A Year in Review: Shuji Nonohana's venture into Tumblr RPing.

A comprehensive list and a big Thank You to everybody who’s made my Tumbling experience meaningful!

If I’ve forgotten you, I apologize greatly! But I’ve got a lot of names to cover!

To Vistolos, first and foremost, I thank you for getting me into the world of RPing in the first place! To think that one fanfic would spark the beginning of a friendship… for the past two years no less! Have a good one, good sir!

To mutanthearts who runs Penel, Junior, and I’m pretty sure Peach as well, you’ve been a wonderful partner and it’s been a wonderful time building relationships between our muses!

sliceofknife, I have you to thank for my large abundance of Platinum icons! I know for a fact that our muses themselves have actually seldom spoke in comparison to everyone else they know, but I do enjoy it when they speak!

skyecosplay, I’ve enjoyed seeing your cosplay progress since following you. We’ve spoken little, but I know there’s a lot of Real Life stuff going on, especially considering all the work you put into the cosplay. That doesn’t even count the life you have outside of that. Keep it up!

friends-by-the-throat, you were there in some of my earlier days much like the rest I’ve already mentioned. The AU situation we came up with (well, that you mostly came up with; I merely provided the Sena) were very interesting, and I’d like to explore those ideas again one day!

Oh, ask12mu, I don’t see you too often nowadays. I know that life itself starts back up at around these times, but I do miss you. You were an excellent Mu, one whose story I’d hope to see happier one day, provided all she went through. Thank you for everything.

shatteredborders, Time differences got the better of everything, though I did enjoy seeing everything you had that I saw on my dash. Unfortunately, I’m not sure you’d hear this, what with your leave and everything… regardless, I thank you as well.

ofcourseyouknowthismeanswar, or Patrick/Gamp mun; I know we don’t speak at all really, and any interactions between our respective muses was incredibly short-lived. However; it was very nice to see two Skullboys and posts relating to their respective tastes/likes. It was also a delight to see such appreciation for some of the oldest of cartoons!

murakumonumber11, I’ve loved your portrayal of Lambda from the start. You’re a pretty friendly person, and it was quite a surprise to find somebody else getting into Jojo around here! I should say this of all people I met who were into Jojo here. I really need to find a way to interact with your semi-oc as well. … also thank you for calling me hot that one time. Whether I believe it or not, it’s still a very nice thing to hear!

cynicalraincoat, you’re yet another person who’s been with me from my humble beginnings. Though you went through a blog type change once, you still followed me, and that meant a lot to me. Platinum enjoyed their stay at Canopy’s royal halls, and they consider Umbrella a close friend.

drop-of-indigo, you started out as the first Tao I’d ever followed, but even after your transfer over to Mammon, I’ve still enjoyed the random and sometimes quite funny ooc posts you reblog! Your presence is also a constant reminder to one day speed run the KHR anime from where my bro and I left off on the manga- after the Varia arc.

potchikitkat, I know you were shatteredborders too, and that you’re more active on this username than your other one. Buuuuuut I already wrote all of that up there, and what’s a secondary acknowledgement, eh? Thanks for all the fun and funny posts!

mental-music, I may not have seen Dr. Mental in quite some time, but in the meantime, I have been enjoying interacting with the heroes from with in Chopin’s dreams. Thank you for a vastly entertaining time!

muse-matrix, when we first met you hadn’t RPed much to my knowledge; now, you do! Of course that has nothing to do with this thank you! I will say that Platinum enjoys having Eve as a friend. And in that regard, I’d say I’ve enjoyed having you as a friend greatly as well! Thank you for your friendship!

muse-territory, you’re a big source of random and funny stuff on my dash; and for this, I thank you!

thefemalemercenary, you’re both a great Cloud and a great Fem!Cloud; of course, our interactions have been limited. But the fact that you allowed me to interact with you at all was something I could be thankful for! And your way of RPing them both is still something I can enjoy. Thank you!

muses-of-the-world, it’s been a delight speaking Jojo with you! Back when we had our regular muses I wasn’t sure how to interact with you; but that’s the way it starts with everybody. I look forward to interacting even more!

sekaigakasanaru, it’s a delight to see your RPing on my dash despite our limited interactions! Like with muses-of-the-world, I hope to speak more with you sometime!

little-lost-celica, you’ve brought a delightful twist to a phase novel character who really needs more in-depth story in the main games…. which she will receive! Your portrayal makes me wanna seriously get into the Phase novels.

arcana-muses, thank you for throwing Sena yet another bone in a world that sees mostly Luna! Rita’s been a delight, and she certainly made an excellent match for Sena! Thank you!

pinkhairedgardie, I do believe we met off of a board game that ask12mu started, now that I think about it. And from there, a lot of shenanigans started between two girls with zero tolerance for BS, and a mutual respect for each other. XD It was a chance encounter, but one I’m grateful for!

To all Ragna and Hazama muns out there, as there are a great many to mention, thank you for keeping the sass and evil up to snuff!

All in all, thank all of you! No matter who you are or how long I’ve known you, this message is for EVERYBODY!

(If I didn’t mention you by name, I apologize! T.T I wanted to get this posted by tonight, and these people made the largest impact… you’re all important, all of you.)