harmonydairsdelena replied to your post: Merry Christmas Eve you guys! :)

Merry Christmas, Padfoot! ‘Tis our season! ;) Just trolling here.. Hahaha!

(fuck yeah)

crabbyhands answered your question: Merry Christmas Eve you guys! :)

Merry Christmas you too! :D

skyevia answered your question: Merry Christmas Eve you guys! :)

And a merry one to you too! :D

itsnotfiftyitsfive0 replied to your post: It’s December 25th over here so MERRY…

Happy Holidays dear :D

Thank you!!! <3 

skyevia replied to your post: boobs

wait really. My kindergarten crush had the last name Vu so as a little kid I was saying “I love Michelle’s boobs!” without realising it and look at me now omg

it’s actually pronounced “yoo” with like an accent aigu so don’t worry you’re good lol


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So does anyone have a download link or a stream to…

BBC America didn’t air it, it was BBC One in the UK! I’m not sure about any dl links or if any stream is replaying the episode, but you can definitely catch it tonight.

No, I know. It’s on tonight at 8 on BBC America, but I’m saying since that channel doesn’t work for me, I’d be viewing it online anyways. So why not look for links from the UK release? :)

fromthevestigesoftheinternet said: I’m liking the avengers posts and reblogging some of them. :D

skyevia said: IT STILL IS SO BEAUTIFUL and minus the fact that you’re probably one of the few who are spamming it on my dash SO LOVE IT.

WOO! The more I watch, the more I skehksejrheskjrh over their adorkableness.

Also, I’m surprised I haven’t hit the post limit yet. What even is the post limit? I never hit it. Like, ever.