skyes shit art


aoi: skye??? what are you doing here (are you crying?)
skye: I’m sorry… I didn’t have time to tell you but, I’m moving

skye: I’m sorry… I’m moving to Mt.Pyre, I needed change I guess…
aoi: hey its ok… don’t tell anyone, but I’m leaving too!

skye: What? You didn’t tell me either? (…hypocrite) 
aoi: If they knew I, the prince of Ghosts, left? My people, they would cry!
skye: uh, I’m sure they would have been fi-
aoi: FOR THAT REASON IT HAD TO BE hush hush- your know what i mean.

aoi: I’M GOING TO OPEN A SIMPLE CUPCAKE SHOP! Far away from responsibility and the pressure of being ROYALTY! 
skye: Well, Aoi, I’m sure your loyal subjects will miss you very much.
aoi: ah, yeah I’m going to miss them too…

aoi: you’re moving Mt.Pyre right? I’ll move there too! We’ll go together!
skye: you didn’t even know where you were going?
aoi: (no I was probably just gonna go back home) Now I do tho! I wan’t to go with you!

woah why is this in my draft?

anyway.. now that i remembered that i forgot to finish it, let’s fucking torture myself by drawing a heavily detailed sketch. and for those who are wondering that is the “scraped arctic fox character” from zootopia known as skye or sky, crossed over(?) with Skye from Vainglory (a Mobile-MOBA), she is in fact a mechanic-ish (she made the exo-suit herself) and she had the same name, so I thought “this could be good” but then I saw her mech and just “welp shit”

estimated time : 2 day from now

lmao ok I’m joking maybe this afternoon or idk.. where do you live? not only i suck at drawing i also suck at English. so, sorry if i made a mistake here and there

Honestly..I’m so proud of my improvement like wow.
The left side was like when I first started drawing squid kids and like didn’t have a style toward it I guess but now I’ve got something, much older squid kids…
(it just looks like everyone got less happier now a days lmao)