Even though we won’t have our own booth there (this year), very best of luck to everyone attending.

Portland is an awesome city, so if you have any time that isn’t con-filled be aware that many wonders await downtown and beyond.

Be sure to grab some donuts!

Greetings all!  I am incredibly pleased to announce the unveiling of, the new, official homepage of all things blue and leaf-tailed. is Tumblr-powered, so if you’re a Tumblr follower, any updates to the site will continue to show up in your feed. Convenient!  

In addition to his web presence, I am delighted to report that Skyfaux will also be making a confirmed appearance at Emerald City Comicon 2015 in the Artist Alley, presumably with plenty of excellent souvenirs and stories to tell. Be sure to clear your schedule for March 27th-29th and keep your fingers crossed for sunny skies in Seattle.

There are even more announcements to follow along with a plethora of drawings, photos, character bios, and more.

Stick around!

ECCC 2015 - Thank you!

Just got home!

The hour grows late. There are dozens of hours of sleep to catch up on, emails to write, photos to sort through and mountains of unpacking to do, but I wanted to make sure this got posted first. 

To every artist I met, every vendor, every event organizer and minion, every costumed attendee and enthusiast, everyone who checked out Skyfaux’s debut book or stopped by the booth to talk (or to grab a mint!), thank you. This was the first time Skyfaux exhibited at any convention and it was truly a wonderful experience. I am honored to have shared a roof with so many talented people at once and am simply blown away by how helpful and positive the ECCC community is. 

It was a fantastic show, and I’ll always look back on this weekend with fond memories. Everything is awesome.

Good night!

National Novel Writing Month: Announcement

I’ve dropped hints here and there over the last several months, but tonight at near the dawn of NaNoWriMo seems like a great time to finally make things official.

I am pleased to officially announce Skyfaux, the graphic novel!

The book’s release is planned for early 2015. It will be available to order online, or if you visit Skyfaux at a convention you can buy the book in person! More updates on the release of Skyfaux will be posted as they are known.

The premise:  Skyfaux is an enterprising Elemental who finds himself unexpectedly pitted against a powerful villain.

In addition to the story, the book will describe in depth who the Elementals are and where they come from. Skyfaux will present a great starting point for what I hope will become a series of grand adventures.

More updates coming soon!