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isthisrubble  asked:

im yelling so much @ your answer. it's beautiful. like I got some of that watching it but there's /so much more/ in your analysis, ty ty. now I'm wondering about james and eve because you said their conversation indicates that they're already close, but somehow james doesn't know her name? do you think there's a possibility she had to change her name when she got her important new job, and what james is really asking is 'dude you still haven't told me your new name, what gives?'

also does that mean james was essentially telling mallory to fuck off their entire first meeting in spectre wow

(In response to this post; sorry it took so long to get to this!)

I probably have far too much to say about the beginning of Spectre so I’ll address the quicker thing first – it’s actually not uncommon for close friends in Britain to like… not know one another’s names. It’s slightly more unusual for us to not know someone’s whole name, but it’s very common for a friend to have a nickname or a chosen name that might be completely unrelated to their legal name and for their friends to just accept that’s their name and not question it. Only very long-term friends would likely know the legal name, if the nickname came about early in the friendship, but I’ve known people who go by nicknames they got in primary school who have never used their legal name since. This isn’t to say it happens with everyone, but it is very prolific in organisations like the military, which MI6 is obviously related to. You tend to get a nickname, flattering or otherwise, and that’s what everyone knows you as. It’s possible Bond might have known her under a nickname, just one of her names (in which case he’s asking her what her full name is), or your theory is correct and she changed it or “Moneypenny” is an assigned name or something like that. But even so, it’s pretty interesting to note that in Britain, realising you don’t know your friend’s actual name isn’t an unusual or shocking thing. It’s happened to me a few times where a friend has asked me to put both our names down for something, and I’ve had to text them and say “alright I’m here but… what’s your real name??” and got an “oh shit sorry it’s ___” in return. 

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